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Guide for Baggage Allowance On Major Airlines

Guide for Baggage Allowance On Major Airlines

One that every air traveler must be clear about before they start the air travel is their baggage allowance. One should keep the check as to who much baggage allowance they have been entitled to as per their ticket. Keeping check of one’s baggage allowance allows a person to be able to pack efficiently instead of stuffing things unruly in their baggage. This is going to help a person avoid the hefty charges on the airport at the time of check-in.


Fortunately for our readers, we have made the research on as to how much baggage allowance a passenger gets on a few of the major airlines. You can check them to be sure of not to get ripped at the check-in gate before entering the aircraft.



The passengers on Ryanair are given the baggage allowance of bringing a single mid-size bag of 40cm x 20cm x 25cm dimensions on board, which is unless a passenger opts to pay ore. By bringing the aforementioned bag, the passenger can cut bag on the free luggage allowance by as much as two thirds.

In addition to this, passengers who opt to pay an extra a sum of 6 pounds for the Priority Boarding will be entitled to bringing with them an extra bag of -size for up to 10 kg weight in the cabin. Passengers can also get the entitlement of having an extra 10 kg large bag and to place it in the travel hold.

Passengers who are travelling with an infant of age 8 days to 23 months travelling in the lap of an adult will not have baggage allowance applied to them. As for babies upwards of 5 kg weight with an adult will have their own baggage allowance.

The duty-free baggage will be allowed in the aircraft along with passenger’s cabin baggage.



Passengers on EasyJet have the permission to carry one bag as hand luggage on board. S for the weight limit there is none but the dimensions of the bag should be within 56cm * 45cm * 25cm while including the wheels and handles.

As for every customer, including the infants and children, they have a baggage allowance of 3 hold bags. The weight limit for a standard hold bag is about 23 kg. a single time item allowed for baggage should be under the weight limit of 32 kg and have a size under 275 cm.

British Airways


The free baggage allowance from British Airways depends upon the destination of a passenger.

In a broad manner, each passenger is allowed 1 laptop or a handbag that must be in the dimensions of 40cm * 30cm * 15cm with only weight of 23 kg. in addition to this, an additional bag of 23 kg weight and size of 56cm * 45cm * 25cm is also allowed in free baggage allowance.

As for infants under the age of 2, they are allowed with one cabin bag for the items needed in-flight and must not exceed dimension of 56cm * 45cm * 25cm and weight of 23 kg.

Similarly to the prior description, the baggage allowance for hold bag is deepened upon the destination of a passenger. In this, a checked bag should be under dimensions of 90cm * 75cm * 43cm including its wheels, pockets, and handles.



On the flight of a Jet2, passengers are entitled to a baggage allowance of 1 handbag on board with a size of not more than 56cm * 45cm * 25cm and weight of 10 kg.

In addition, passengers are entitled to purchasing up to 3 checked bags at baggage check for 22 kg each.



The baggage allowance on flights of Emirates depends upon the travel class, membership tier, and face type.

passengers in Economy Class are allowed to carry 1 carry-on bag wt weight of no more than 7 kg and size of no more than 55cm * 38cm * 20cm.

There is an option for Economy Class passengers to have 35 kg of check-in luggage on their fare type.

As for the Business Class passengers, their baggage allowance is for no more than 40 kg while in the first-class baggage allowance per passenger is no more than 50 kg.

With all being said, passengers of each ravel class are allowed for 10 check-in bags as long as the weight limit of the cabin class is maintained.

Virgin Atlantic


Hand luggage is allowed in all types of tickets. Depending upon a passenger’s fare type, they are entitled to carrying more than 1 bag but whichever the class type is, the bag must be within the size limit of 23cm * 36cm * 56cm.

As for the hold luggage, the allowance is deponent upon the ticket type. Economy Delight and Economy Classic tickets allow for one checked bag which is within the size limit of 90cm * 75cm * 43cm and weight of no more than 23 kg. Upper Class and Premium Class ticket holders are entitled to more weight and size limits.

Thomas Cook Airlines


passengers of Thomas Cook Airline are given baggage allowance of 1 handbag of 6 kg weight and size of no more than 55cm * 40cm * 20cm.

For the short-haul flights, the hold luggage allowance is 15 kg and on long haul flights, it is 20 kg. lastly, for flights to the USA, the hold luggage allowance is 23 kg.

Qatar Airways


The baggage allowance for Economy Class passengers on Qatar Airways is one cabin baggage with a weight of no more than 7 kg. checked baggage size and weight limit depend upon the fare type and destination of the passenger. Most check baggage weight limit is within 32 kg.



Passengers of Economy Class on Qantas flight are allowed to carry 1 cabin bag of weight limit 7 kg. other entitlements for the Economy class passengers depend upon the ticket type.

As for the Economy class passengers travelling for the international destinations, while excluding South and North America Flights, they are allowed to carry hold luggage of 30 kg with a size of no more than 158 cm.

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