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Best & Fun Things To Do In Savannah, Georgia

For those of you living in the USA or aboard and want to see the true Southern Hospitality as well as the fantastic culture, then the city of Savannah in the state of Georgia is the right choice for you.

Savannah is the city which has revealed Georgia to be much better than Atlanta.

The agreeable climate coupled with the city’s vibrant atmosphere makes Savannah to be a great choice of visit at any time of the year.

Today we gathered a bunch of best & fun things to do in Savannah, Georgia.

1.   Old Savannah Trolley Tours

First up on the list of best & fun things to do in Savannah, Georgia is to go on a ride of the Old Savannah Trolley Tours.

These tours will allow for visitors to see the historic district of the city and see various interesting points within the city.

For a large group of travelers, this tour ride is much advised like a group of close friends or a family on their vacation.

On the trolley tours, visitors can enjoy seeing places such as the Mulberry Inn, Cathedral of St. John Baptist, and Juliette Gordon Low Home. The tours only take about 90 minutes of duration but you will be able to see much of Savannah’s diverse historic sites.

2.   Forsyth Park

If you are already making plans to visit Savannah, then you must have already added a visit to Forsyth Park. The reason for this park’s popularity is that it offers not only beauty but also comfort which makes it one of the most visited parks in the South.

This park also happens to be the part of the historic district of Savannah, covering about 300 acres of land. Few activities one can do here include running, checking out its incredible fountain, and picnicking.

The park also hosts a special farmer’s market every Saturday where one can taste the great produces of Georgia. The Park is open 24/7.

3.   Savannah Waterfront


One of Savannah’s biggest tourist attractions is the Savannah Waterfront and is a must to add on the list of best & fun things to do in Savannah, Georgia.

This waterfront is located at the border of the Savannah River which not only gives it a great view but also an ideal spot for mingling.

The waterfront has its own attractions like places to buy souvenirs for back home friends and local eateries. Some of the popular places to visit in Savannah Waterfront are Exotic Cigars, Fabulous Finds Under $20, and Savannah’s Candy Kitchen.

The place also boasts many top quality seafood restaurants such as The Shrimp Factory, Pearle’s Saltwater Grille, and River House Seafood.

If this is not enough then be sure to check the art galleries located throughout this great tourist attraction.

4.   The Owens-Thomas House

The Owens-Thomas House in Savannah is a pale of legends with its history spanning back 200 years and has its numerous local lores.

Among this 2-storey house’s many features is The Loft, the Parterre Garden, and the Orientation gallery.

This house remains open for visitors from Tuesday to Saturday between 10 AM to 5 PM while from Monday to Tuesday; the timings are from 12 PM till 5 PM.

5.   The University of Georgia Aquarium

One thing that is only best when visited personally is seeing the aquatic life and this is the thing that makes Savannah’s University of Georgia Aquarium a great tourist attraction.

While you will not have the chance to go snorkeling in the city but this aquarium will surely a treat., the reason is that it boasts a collection of nearly 200 different aquatic species including snapping turtles, eels, puffins, and even the Beluga Whales.

University has programs for tourists such as the Dolphin Celebration and Animal Encounters which both the kids and adults can enjoy at the same time.

This tourist attraction remains open from Monday to Friday on timings of 9 AM till 4 PM and on Saturday; the timings are 10 AM till 4 PM.

6.   Telfair Museum of Art

Another one of the best & fun things to do in Savannah, Georgia is the visit to the city, Telfair Museum of Art. This museum’s history dates back to almost 200 years ago and nowadays this is one of the iconic places of the city depicting the unique styles of the city’s artists.

There is no other art museum in the South that is as old as the Telfair Art Museum. This museum features the art of renowned artists of South such as Khalil Gibran. Even the Owens-Thomas House is also one of the three buildings of this museum.

7.   The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

As we mentioned earlier, on a visit to the trolley tours, you will see The Cathedral of St. John The Baptist. Even if you do not get a ride of trolley tours, be sure to check this place despite the fact you are a catholic or not.

This cathedral was built back in 1876 and after suffering from a fire was rebuilt back in 1898. The tours of the Cathedral are open for 6 days a week except for Sunday.

8.   The Savannah Theatre

This theater is Savannah is known by the name “The Historic Savannah Theater” which was founded back in 1818. This makes the theater to be one of the oldest built theaters in the entire USA. The historic importance is not the theater’s only appeal, it also presents many great events.

The theater offers seating for 525 people with the main features being its grand stage and marquee.

The theater hosts many live concerts and musicals and one would be really lucky to see the live performance of Elf, the Musical”.

9.   Wormsloe Historic Site

Even if someone has not been to the Wormsloe Historic Site, the odds of them seeing it at least once still exists.

This is the same sight you often see on the internet, a trail of slightly suspended trees covering a road to make it seem like a natural tunnel. When you visit Savannah, Georgia, and see this amazing site, only then you will be able to appreciate its true artistic beauty.

Go down this natural tunnel path and you will eventually reach one of the oldest yet the surviving buildings of Savannah; the Wormsloe Estate.

10.         Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

Before the era of airplanes, travel aboard was mostly carried out by ships and at Savannah’s Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum, you will be able to learn about anything related to ships of the 16th and 17th century.

This museum portrays items that are centuries old but as for the museum itself; it was first opened back in 1966. The museum has many great exhibitions of the model ships with one being the renowned Titanic.

The museum also hosts shows for featuring the artwork of artists like Savannah’s Robert Morris.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM till 5 PM.

11.         Old Fort Jackson Historic Site

Among the many great places to visit in Savannah, Georgia, one is the Old Fort Jackson Historic Site. If you are a military enthusiast, then you must give this one a try.

The fort was built back in 1808 and was of importance during the 1812’s War. Nowadays, this is now a historic site which is well preserved for hundreds of thousands of visitors coming here every year.

The fort remains open 7 days a week with timing being 9 AM till 5 PM.

12.         Fort Pulaski National Monument

Last but not least on the list of the best & fun things to do in Savannah, Georgia is the visit to another great fort site. The name of this one is Fort Pulaski National Monument which was of importance during the historic Civil War; the great war between the Union and Confederacy.

Nowadays, this fort is a monument to the Civil War with countless visitors arriving here annually. This fort is located on a small island near the city of Savannah.

The fort was under the rule of the Confederate army and was stuck by the cannon fire of Union Army back in 1862. The fort suffered immense damage but was later restored to its former glory by the efforts of President Calvin Coolidge.

If you are a person who loves anything related to the American Civil War, then this is a must-visit place for you.

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