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Travel Hacks That Will Save You Time, Space And Money

Nowadays, travel hacks are becoming more and more popular among the backpacking and hiking enthusiasts and also general travelers.

These traveling hacks are not only great as they help you save money but they also reduce significant stress that one might experience on their international or nationwide tour.

The very best of these travel hacks allow for the travelers to pack correctly, creating the space for having on-board entertainment and some like booking the cheaper flights or planning for the trip.

All in all, the few of them we present are the travel hacks that will save you time, space, and money and make your next trip the finest one of your life.

1.   Create more space in luggage by rolling all the clothes:-

Everyone seems to suffer from the problem of not having enough room to place stuff in their luggage whenever planning for a great trip.

But one of the great travel hacks involving packing is for one to roll their clothes instead of simply folding them.

This hack is to roll each piece of clothing in the form of a small tube with which you will be able to save the maximum amount of space for more stuff.

2.   Packing on half of the essential toiletries:-

Another great hack or tip is that if you are packing a lightweight trip, it must not have lots of bottles of toiletries or other such grooming stuff. Instead, one should only focus on packing for one night’s stay.

If you somehow run out of the beauty products, you can simply buy a bottle of a shampoo or a conditioner for the local stores.

3.   Do not buy those bulky clothes:-

Amongst the list of travel hacks that will save you time, space, and money, this is perhaps the most important one. If a person is not planning on visiting a place like Serbia or some other mountain type vacation, then they must leave their bulky clothes at home.

Instead of these bulky clothes, one must wear a layer of clothes that are smart like flannel, cardigans, or waterproof jackets.

4.   Packing only a small bottle of the handwashing detergent:-

When a person travels, they might not know when will there be an opportunity for them to wash their clothes.

It is necessary to wash one’s socks and underwear to maintain cleanliness and feeling of being refreshed.

For this, the best option is to pack a small bottle of the handwashing detergent.

5.   Taking fragrance in little plastic spray bottles:-

One must never choose to take those large-sized aftershaves or perfume bottles. Instead, the best way is to downsize on such thing with something like a plastic spray bottle. These small bottles will save the space as well as eliminate the chance of breakage.

Try pouring these aftershaves or perfumes in small antiseptic spray sized bottles that are very durable.

6.   Stuffing the shoes and wrapping them up:-

Lots of space in one’s luggage can be saved by stuffing their shoes with their socks. Also, wrap these shoes in the shower caps or a simple plastic bag for protecting the clothes.

7.   Using the pillbox for taking tiny items:-

Pillboxes are renowned for being traveling kits these days as they can be stuffed with all kinds of little items essential for a trip.

For example, one can use them for holding safety pins, jewelry, bobby pins, paper clips, small batteries, or other such stuff.

8.   Placing the dryer sheet in the bag:-

After only a few days of traveling, the dirty clothes start to reek like a pair of smelly socks. The best travel hack for this case is to place the dryer sheet in one’s bag to be ridden of these smelly odors.

Also, these dryer sheets will keep the clothes smell fresh throughout a person’s trip. One can make their own dryer sheet like options at home. For example, use cotton balls and the essential oils of your liking. Popular essential oil choices include lemon, lavender, geranium, white vinegar, and orange. Mixing them all in little quantities can be a refreshing breath of air.

9.   Purchasing the portable Power bank:-

Nothing is worse than being on a trip and the phone battery dying on you. This can lead to problems like not making the necessary reservations or calling up the family to tell them about arriving safely at your destination.

Having the right portable power bank is amongst the necessary travel hacks that will save you time, space, and money as well as mental stress.

10.         Prevention from Jet Lag:-

Recent studies have proven that exercising after a flight seems to arouse the energy levels in a person which they suffer from desynchronosis aka Jet Lag.

While there is no definitive exercise that can be helpful in case of alleviating Jet Lag conditions, most of the experts agree with light exercises such as yoga and jogging.

11.         Marking the baggage/luggage as Fragile:-

Most of the time, baggage seems to return its owner either after being lost and damaged. For avoiding the luggage to be lost, the simplest travel hacks are to mark the said baggage as Fragile.

This will at least led to the luggage being treated with some extra care and handled properly. And most likely this luggage tends to end up being on the top of the luggage pile inside the airplane’s storage compartment.

12.         Charging the electronic devices through the USB port of a TV:-

This is one of the most innovative travel hacks that will save you time, space, and money. If one forgets or has lost the plug for their electronic device’s charger, they can simply charge it through a TV’s USB port.

Most of the TVs nowadays have USB connectors on their backs and some even have them on their sides. Simply plug the electronic device through these TV USB ports and charge your device fully.

13.         Take a scan of the Passport and email it to yourself:-

When traveling internationally, it is best to have proof of who you actually are. This will be helpful when in a worst-case scenario; the traveler is a victim of theft or loses their papers.

Simple take the screenshot of the passport and have it available on one of the devices. Screenshots are accessible with or without a proper internet connection.

14.         Buying the Fake Wallet for fooling those pickpockets:-

Be sure to buy a fake wallet on a trip to fool those dishonest pickpockets. This way if the wallet gets stolen other things will not.

Also, be sure to hide the real wallet near the place closest to you. Some of these good places are like a security belt, a hidden pocket within a scarf or a coat with hidden pockets.

15.         Hacking into the best Wi-Fi hotspots near you:-

These days, traveling without any good internet network can be a daunting thing. There is no need to feel overwhelmed as there is a way to bypass this problem. At an airport look for the First Class Lounge as they do not go to the trouble of having their Wi-Fi network password protected. Likewise, a classy restaurant also does not bother with such things. So simply connect with these wi-fi networks for free.

16.         Using Google Maps offline:-

There will never always be an establishment near you with a free Wi-Fi network. So prior to going on a trip, one needs to download the Google maps on their smartphone. This app is viewable without the need of an internet connection.

17.         Instead of Money Changers, look for Cash or ATM Machines for exchange of local currency:-

Do not look for a national currency office or the Kiosk; instead, try looking for a cash machine or an ATM.

ATMs usually have cheaper rates for currency exchange as compared to the Kiosk or any other currency exchange office. Also, these machines are located near the luggage carousel at an airport.

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