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Travel Essentials everyone should buy before air travel

Even if you are someone who travels a lot by air, there is a good chance that you might forget to stock on all the necessary Travel Essentials. There are a lot of travel essentials that are necessary for one to stock up on before their flight and all of them can be bought from a nearby store.

Luckily for everyone, nowadays there happen to be drugstores located literally anywhere in a big city. These stores are stocked up with all the travel essentials necessary for a flyer.

All you need to do is go there and buy a neck pillow along with with other travel necessary items to make the flight as smooth as possible. We have done the work for you of listing out all the travel essentials that one should buy before their flight.

Neck Pillows

Neck pillows are among the necessary travel essentials for any flight. The seats of panes can often be discomforting and cause serious neck pain. These neck pillows rest your neck in a straight position to avoid any muscle stretch. They are also helpful for sleeping on a plane while sitting on that cramped up seta.

Be sure to buy the neck pillow which has a good foam material as they flight can sometimes be agonizing due to the turbulent weather.  A good neck pillow can be bought for a cost of 20 to 30 dollars.

Anti-bacterial Wipes or Spray

The worst feature of air travel is that the aircraft one takes their flight in is often riddled with plenty of harmful germs. According to the studies, the tray table of an aircraft has a bacteria population of nearly 2155 per square inch. The best way to counter this major health hazard is to grab your hands on the anti-bacterial wipes that can be bought at any local drugstore. Before sitting on your seat, be sure to wipe the seat, tray table, seatbelt, and the screen a good wiping with these wipes.

A pack of antibacterial wipes can be bought for as low as 2 dollars.

Emergen-C packets or airborne tablets

For those of you who are worried about catching the cold while on a flight that can ruin your vacation plans or the itchy throat can ruin your mood; then be sure to keep on your person a pack of Emergen-C or the other airborne tablets. These are necessary travel essentials because this dose of minerals and vitamins can be helpful in boosting your immune system against the germ population inside the air locked cabin.  Plus, the airplane air is known to be pumped through air conditioners which tend to contain a lot of bacteria.

Pain Reliever

The atmosphere on the ground feels great but when you are inside a tight cabin filled with nothing but dry air on a high altitude, it can become a recipe of headache and nausea. The best way to not have a dizzy head throughout the entire flight is to bring a bottle of a pain reliever of your choice. We recommend the fast-acting pain killer; Advil. A bottle of it can be helpful through your journey and afterward as well.  It can be bought for a sum of 21 dollars.

Travel-Sized Toiletries

Most of the shampoo, conditioners, and toothpaste are not approved by the TSA if they do not fit inside that 3-ounce container by the agency. In this case, if you like to have your own little set of toiletries, the drugstores on airports sell them in small travel size options. This is actually one of those travel essentials that one can use even after the travel due to their compact size on even shorter journeys.

A 7-piece travel-sized pack of toiletries can be bought for about 5 dollars.


You do not want to be a passenger on the aircraft with bare feet. Like all the other surfaces of the aircraft, floors of an aircraft are also full of germs and if you have cuts or abrasions on your feet, they can tend to slip through them and infect you. Plus, it is rude to sit barefoot in a place such as the inside of an aircraft. For added comfort, make a note of having eh socks that are infused with the aloe gel in your list of travel essentials. One thing to remember is to wear the shoes before you hit the aircraft bathroom or you can count on coming out of here with damp socks.

Moisturizing socks are the best recommendation from travel experts and they can be bought for as cheap as 6 dollars.

Colgate Wisp

The water on an aircraft is not safe to drink much less to use it for brushing your teeth and gargling on it from the bathroom. There are little Colgate wisps which are mini-brushes that can keep the mouth fresh and have a pleasant smell on the journey; plus they do not need water for cleaning the teeth.

A pack of Colgate wisp can be bought for 7 dollars.

Cleansing Cloths for face

After having a long flight and the long sleep on an aircraft, nothing feels fresher than having your face washed. But as we said earlier, the water on planes is jacked dup with germs so forget about washing eh face with it. Thankfully, nowadays there are facial cleaning clothes available at any drugstore. They can at least give you a start of cleaning your face before you leave the airplane.

They are available in various flavors for fragrance on your face to further freshen your mind. A facial cleansing cloth can be bight for about 6 dollars.


You never know when you are going to need a band-aid and this applies for the aircraft as well. Well, the flight attendants do have the first aid kit, but it never hurts to have a pack on you as insurance. You might need them to use in the airport lounge.

The best ones to buy should be the antibiotic band-aids and the whole pack of them can be bought for about 4 dollars.

Travel Tissue

Having a travel tissue pack can be a great journey essential. You can even hand them out to the person sitting next to you if they have a cold and are sneezing.


The clothes one wears on the flight to someplace are also the clothing they are going to wear at their destination as well., it is never a good impression to wear clothes which have stains just because the neighbor accidentally spilled some soup on your during the flight. In such cases, having a tide-to-go stick can be a great travel essential. the stain will be taken care of in a jiffy and plus its really cheap at a price of 4 dollars.

Ear Plugs and Eye Masks

Planes tend to be stuffed up with passengers especially in the economy class and sleeping can seem like a pipe dream. This can be true if you don’t have earplugs and eye mask on you.

Universal Adapter Plug

For those of you who have to travel overseas, it is best to bring with you a universal adapter plug in your travel essentials. A universal travel plug can be helpful for you to keep your derives at full power anywhere in the world.

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