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Secrets from Travel Experts To Book Cheaper Flights

For those of you who have to travel via airplanes a lot, you might be aware of the one main problem and that is the hassle of planning the said travel and to put together the budget for it while finding the best affordable fare.

There are all sorts of professional people such as the booking experts, travel agents, and the concierge services that have worked hard in their own profession to create their own connections and certain strategies that help to get the air tickets at most reasonable prices. Still, these professionals are not the only one that can save the extra big bucks on these airfares. 

For our readers, we bring to you some of the secrets from travel experts to book cheaper flights.

Look for the consolidator fare

The one-way travel agents are able to get their hands on such good airfare deals is through the booking of the consolidated fares. These fares are for the discounted seats that are available on the flights which are less popular than the others. As per one travel expert, “Airlines are also now seeing these consolidated fares as the reliable way of selling a percentage of their fares along with negotiating annual contracts, establishing for the company new revenue targets along with controlling the sales with a special type of calls for booking flights. These rates have also been dubbed as either Bulk or Private fares.

The pro tip where is to work with a certain travel agent who has managed to establish his own connections in order for you to get the consolidated airfare from the said travel agent. According to a great number of travel experts, this is the easiest way to buy tickets for Europe air travel. The reason is that fewer consolidated fares have been available on the domestic flights these days.

Looking for deals at the start of a week

According to travel experts, your chances of finding better flights at cheaper rates if you do the search on such flights at the start of a business week. This is because although these fares are being controlled by computer software, the sales are pushed for a certain direction by the human hands.

A travel agent reveals, “Buying on trends can even result in flash sales. The start of each week for advance flight bookings is the best way for a person looking to get the low priced air tickets.”

Book earlier rather than later

One travel expert revealed the pro tip of booking the flights and the right time to advance book your flight. As per the source, the best time period of going for a summer flight is either 21 to 28 days prior to going on said flight. As for the prices that are outside of this time frame, they are going to be a little bit higher or more.

A consumer travel expert who works for Hopper; an app for flight booking, Liana Corwin said, “in the month of May we got an increase of nearly 6.8 percent for the domestic flights for round trips at 236 dollars due to the seasonal demand. As for the prices after this, they are going to increase in use and then again start to fall down from July to October. A general rule of thumb here is to always start keeping track of these prices early on if you want to get the good deals.”

Figure out the entire cost of flying

Travel agents are aware of one golden piece of information that the price of the ticket is never going to account for the entire cost of a flight. This sit he reason, these travel agents work hard and bring their connections up to find the best possible overall value for a ticket price for their customers.

Anyone can nowadays also get this overall value and also save extra bucks by doing the work themselves. All you need to do is look up the costs of certain flight amenities such as for overweight charges, Baggage fees, W-Fi and many others. Travel agents also pay a lot of attention to the fees of tickets which are on the “Use it or lose it” basis.

The ticket can become extra expensive if a ticket holder misses their flight, has a need to change their flight or need to cancel their flight. One veteran in the travel agent field said, “Pay extra attention to the notes that point to ticket upgrades with the use of frequent flier miles. Although with certain airfare classes, a person might not be able took use of this option, but you can always pay an extra amount to upgrade yourself to the other fare class and then use this option.”

Search for flights directly on the website of airlines’ website


CEO of the company Tourist England named Freddie Julius said that he would recommend to people to look for a flight directly in the site of the said airline instead of checking it over a site for price comparison. This tip is essentially helpful to look for cheaper rates on the connecting flights.

He says, “Airlines often present connecting flights which involves a codeshare agreement and this agreement rarely shows up on the flight comparison sites, this is why most people miss this option.”

Book for the travel package

One other way travel agents are able to get the best airfares is when a customer opts to book a flight with a full package. For example, some hotels or cruise lines are able to give out reasonably priced fares to travelers if they wish to use their services.

For those of you who are going to book either a hotel or book for a rental car after your flight, we recommend searching for them in packages rather than booking a hotel, car, and flight separately. Although hotels are infamous for hiding the major discounts with their inclusive deals if you are lucky and keen enough you can get yourself a big discounted airfare.

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