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Air Travel Experts Reveal Secrets of Airport Boarding

Air travel might be one of the fastest and safest modes of traveling in the world, but at times it can get frustrating too with all the security checks, connecting flights, and the boarding process. In such cases, some secret information from the inside can go a long way. While the majority of people like to learn about the secrets of the air travel related to the side of the airplane, there is still a lot of secret information that can be learned for the boarding gates as well.

Taking this into account, today we decided to dig a little deeper into the air travel hacks and came upon a few of the airport boarding secrets revealed by the air travel experts. So have a read of them in our down below article titled, “Air travel experts reveal secrets of airport boarding”.

Be nice to the Gate Agents; it goes well for you

This first secret is to always be nice during the process of boarding. This friendly nice behavior is going to make a person stand out among the hordes of passengers as per the information from a flight attendant.

This is true for every employee of the airport working on the abrading gates and especially the gate agents who have to go through tons of tasks throughout the busy day and all this is on an easy day. On a tough day, when flights get canceled or are overbooked and travelers get really upset, these agents are swamped with more things than usual. In such cases, being extra patient, nice and friendly to the gate agent can get a person in the good graces of the gate agents.

One gate agent said, “Gate agents appreciate nothing more than the time when the passengers are flexible as well as respectable towards them and what they are trying to do. It has happened a lot that gate agents upgrade an economy class passenger to either the business or the first-class cabin all because they had been nothing but compassionate and respectable towards the gate agents.”

Frequent Fliers are preferred by Airlines for Upgrades

Every airline has access to every air traveling passenger in the world and this can work in favor of the passengers who are frequent fliers. One boarding agent said that depending upon the case as to how full a flight is in the check-in process; there might be upgrades available for frequent fliers based on their Elite status. All gate Agents are to follow a priority list which starts with Frequent fliers of Elite status.

Frequent Fliers receive quality service

A flight attendant revealed that if you are a frequent flier on a flight, it can get you some quality service in-flight. This is especially true if a passenger travels with the same airline frequently. Flight attendants on board the airplane and the gate agents on the ground terminal, all of them love to see and greet familiar faces and especially those who are friendly and nice towards them. So, yeah, flying with the same airline frequently has its own perks.

Gate Agents have extra and better seats

As the frequent flier often gets the upgrades like being bumped into the other cabins, there opens up several seats that were previously occupied. Sometimes, even the airlines themselves block few seats for the gate agents considering the overall situation. The agents then use these empty seats to help other passengers get seats and often end up receiving better seats.

In order to get better seating on the plane, try to ask the gate agent politely about the extra seats 30 minutes prior to the departure. If the gate agent complies with your request, you might end up receiving a great seat like the one with the window or the one which has wider legroom.

Being accommodating for traveling families can go a long way for you in-flight

If anyone of you finds yourself in a situation where the flight has been oversold and there are seating assignment issues with the traveling families that need to sit together on the flight, a good thing here would be to offer the seat to these troubled passengers.

According to a flight attendant, flight attendants prefer and are very appreciative of these passengers who are trying their best to keep all of the passengers on board happy. So if you are traveling alone and end up offering your seat to other passengers with an intention to help others, you get to be in good graces of the flight attendants. There are cases, hen such compassionate passengers get bumped up into the business or even the first class if there open up any seat.

If you miss a connecting flight, ask for a separate carrier

When a passenger misses their connecting flight, the computers at the airport are calculating the alternate traveling options for the passenger. If there does not happen to be any flight at the airport of the missed airline, then try to politely suggest to the gate agent about flying to the nearby airport in case the missed airline serves on that airport as well. You can also suggest the option of flying with a different carrier.

This option is not advertised by the gate agents as this will cost them money for switching the ticket of a passenger to another carrier but it is still as good as any other option.

If a connecting flight is late, gate agents can hold off another flight

One boarding agent revealed that often gate agents can hold an entire flight for one connecting airline passenger but for special cases. For example, if there is a case when a large number of connecting flight passengers are delayed to get their connecting flight, the gate agent can hold the flight while being in communication with the airline’s Operations Center. Still, holding a flight might delay it for other passengers and thus it only happens rarely, so try to always be on time.

Do not worry in case you don’t have a seat assigned to you

When a passenger does not opt to pay an extra sum for having their seat selected in advance, they will be assigned a seat on the gate. This is not because the flight has been overbooked instead it is because some of the seats have been blocked by the airline for frequent fliers, families or for special assistance cases.

Only remember that you do have a seat and you only need to ask the gate agent about it as soon as you can.

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