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Weirdest reasons causing flights to be turned around

Weirdest reasons causing flights to be turned around

When you plan to have some air travel, do make preparation for some backup measures as well. The reason is that while it is rare that flight gets turned around, it still happens even after the plane took off and apparently for some of the weirdest reasons.

For our readers today, we have gathered a bunch of weirdest reasons causing flights to be turned around.

British Airways: Clogged Toilet


Back in March of 2016, a flight of British Airways was traveling from Heathrow to Dubai airport when it was forced to turn around when passengers started complaining about the really nasty smell in the toilet. According to media, the crew of the aircraft was not able to fix the source of the problem which caused the aircraft to be turned around and arrive back its original destination for the reason of safety and health.

This is not the only incident on an airplane that caused it to be turned around due to the toilet problem. Back in 2014 a flight of Virgin Austria traveling from Los Angeles to Sydney had to make a return back to LA after 3 hours of its take-off. The reason for this return was the overflow of the fresh water system.

Korean Air: Angry First Class Passenger


Back in 20114, a woman named Cho Hyun-ah who happened to the daughter of the CEO of Korean Air got extremely furious when the flight attendant served her Macadamia buts in the packet instead of serving them in a bowl while she was flying in the 1st class. The angry passenger made quite a ruckus that caused the pilot to make a return back to New York.

Later, Cho Hyun-ah was charged to be guilty of causing an obstruction in aviation safety.

Virgin Atlantic Airways: Laser Incident


A flight of Virgin Atlantic Airways flying from Heathrow Airport to New York in 2016 had to stop its journey halfway through and was returned to its take-off airport in London following an unexpected Laser Incident. According to the reports, a laser beam had been aimed at the cockpit of the airplane which caused the first officer to feel unwell.

Back in 2010, a new law was passed in the UK which stated that people could be changed for a criminal offense for shining a light at an airplane midflight for the reason of dazzling the pilot. The same law has been implemented in the USA where it is now illegal to shin the laser light towards an aircraft.

US Airways: Live Maggots in Food


A US Airways flight flying from Atlanta to New York had to return back to its take-off destination back in 2010 following complaints of passengers that they found maggots in the container of spoiled meat that was on the airplane. As per reports of eyewitnesses, these bugs were spewing out of the luggage compartments above the seats and onto heads and bodies of passengers.

The spokesperson of the airline then said to media that the crew has taken care of the problem by thoroughly cleaning and scrubbing the whole airplane after it arrived at the gate. The whole airplane was later fumigated as well.

United Airlines: Passenger got Angry for not having permission to do Yoga


Back in 2016, an airplane of the United Airlines was flight in-bound from Hawaii to Japan when it was forced to stop midflight and make a return trip to the departure place, Hawaii.  The reason for this sudden return was one passenger refusing to sit down and also making quite a ruckus during the meal service. According to the FBI, the said passenger said to them that he was not feeling well at the time and also did not feel like eating anything. He wanted to go back to the back area of the aircraft and perform some yoga and meditation.

The criminal complaint of the FBI further states that after the crew of the aircraft and even the wife of the angry passenger tired to make him sit back in his seat, he became infuriated and violent.

The man, for his behavior, was arrested and was later sentenced by the court for paying restitution sum of little over 44000 dollars to United Airlines. In addition to that, he was also sentenced to some prison time.

Air Malta: Turned back to get 2 passengers


Back in 2015, a flight of Air Malta had to make a sudden return back to its departure airport in order to pick up 2 passengers who missed their flight.

According to the airline, the plane had to return back after being 30 minutes into the flight. The reason for the return was a security and safety measure following the discrepancy in the total number of passengers and the baggage kept on board.

United Airlines: 2 Flight Attendants got in a fight


A United Airlines flight was bound for Chicago from North Carolina when things got heated up following an argument between 2 of the flight attendants on board. The pilot informed of the incident to the Raleigh-Durham International Airport and was then forced to make a return there.

After the plane reached the gate, both flight attendants were removed from this flight and 2 other flight attendants were sent for their service.

American Airlines: Passenger refused to stop singing song “I will always love you”


Back in 2013, a flight of American Airlines was traveling from LA to New York when one passenger on board started singing the song titled “I Will Always Love You”. When asked to stop, the passenger refused to force eh flight to make a stop in the Kansas City. The passenger was a woman and was subdued by an Air Marshal on board the plane by cuffing her and then escorted her out of the airplane.

The authorities later interviewed the woman and she was released shortly after without any charge.

Alaska Airlines: Woman bitten by a scorpion onboard


A flight of Alaska Airlines was bound for Portland when a female passenger got bit by a scorpion. The incident occurred when the plane was taxiing but the plane had to return to the LA Airport gate for emergency treatment of the woman.

Jin Air: Airplane door not being properly shut


A flight of Jin Air back in 2016 took off from Cebu and was headed to the Philippines when the flight crew alerted the pilot about the aircraft’s door leaking air due to not being properly shut. The discovery was made 40 minutes into the flight.

According to reports, change in pressure caused some passengers to feel intense pain in the ears and headaches but no one was injured. The flight made a return safely and as for passengers, they were booked for other flights.

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