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Worst movies anyone should avoid watching on an airplane

Worst movies anyone should avoid watching on an airplane

When you are taking a flight that takes a lot of hours, then the best way to pass the time on such a flight is to start a movie marathon. Still, there are some of the movies that you must watch after such long flights instead of watching them during the flight.

It is a good thing for air passengers to avoid movies about aircraft disasters, major airport delays and missed flights. While some of these films are worth watching they are still to be enjoyed when you are not moving in the skies.


Below we present a list of worst movies you should avoid watching on an airplane.

Air Force One (1997): Film About airplane Hijacking


This is an action film with Harrison ford playing the character of the s US President James Marshall and a terrorist who plans to hijack the Air Force Pone.

The plot of the film sees the terrorist named Ivan Korshunov played by Gary Oldman, who holds both Marshal and his family on board as hostages. The movie might have enough action and suspense to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

While the movie has taken a few liberties in its full display, it is not the one based on true events. Air Force One happens to be a movie featuring some real trouble in the sky and for a flying passenger, it can become stressful rather than being entertaining.

Snakes on a Plane (2006): featuring a flight full of snakes


The classic film presents an FBI agent trying to rescue the passengers on an airplane that has been filled by criminals with snakes. The purpose of filling the plane with snakes is to kill one special passenger on the plane.

The film features the main character played by Samuel L Jackson and this film is not for faint of heart and definitely for those who are in the middle of a flight.

The Terminal (2004): A tragic Comedy of getting stuck on a Terminal


For those of you who have been dreading the idea of getting stuck at an airport for a few weeks, then you must only watch the 2004 comedy movie titled “The terminal” produced by Steven Spielberg when you do not have plans for taking a flight any time sooner.

The movie is about Viktor Navorski played by Tom Hanks, an Eastern European man who traveled from his home country to New York and gets stranded on the airport following his country suffering from a military coup and his passport becoming invalidated.

Without any way of entering eh New York City legally or to fly back, Viktor Navorski ends up spending a few months inside the airport where he befriends the staff and struggles with everyday activities.

Flightplan (2005): Definitely a no-no if flying with kids


Flightplan is a psychological thriller in which Jodie Foster plays the role of an aircraft designer named Kyle Pratt, who is a mother on a plane who’s 6 years old daughter went missing on the plane.

The story of the entire film took place inside the cramped up commercial aircraft where Foster had to struggle to understand to why the crew of the plane is insisting that her daughter never was on board. The film might be bad for the parents who are traveling with their kids as they might end p with having nightmares about their child getting lost on the plane.

Flight (2012): A Dark movie of an air crash


The flight is a dark movie about an airplane crash and following the crash, a dark investigation into the aircraft’s pilot.

The movie is not the one to be watched on a flight as it involves a crash. If you are still not convinced then here the review of the famed movie critic named Roger Ebert, who said that the film opened up with one of the most terrifying flying scenes that he ever saw in a film.

The Grey: Survival story after a plane crash


The film opens up with a group of oil-rig workers stranded in the frozen wilderness of Alaska after a deadly aircraft crash.

They are then led by a man named John Ottway played by Liam Neeson as the group faces not only injuries and the chase from the wolves but also the psychological torment while trying to survive the ordeal in the frozen hell.

If you are traveling on an airplane and have the fear of a plane crash, then this is not the right movie for you mid-flight.

Red Eye (2005): Assassination plan on a flight


Red Eye is a thriller movie that has the plot of killing a politician on a plane. Lisa Reisert, the role of a hotel manager is played by Rachel McAdams who meets a mysterious stranger named Jackson Ripper played by Cillian Murphy on a flight that is headed from Texas to Miami. Lisa soon learns that this was not an accidental meeting as she is kidnapped by Jackson on the flight.

Due to this psychological thriller taking place mostly on an airplane, the passengers who get nervous on a plane should avoid watching it until they land safely.

Cast Away (2000): Another after-crash survival story but with madness included


Cast Away is a critically acclaimed film that features the story of a FedEx employee named Chuck Noland played in the film by Tom Hanks, who undergoes numerous struggles following the crash of his plane and landing on a deserted island located in South Pacific. As the years pass by, Noland starts to lose the grip on what’s real and what’s not real and then ends up forming a friendship with a volleyball which he names as Wilson.

While this film is one of the classics of all times, onboard passengers must avoid watching it, if they do not want to later have thoughts about their plane plummeting into the ocean.

Final Destination (2000): Everything that can go wrong on a flight


Finals Destination is a fatalistic universe where no one can escape the death from their plane ending up in an explosion even if any passenger has managed to get off the plane before it explodes.

While the majority of the film has been played out on the ground, you cannot take out the gory scenes of the time when one of the survivors sees a vivid vision of the aircraft’s explosion that led to his and every other passenger’s death.

Do not watch this movie on a flight if you don’t want to alter have thoughts that the same thing can happen to you on your actual flight. This is a movie that you need to watch only in the comfort of your own home.

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