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Cutest things that happened aboard the airplanes

Cutest things that happened aboard the airplanes

Travel can turn into one of the most frustrating ordeals, especially during the holidays. Delayed flights, lost luggage and other such occasions can turn one’s plans for a vacation to be ruined.

Still, there is a chance while flying at an altitude of 30000 feet with total strangers that something unexpected might happen. Everything has happened on a plane from the flight attendant proposals to some unexpected sources of the onboard entertainment.

For our readers today we have gathered a few of the cutest things that happened aboard the airplanes.

A man proposed to his girlfriend with the help of other passengers


While pulling off a proposal on a plane is one thing but to add the total strangers into helping you make the occasion special is a whole another thing. This is what one passenger named Andrew did on his flight alongside his long-time girlfriend named Rachel.

Andrew, in the flight, handed out handwritten notes to other passengers without his girlfriend ever finding it. He introduced himself to these passengers and asked them to help him out by taking a photo of his proposals. He claimed in his notes that he has everything needed for a proposal but a photographer. Of course, all the passengers obliged to his sweet request and with their help, he was able to get a detailed shot of the whole engagement moment.

The cast of “The Lion King” singing the song as passengers abraded the plane


The journey of the airplane is a pleasant one but only when you are seated in your seats. As for the boarding process, it is a great hassle from both climbings onto the aircraft and then leaving it along with waiting at the baggage claim for your luggage.

This was not the case for the passengers who were on a flight headed to Sydney from Brisbane.  These passengers had a once in a  lifetime chance of getting he on flight free of cost entertainment from none other the Australian cast of “The Lion King”. The group broke out in the song mode and performed the song “The Circle of Life” as everyone looked for their seats.

An employee of the Southwest had a dance-off with 2 little girls who were waiting for their flight


While this is not an occurrence on a flight, it still is one of the cutest things to happen at an airport. While for most of us, waiting for your flight is not a good feeling, 2 little girls waiting for their flight at the Dallas Love Field airport enjoyed the entertainment of their own.  These 2 girls had a dance-off with one of the employees of Southwest Airlines.

These two girls were waiting on the gate for their flight after a trip from Disney World when suddenly they engaged in a dance battle with an employee of the airlines on the Tarmac. The employee first mimicked them and then started the dance battle as he also worked.

An ordinary proposal of the plane turned into a full-fledge wedding midflight


There had been too many of the midflight proposals but one of the couples took the things to a whole new extreme as the turned their ordinary proposal into a full-fledged wedding.

Jurgen Bogner, whole traveling on a flight to Athens with his girlfriend Nathaly Eiche, made a wedding proposal and then instead of settling on a ‘Yes’, he decided to go all the way. He decided to bring out all the things necessary for a wedding; a wedding dress, wedding rings, both of their relatives, a violinist and then a master of the ceremonies. They were able to tier their knot of Holy Matrimony right on the plane.

A little got to spend Halloween aboard a plane Trick or Treating


A dad traveling to San Francisco from Boston realized that his 3 years old daughter was bummed about the fact that she was not able to spend Halloween Trick or Treating.

The dad decided to pass the candies to the passengers on the plane with notes that read, “My 3-year-old daughter, Molly, was bummed that she wouldn’t be able to go trick-or-treating this year due to this flight, so I decided to bring trick-or-treating to her.”

Passengers then played with Molly as she moved around the aisle doing trick or treating and collecting candies.

Southwest airlines offered a plane to evacuate shelter animals to a safe place from the Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey devastated the area around Houston, Texas back in August and September of 2018 totaling in damages worth of 125 billion dollars.

Most of the Texans were displaced and this meant that the pets, as well as shelter animals, were also displaced. In this hour of need, Southwest Airlines came offering a helping hand as they offered up their jets. The airline filled their plane with strapped pet animals along with shelter animals and then moved them all the way to safety in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A pilot proposed in the native language of his flight attendant girlfriend


The plot named Captain Dooley Ellis of the Qantas Airline was on a flight headed to Los Angeles, California from Brisbane, Australia. This is when he decided to make the long journey memorable for not only himself and his flight attendant girlfriend but also for the passengers. His girlfriend was making a connecting flight that was headed for South America.

On the intercom, the pilot proposed to his girlfriend saying in her native language; Spanish that she is traveling back to visit her family in South America and that he wants to make sure that she travels back to him in Australia.

The pilot began the proposal saying, “So now that I have her complete attention, Ana: ¿Quieres consarte conmigo?” Translation: Will you marry me?

A flight attendant took care of an infant so the parents could have a shut-eye


Those who have traveled on an airplane with babies, know it is one of the worst travel experiences especially when it is the first time for the child in the air. However, one compassionate flight attendant named Anissa Charles of the Southwest Airlines decided to help a weary couple with their 9 months old son.

Charles carried the baby and held it on the flight while walking up and down the airplane aisle to keep hi entertained while the parents could relax a little on their flight to New York from Fort Lauderdale.

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