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Flight Attendants reveal some travel essentials one should always fly with

Packing for travel is a sort of art and it is especially true for air travel. There is no one more experienced in packing for an aircraft than the flight attendants because their job is the one that keeps them on travel for long periods of time. They are knowledgeable about airports as if the back of their hand and they tend to take more flights in 1 week than most air travelers to take in a year. So, yes, when it is about packing efficiently for air travel to make it easier, we can trust their advice as if we are blind.

Two of the flight attendants from the American Airlines named Justin Moyer and Michaela Rutherford revealed the products that they would never fly without on an airplane. Their air travel packing list ranges from everything to make a long flight comfortable as well as feel refreshing when a person lands. For our readers, today we have listed down some of the air travel essentials that one should always fly with.

Hydrating gels for eyes

The air inside an airplane is a dry one that affects not only the whole body but affects eyes the most and this is why one should moisturize them on the plane. This is why it is essential that one should keep on their person a hydrating gel for the eyes. You should put a little of this gel under your eyes and also when you leave the aircraft.

Facial spray for skin Moisturization

Traveling on an airplane dries a person out causing the skin to look dehydrated and less moisturized. Still, if you are on a plane, it is not a good thing to spread some lotion on your hands and then smear it all over your face and hands. The air in the plane is mixed with some nasty bacteria and that might affect the body in a bad manner. So what should one do in this case?” well, you can try taking with you a moisturizing facial spray with you. Plus, it will make you look refreshed when you leave the aircraft and are headed to your destination on road.

A carry-on bag for personal items

Everyone traveling on an airplane should have a personal carry-on bag with them that has a lot of small compartments. This bag can be a great way to store not only your travel documents but also every other little thing that you might need at the airport or on the airplane.

Little oatmeal pouches

Foods in airports are really expensive and they are not worth the price plus it is really hard to find healthy food options at an airport. The best way to avoid this problem is to bring dry snacks for yourself at the airport. These dry snacks are able to get past the airport security as well.

Flight attendants recommend bringing little pouches of oatmeal as they are a healthy snack filled with fiber that can prevent the stomach from getting upset. You can get the hot water for your oatmeal from any Starbucks or a coffee shop at an airport for free.

Portable charger

The one thing that everyone today has is a smartphone and the biggest problem with them is they run out when you least expect it. There are times for air travelers when they end up getting stuck on the airport due to delayed flight and your phone is running low on the battery. As for every outlet at the airport, it is already in use by thousands of travelers. There is also a scenario when you are on the airplane and there are no charging outlets for your phone. What you can do in these situations?  Flight attendants recommend bridging with you a portable battery charger. Keep this charger inside your personnel carry-on bag to be sure that our phone never runs out of battery on a long flight.

Packing cubes

One great tip by flight attendants for packing is how to keep all your things in an arranged manner. Flight attendants have to live their lives in and out of suitcases and the unorganized suitcase is a headache.

Flight attendants recommend the use of packing cubes with each one carrying your shirts, your shoes, your electronic devices or even our toiletries. Whatever the type of luggage you have you can ram it inside a packing cube and then place them al neatly in a suitcase.

iPad or a tablet

Most of us like to bring the laptop on the airplane to have some in-flight entertainment as they have big screens. The thing wrong with them is that they are heavy and take too much space in your carry-on bag.

Flight attendants recommend bringing with you either an iPad or a tablet and it will become your best purchase for air travel. They are compact and also can store a lot of shows to watch during the flight.

Reusable bottle of water

This pro packing tip is going to benefit you a lot at both the airport and on the airplane. Bring with you an empty reusable water bottle. The empty bottle can make the security check easily and when you wait for the flight, you can fill it with water to remain hydrated.

Eye Mask

Traveling in an airplane is an exhausting task as you can do nothing but simply sit stuck in your seat. The best way to avoid boredom is to have a shut-eye on the flight. Most planes keep their lights turned on the small flights or on the night flights, so it is recommended that you bring your own eye mask with you.

Sanitizing wipes

Sanitizing wipes are also a great item to have in your carry-on bag for keeping both the hands clean as well as the surface where you place your either its or eat on the airplane.  They can also make the TSA security check. They are even sued by the pilots and the flight attendants mid-flight.

A packable jacket

Nowadays packable jackets are available that can be packed down to small volume. You can pack one down and squish it down in your small nag to carry on the plane. Often planes get cold enough and it is not a great idea to ask for a blanket on the plane as they are rarely washed and are sued over and over again.

So when you feel cold on the airplane simply take out your packable jacket and wear it to be warm.

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