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Most Bizarre Aviation Stories from 2018

The year 2018 had been one of the busiest years for the aviation industry as nearly 4 billion people across the world used airplanes for their travel needs both domestically and internationally. As per the reports of the Federal Aviation Administration, early 43000 flights alone are operated in the United States of America each day and that can often lead to some bizarre aviation stories.

With such a huge number of flights taking off and landing across the world, most of them end up without any notable incident but there a time when some bizarre aviation stories emerge that can either make a  person laugh or to feel horrified.

Despite it being a year too late, we still decided to share with our readers a few of the most bizarre airline stories from 2018 today. The most bizarre and shocking aviation story of 2018 was the mid-flight explosion of Southwest Airline’s flight 1380 that led to the death of a mother named Jennifer Riordan. She hailed from New Mexico and was the mother of 2 children.

Bomb cyclone causing shut down of JFK Airport

A few days after the celebration of New Year’s Eve came to an end the city of New York was hit by a sudden snowstorm which is known by the name “Bomb Cyclone”. This bomb cyclone struck the John F. Kennedy International Airport and resulted in a 4-day shutdown of services leading to hundreds of flights from all over the world and the country to be canceled along with thousands of passengers getting stranded on the airport.

In this one of the most bizarre aviation stories, passengers described that they found themselves stranded in the airport for days where they rationed blanket and looked for refuges.

A passenger on American Airlines was zip-tied and duck taped after they bit and kicked he flight attendant

A flight of American Airlines was headed from Dallas onward to Charlotte when a passenger on board had to be zip-tied and duck taped by the flight crew. This was done in order to ensure the safety of other passengers.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force of FBI stated in their criminal complaint that the passenger interfered with the operations of the plane knowingly as well as intentionally. The passengers intimidated and assaulted the crew as well.

A dog died in the overhead bin placed on the flight of United Airlines

This bizarre aviation story led to a change of the air policy back in 2018 when a French bulldog puppy died while on a flight of the United Airline. According to the owners of the puppy, they were forced by the flight attendant to store their puppy in the overhead bin of the plane.

This lead to outrage from the customers and the United Airlines thus announced their new policy for pets along with 2 senators proposing a bill for banning the act of placing the animals in the overhead bins.

A part of the ceiling on an American Airlines aircraft fell and struck a kid passenger on the head

On April 7th of 2018, a flight of American Airlines traveling from Hong Kong headed towards Dallas Fort suffered a tragic accident. The ceiling panel along with the oxygen generator reportedly fell out and struck a 1-year-old kid on the head. The boy’s mother tried to report the incident with the airline but was never able to do so. She previously declined any sort of medical assistance that was provided by the airline while she and her child was still onboard the plane.

An engine of a Southwest Airlines aircraft blew up mid-flight and resulted in 1 death


Back in April of 2018 an airplane of the Southwest airlines suffered an engine blew up while it was in the air. The resulting blast caused the aircraft’s widow to be broken and the unfortunate Jennifer Riordan was partially sucked out of this broken window. This caused her death as a result of the blunt trauma to her neck, torso and the head.

At Philadelphia International Airport one worker stabbed another worker fatally

On the Philadelphia International Airport, a worker of the Frontier Airlines reportedly stabbed another coworker near the Gate E6.

The worker stabbed his colleague with a box cutter following a heated argument between the two.

A flight of American Airlines in San Antonio saw a monkey escaping from its baggage

A monkey was reportedly traveling to a particular animal sanctuary from Chicago to San Antonio when he escaped his baggage and walked around on the airport grounds.

The authorities caught the monkey and then brought him to be held at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary.

An alleged person first walked on the tarmac of Atlanta airport in his underwear and then jumped onto the wing of a Delta Airline plane

A man was allegedly walking on the tarmac of Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport when he was arrested.

The man prior to his arrest also jumped on the wing of a Delta airlines plane and then yelled at somebody inside.

A female passenger was dragged off a plane of Korean Air after she forcefully tried to sit in a business class seat

A female passenger aboard a Korean Air aircraft had to be dragged off the aircraft after she forcefully tried to sit in the business class seat. The incident caused the flight to be delayed by 1 hour and 44 minutes.

A pilot on Jet Airways forgot to pressurize the cabin and led to passengers having bloody noses and ears


A flight of the Jet airways was headed for its destination of Jaipur, India from Mumbai India when the plane had to suddenly return to its take-off place. The incident occurred on September 18th of 2018 and the cause of this sudden reversal to the take-off spot was that the pilots forgot to pressurize the airplane’s cabin after they took off.

The disrupted pressure of the cabin caused several of the passengers to complain about the discomfort of bleeding from their noses and their ears.

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