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Flight attendants wish that passengers stop doing these things on-board

While air travel is mostly to help people travel in a short amount of time too far off places, this does not mean that one can be discourteous in the face of various problems during the whole experience. Flight attendants are one of the most underappreciated workers in the world. Their jobs demand from them to be on the call literally at any given time. On top of that when some passengers try to overwhelm them by asking things that flight attendants wish that passengers stop doing these things on board.

These flight attendants have to work with hundreds of different passengers each day and some of the behaviors by these passengers can be borderline rude or downright insulting.

Today we decided to educate our readers with something that flight attendants wish that passengers would stop doing those things onboard.

Unpacking overhead bags mid-flight

Some passengers tend to hold off the boarding process for the fellow passengers as well as for the flight attendants which is one of the things that flight attendants wish that passengers stop doing onboard.

One flight attendants said that the best way to minimize such a scenario is to keep your necessities in your personal bag and should place it in your won seat.

Asking for items during the safety demonstration

Whether some passengers like it or not, the flight attendants are actually trained safety professionals and the safety demonstration they do is for the good of everyone onboard.

One flight attendant said that you need to wait until the flight’s critical phases such as taxing, taking off and landing are complete before you start asking out for things. If the flight attendants are wearing the life vest and walking around the aisle, you need to ring the call button instead of asking them things right in the middle of the aisle.

Ordering too many drinks

A flight attendant said that when a single passenger starts to ask for a cup of coffee, a glass of water and diet coke all at once, it slows down our whole serving process. Passengers need to wait by asking only one thing at a time and by the time we are finished with the whole aisle, we will gladly come back and serve anything else.

Asking about drinks being served when they have been announced already

Flight attendants said that in 1 flight they get asked the question about what drinks are being served. These drinks are already mentioned in the in-flight menu and the drinks are announced normally before the flight.

This not only slows down the service of the flight attendants but also frustrating for them to tell the passenger about every drink they have on their cart.

Ignoring flight attendants when they are greeting the passenger

As we said earlier, flight attendants have one of the most underappreciated jobs in the world despite how demanding their work is about the care of the passengers. If the flight attendants are tasked with taking care of the passengers, passengers should at least be courteous towards them.

On flight attendant said, “if a flight attendant is greeting you then she expects that you reply her back courteously too as this is common decency.”

Putting shoes up on the seats or laying bare toes on the tray tables or armrests

One thing that everyone on-board needs to be careful about is that the place on aircraft is a shared place. Keeping them clean for not only yourself but also for others is nothing but good manners.

Flight attendants said that nobody cares if you have showered in the morning before taking the flight. People only care about the cleanliness of the places from where they have to eat their food.”

Disregard for safety compliance

Flight attendants said that the one thing that they so wish that passengers stop doing is the most common and the most dangers things of them all.

One flight attendants revealed, “prior to the flight, we make several announcements about the safety compliance such as keeping he seat upright, locking her tray table, stowing away your electronics and fastening seatbelts. By the time the plane is ready for take-off, these announcements have been made for at least 5 times. Even after that, some passengers are rude and ignorant enough to not be a complaint. This is the reason that most passengers have to be removed off of the plane before the takeoff.”

Asking them to allow sitting in the empty First Class seat

Flight attendants aid that another much frustrating thing that there is when some passenger or many passengers on a single flight asks them to move them up to an empty seat in the first-class area free of cost.

Flight attendants say that they do not have the proper authority for upgrading the passenger to the 1st class. Those seats can only be upgraded by the gate agent or if a passenger can pay an extra sum of money to upgrade their seat before entering the aircraft.

Using the toilet but not flushing afterward properly

Most passengers are not rude when it comes to using aircraft flushes because afterward, they have to share the same aircraft with others. Still, there are some who do not have the right manners of flushing the toilet. Flight attendants say that there is a large button with red, blue and green lights, which has written over it “Flush”. Kindly sue this button.

Ringing the call button for flight attendant excessively

During the training of flight attendants, they are taught to immediately respond to every call button signal. This is because this call button signal is the fastest way for passengers to signal if they are in need of dire assistance.

Out of all the small things that flight attendants wish that passengers stop doing these things is to not abuse this button for doing small tasks such as handing them garbage.

Walking around the aircraft barefoot

One flight attendant said that one of the most disgusting things that anyone can do onboard is to walk barefoot in the entire plane. This is because the floors are not very clean as they are cleaned less often. Also, be a little thoughtful and spare the flight attendants from the sight and smell of your feet. Be sure to wear at least socks if you plan to walk barefoot.

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