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Items that a passenger can and cannot take on an airplane

While one can take their luggage on their air travel but there are some restrictions that have been made by the airlines and airports around the world about the luggage. Some items are not allowed in a passenger’s hand luggage whereas some are not allowed to be on the aircraft at all. Not knowing what items a passenger can and cannot take on an airplane can save a person the trouble of having their stuff dumped at the check-in.

Today, we have done the work of listing out all the possible items that a passenger can and cannot take on an airplane.


A passenger can carry the ashes but they have to be either in their hand or the hold luggage. However, the container coating the ashes must be sealed shut inside a box or a case. Also, the passenger who is carrying the ashes must provide a particular document like Certificate of Death that has been issued by the authority from where the passenger has departed.

Once at the airport, these ashes will be sent through the screening process along with all the other items of the passenger. A tip here is to inform the officials of the airport that you are in possession of ashes before the screening process starts, is always a good idea.


Drones can be taken on an aircraft but they need to be held in the hand luggage and also should meet the restrictions of weight and size set by the airline. Also, the said passenger must inform the airline that they are carrying the batteries of the drone as well.


Restrictions of carrying liquids on airplanes are nothing new so be sure to pack as much luggage as you can without including any liquids in your hold luggage.

If a passenger is travelling with the hand luggage, they can only take the liquid containers which only have about 100 ml of liquid that can easily fit in a plastic bag which is transparent and re-sealable. This bag also has the liquid capacity of carrying no more than 1 liter and the size of it is about 20 * 20 cm.

As for what constitutes as the liquids, it includes items such as honey, hairspray, foam, and mascara along with other such items.

Medication & Medical equipment

Passengers are allowed to carry with them essential medicines inside their hand luggage. If this medicine happens to be in liquid form and is more than the recommended 100 ml, the passenger needs to carry with them the prescription with their name on it along with a letter from the medical professional who recommended it.

If a passenger needs to carry with them a large number of dietary liquids or other such medications in their hand luggage, we recommend contacting in advance the airport and inform them what things you are carrying with you on your travel.

As for taking the certain medical equipment such as the Insulin Pump requires special permission granted from any airline. Some airlines do not allow permission of carrying oxygen bottles on the aircraft, they can still allow it on a special request but might still charge an extra sum.

If a passenger’s hand luggage exceeds the weight limit due to them carrying medical equipment or medications, they should notify the airline in advance along with a letter from the doctor that says passenger needs it.

All in all, the pro tip to avoid problems at airport if a passenger is carrying medical equipments or the medications, they need to bring with them a letter from a medical professional with note that the passenger is in need of them and also contact the airline and the airport beforehand of their particular situation.


A passenger can carry with them food items such as cakes, vegetables, sandwiches, fruits along with other solid food items inside their hand luggage. As for foods with liquid consistency like soups, they cannot be carried on board.

Food items and such powder supplements can often obstruct the image of the X-ray machine so they will be checked manually by the security staff.

Baby milk and food

When a passenger is travelling with a baby, they are allowed as much baby milk and baby food as per the guidelines of the airline. Often, this limit is well over 100 ml.

A female passenger can also carry the breast milk inside their hand luggage even if they are not travelling with the baby. As for frozen breast milk, it is not allowed in the hand luggage.

Breast milk contained in individual containers must not exceed the quantity limit of 2 liters. Each of the containers will go through screening and they will be opened by the security staff at the airport to screen these liquids.

Musical instruments

If a passenger needs to travel with their large piece of musical instrument, they need to contact the airline beforehand. For such cases, special arrangements are made like buying an extra seat for the said musical instrument.

Musical instruments are also screened by security in a separate manner.

Mobility aids

Mobility aids such as the walking aids, pushchairs, and the wheelchairs are normally allowed by the airlines inside the cabin but they will first pass through the screening process.

As for the mobility aids which are powered by the battery, the owner of such mobility aids need to contact the airlines beforehand.

Sharp and other prohibited items

All the items that can be used by a person as a potential weapon on board are strictly forbidden as per the security guidelines of the airports and airlines. See the image down below as to which items are prohibited on aircraft.

Smoking materials

Cigarettes and other such tobacco products are allowed to be carried in the hand luggage.

A passenger can carry with them only 1 lighter on the aircraft. As for the e-cigarettes and the lighters, they are allowed under liquid allowance and must be kept inside the plastic bag which is re-sealable and must be kept inside the bag at all times.

As for the E-cigarettes, they are banned from being carried in the hold luggage. Zippo Lighters are also allowed but only one lighter per passenger.

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