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Best Air Travel hacks

While many of us use air travel, we still do not seem to learn what things are needed for the optimum travel experience. What kind of things are needed during the air travel or what are the perks of your air ticket that can help you save some money on the carry-on luggage.

This and many other such air travel tips will be revealed in the best air travel hacks today.

Reading the fine print on the ticket

The one thing that every air traveler should make a habit of is to read the fine print over the tickets. The disclaimers over the ticket are often written in the fine print and those often contain valuable information related to the carry-on bags. Reading this might help you save some money.

Bringing a reusable water bottle

One thing you will need most during the wait for your flight is to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. You might need to travel all across the airport for different sorts of things and staying hydrated is in your best interest. While the water bottles are available at the airport shops, they, like all other things at the airport, are really expensive. In case you do not want to spend 5 dollars on a small bottle of water. We recommend one of the best travel hacks: bring a reusable water bottle with you.

Nearly every airport in the world has at least one or two spots inside where you can fill up your water bottle and sip on it while you wait for the flight. As for when boarding the plane, you can empty it and it is approved under the check-in process. Keep it safe as once you land you will also then need some water to keep you going. Once at your destination airport, fill up this bottle.

Having a portable charger

Bringing with you a portable charger is one of the best travel hacks. We live in the age of technology where everyone at least owns a smartphone. Still, these phones do not have long battery timing and believe us when we say that you will have a hard time finding an outlet for your phone charger.

As for on an airplane this situation is much worse because there are only 2 or 3 of these outlets available for a whole row of seats.

No need to pack too much luggage

If you are travelling for the sake of a short visit or a business trip, keep in mind the travel hack to pack lightly. Two or three dresses plus 2 pair of shoes is going to work well for you.

Get a few hours prior to your flight at the airport

This is more of a precaution than a travel hack. Any air traveler must reach the airport a few hours prior to their flight. This will give you ample time to sort the things you need like your passport, finding the check-in gate and going through the check-in, which usually takes a lot of time.

Having reached the airport a little earlier than your flight is going to make these things go smoother and will save you from the stress which is best for you.

Travelling in the morning

This is surely the most helpful of all the travel hacks especially if you are on a sudden travel plan. Be sure to take the flight in the morning instead o being in the afternoon or in the evening. The reason as per many travel experts is that in the evening, the delays throughout the day start to bulk up and there is a good chance that you will have a delayed flight.

Bring some means of entertainment onboard

One flight attendant said that you need to bring with you the right means of entrainment as well as the charging items. The reason is that most airplanes do not facilitate the Wi-Fi service. So, be sure to download something on your smartphone or iPad to watch during the flight.

Asking for a spare cup when ice is served

This is the hygienic travel hack for you. When the ice is being served over the airplane, be sure to ask the flight attendant for a spare cup. The reason for this is that the ice scooper is not very clean. So you can always take the ice and clean it with some water and then put it in the other glass before using it.

Abstain from drinking hot tea or coffee in-flight

One flight attendant revealed that most people on flight tend to order a hot cup of black coffee or tea but these are all wrong beverage choices alongside other caffeinated drinks. The reason is that they are powerful brain stimulant and having them on flight thousands of feet above ground can cause a person to start hyperventilating. Also, refrain from drinking the water on the plane especially if its tap water. The water on the plane is riddled with bacteria.  If you need to drink water, ask for a bottle of mineral water.

Prepare for emergencies

This is also a precaution instead of being a travel hack.  Unlike other modes of transportation, having problems during air travel can be quite a high inconvenience. E sure to keep things like delayed flights or emergencies in mind before making air travel plans.

Always make a backup plan in case your flight is met with any emergency.

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