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Ridiculous things asked by passengers after pushing the Call Button

Sometimes people can be really worse in their behaviors and especially those who travel by air. Don’t believe us then you can hear some of the Ridiculous things asked by passengers asked after pushing the Call Button from a flight attendant.

Some for the things that have happened to the flight attendants over the years is really shocking as to what people really expect when they say or ask for such things on the plane. A former flight attendant by the name Shawn Kathleen revealed some of the ridiculous things asked by passengers asked after pushing the Call Button.

She says, “sometimes it is really difficult to believe what you have really heard them asking from you.” These passengers are actually on the borderline of abusing the call button feature of their flight.

Well enough said, let’s get on with some crazy stories about the ridiculous things asked by passengers asked after pushing the Call Button.

Can I borrow your headphones?

The flight attendant says that the question about asking me to borrow their headphones is the one she gets asked a lot. Most passengers onboard ask the flight attendants for borrowing their Earbuds or their earphones. But what these passengers do not know is that this is not a nice thing to ask or matter of fact, not a thing at all.

Are we moving yet?

Kathleen says, “When I was asked this question I thought to myself that nobody ever heard of this question before than me. We were about 2 hours into the flight when some female passenger called me by pushing call button. I went there and asked how can I help her.  She asked, ‘Are we moving?’ I really did not have an answer to this question because no such question has been asked from me before.”

She further says, “I was flabbergasted at what she asked and had no better comeback than saying, ‘Ma’am we have been in the air for about 2 hours now.”

She then says that she went on and placed this question online in a post and many flight attendants replied saying that they too have been asked this question many times over the years.

Do you guys have bone broth?

Kathleen says that questions that the flight attendants hear most are often about beverages and foods on the plane and apparently these questions are a huge thing.

She says, “One person could be like, I’ll have the black coffee and when you hand it over to them, they say where are the sugar and cream?”

Sometimes, someone will ask her to serve them a Venti Flat with pumps of the white mocha at 180 degrees as if they were ordering in a Starbucks.

Can I have some of your food?

Kathleen says that the other type of food questions that most flight attendants have been asked a few many times in their career is a passenger asking them if they can have their food. They are actually asking for the food that the flight attendants brought for herself on the flight as they are allowed a little food cooler.

She reveals a further shocking fact that she had a few colleagues who were out of sight form their food cooler and when they came back someone had nabbed their sandwich.

Can you ask the captain to check the score of the game?

Kathleen says that sometimes the question might be asked from a flight attendant but it is really for the captain of the plane like when someone asks to say to the captain to Check the Score Of A Game.

And this is not asking for the score of a Super Bowl game but any ordinary game.

One other question that these types of passengers ask the flight attendants is, “Can you ask the captain to hold off the next plane for me?” or they directly ask the flight attendant to do such thing.

Kathleen says, “We do not have phones on board and that is not a thing.”

It’s just pee

Kathleen posted a story about another flight attendant who was called by a female passenger, apparently a mother, who handed that flight attendant a dirty diaper saying that ‘it’s just pee.”

Well, that is not very nice on the part of such parents because this shows that they changed the diaper in the seat instead of the lavatory. The seat is in a closed cabin where everyone is using the circulated air and now the smell and germs of that dirty diaper are also mixed in that air where people have to eat, sit and sleep.

Do you have Q-tips?

Kathleen says that if you ask for things like dental floss, Q-tips or other such grooming items from a flight attendant they cannot help you out.

A toothbrush is another thing in this regard but it only happens when you have the amnesty kit added I your ticket of International flight. Such is not the case for a domestic flight; no such personal grooming things are available on such flights.

Flight attendants want the passengers to be happy

In the end, Kathleen wants to let all people know that flight attendants do want all the passengers onboard to be happy. While there might be some ridiculous things asked by passengers asked after pushing the Call Button, but this does not mean they are frustrated by your questions.

She says, “The number one part of a flight attendant’s job is that they want you to feel comfortable in the cabin. They do not want a cabin full of uncomfortable and unhappy passengers. They are happy to provide the passengers with what they need to be comfortable and happy.”

Still, as a reminder, she says, “Call button is another thing, it should be pressed only for the basic necessities that a person might need on a flight. If it is for throwing trash, you must wait for a few minutes as someone will come to collect it.”

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