Best & Fun Things To Do In Toronto, Canada

Best & Fun Things To Do In Toronto, Canada

In entire North America, the largest city of Canada named Toronto has become one of the hottest tourist destinations.

No matter the time of the year a person visits this great city, they can expect to see some of the really cool and amazing things in Canada, Toronto.

In order to help you make a defined and comfortable trip, we have listed all the best & fun things to do in Canada, Toronto down below.

Royal Ontario Museum


Among the many best & fun things to do in Canada, Toronto, one needs to visit the Royal Ontario Museum first hand.

This is amongst the very best of the tourist attractions of Toronto, Canada where the aspects of science, arts, and history come together under one roof.

The 3 dozen galleries of this museum has a collection of more than million items which makes it easier for understanding how this is one of the widely visited places in the city.

Coming to the museum, one can not only see the historic tings but also things from pre-historic era.

These pre-historic items allow for one to take a glimpse into the past to see what the life was at that time when there were no humans.

Then there are the exhibits like “In The Age of Rembrandt” and the “Fayum Mummy Portraits”.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada


When one thinks of Canada all they can imagine is snow all around but that is not really true because there are in fact things like Ripley’s Aquarium there. This is one of the many best & fun things to do in Toronto, Canada that you would not want to miss out on; especially if you are coming with kids.

The aquarium was opened for public back in 2013 and offers hundreds of different aquatic species inside its vicinity for one to marvel at.

There are also special events held here like their Friday Night Jazz or the events where one can actually swim in the aquarium.

CN Tower


Thinking about Toronto, Canada, one naturally thinks of their CN Tower which has become sort of a monument of the Canada as well as of North America.

This architectural gem gets better when one steps inside it and make it all the way to its top. Arriving at the height of 1800 feet, one can get a rush of adrenaline as they gaze upon the city down below their feet. The tower has been opened for public tours since 1976.

Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls has two views for it; one is from the US side while the other one is from Canada’s side. Despite viewing it from US side, the view from this side is going to be a memorable one too.

Standing at the falls and experiencing the sights, sounds and feelings of this place can have a lasting impact on a person.

Out of the 3 falls that fall into the Niagara River, the biggest of these falls named Horseshoe Falls is in territory of Canada. Boat tours let one experience these falls from close up.

Toronto Botanical Garden


Another great place for visiting while in Toronto, Canada is the Toronto Botanical garden and one does not need to be a botanist or florist to appreciate the place’s beauty. This must inarguably be placed on list of best & fun things to do in Toronto, Canada.

Coming to this place one can see how well cared and well preserved this place is as it offers an emphasis on preservation of environment.

The place has been opened for public for the last 60 years and contains 17 gardens with each having its own theme and diverse population of plants.

For kids, this place can also be a fun place to be at as they offer a teaching garden. One can simply ignore the tensions of the life as they stroll around these majestic gardens. The best part is that there are no admission fees for any of the gardens here.

Casa Loma


Castles are undoubtedly among the best places to visit despite being in any country of the world and for Toronto, Canada; their prized castle is Casa Loma.

The castle with its Gothic Revival styled architecture remains one of the best places to be at in Toronto, Canada. The place was first used as a residence back in 1914 but was converted into a museum back in 1937. Nowadays it offers many great things to visit inside like its lush gardens and gorgeous stables.

This entire complex is worth a visit and one might feel as if travelling through the past.

The Second City Toronto


For those who love Comedy, they need to add Second City on their list of best & fun things to do in Toronto, Canada. This place is a must-visit for any comedy aficionado. Famed comedians such as Gilda Radner and Mike Myers rose all the way to stardom from this very platform. The places host many shows among which the “Take Me Out To improve” is the one that leaves audience laughing while holding back tears.

The place adjacent to it has a restaurant called Wayne Gretzky’s that offers the best meal after a hearty laugh time.

Centre Island


While one might not think of Toronto having any islands in its surroundings, it actually has 14 of them which are surrounded by the Lake Ontario. They are all worth seeing but the one that stands out the most is the Center Island which offers fun activities at every corner of it.

One can come with family to have a beach day or enjoy a picnic or they can take their family for a healthy walk through the Franklin’s Children’s Garden. The island also has the Centerville Amusement Park which kids will love going to. The park’s rides are suitable for preschooler and are mild.

Bata Shoe Museum


For the avid shoppers, they need to add visit of the Yorkville on list of best & fun things to do in Toronto, Canada. And in Yorkville, one definitely needs to visit the Bata Show Museum. This place offers history to things that one wears most throughout their day on their feet.

This museum for shoes shows quite a lot of shoes and the cultures they came from including Asian and Native American cultures. These shoes show how these people chose their shoes in relation with their terrain and weather conditions of their era.

Hockey Hall of Fame


Hockey lovers might already be aware of the place known as the Hockey Hall of Fame which houses the grand trophy of this sport; the Stanley Cup.

The place has inducted many great names since it was founded back in 1943 like Wayne Gretzky, Igor Larionov and Gordie Howe. The place also offers one to view many of the valuable hokey memorabilia as well as see a film at the place’s TSN Theater.

This place is not only packed wit out of town visitors but also from the locals as Canadians love Ice Hockey.

High Park


The high point of one’s trip to Toronto, Canada can be the visit of the High Park which is the biggest park in Downtown Toronto. This place as become one of the best places for visitors to be at with its natural splendor and lots of activities available to do.

There are playgrounds for kids as well as a High Park Zoo where open can bring their family for a wholesome fun day.

If you are looking to spend a day with fresh air then you must add High Park visit on your list of best & fun things to do in Toronto, Canada.

Old Chinatown


You might be surprised to know this but there are actually more than one Chinatowns in Toronto, Canada. And the one we recommend going to is the Old Chinatown located in the downtown area of the city.

This place is great for a visit if one wishes to see how inside big city different cultures come together in harmony and yet maintain their individuality.

The place is enormous in size with its residents coming from countries like China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and China.

The Lockhart


Coming to The Lockhart you will think that you have come into the world of Hogwarts and without a need to ram trough nay train station walls.

The place offers things like Better Beer; a stapes of the wizarding world. This place is a must-visit one for the diehard fans of Harry Potter.

Elmwood Spa


For unwinding on your trip to Toronto, Canada, one must book for a reservation at the Elmwood Spa which is a great retreat to enjoy peace and calm.

One can have a comforting break here from their constant daily life activities to unwind those stretched out nerves.

The place offers many great options like pedicures, manicures, facials and massages.

Taxidermy Classes


If you are truly into experiencing something unique then we recommend visiting the Casual Taxidermy Classes held by Teta Kika in Toronto, Canada. This pace uses rats as their taxidermy subjects. At the end of the finished product one can also dress these taxidermy rats in funny costumes.

We advise you to not do this after eating a big meal; especially if you have a weak stomach.

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