Best & Fun Things To Do In Charleston, South Carolina

The biggest as well as the most historic city of South Carolina State is Charleston. This place also happens to be one of the top-visited tourist cities in the entire continent of South America.

Charleston, South Carolina became a tourist attraction due to its combination of the hustle and bustle of a large city with its southern hospitality culture from its surrounding areas.

If you have made the plans to visit Charleston, South Carolina, we give to you a list for all the best & fun things to do in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Battery

Among the first best & fun things to do in Charleston, South Carolina, one needs to check out the place called “The Battery”. The name of this place does not mean that it has any association with electronics instead its history dates back to Civil War of America.

This is amongst the Charleston, South Carolina’s few tourist attractions fit for wholesome family fun.

The place was once used for the posting area for an artillery battery of Civil War and since then has historic importance.

The area of The Battery called White Point Garden offers homage to the military heroes of that era.

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

If you are hoping to visit something with lots of greenery and beautiful flowers in Charleston, South Carolina, we recommend paying a visit to the Magnolia Plantation & gardens in the city.

This institution was founded way back in 1676 and offers some of the best natural scenery of plant life in Charleston, South Carolina.

The gardens have allowed this place to become a widely visited tourist attraction. The place is managed by a single family for over 300 years. The flowers that stand out more than others here are the Daffodils.

The standard admission fee of this place is 20 dollars for adults while for children it is 10 dollars.

King Street

Coming to Charleston, South Carolina, we recommend adding the tour of the King Street on your list of best & fun things to do in Charleston, South Carolina.

The part of the city is its most beloved one where one gets to experience all sorts of entertainment. The place with its century old history is amongst the very best places to visit in Charleston, South Carolina.

If you happen to have here you will get to learn about the importance of King Street in association with the Civil War. The place has been through some rough times but because of it is stronger than ever.

Charleston Farmers Market

Among the many great activities to do on any city’s trip is to visit that city’s farmer’s market and in the south; Charleston Farmers market is amongst the very top ones.

The Farmers market is located at the Marion Square in Downtown Charleston where one can buy some of the scrumptious produces of the city.

In addition to buying these produces, one can also enjoy themselves seeing variety of flowers on sale or watch live performances of street artists.

The place is full of hustle and bustle especially on Saturday morning when it feels as if a city is inside a city.

Waterfront Park

Another great place for visiting to be added on list for best & fun things to do in Charleston, South Carolina is the Waterfront Park.

You can come here filled with energy or with a somber mood but when you are here you will be satisfied by its serenity.

This park allows for Charleston to become one of the best places to visit in USA.

This park offers a clear view of the Charleston Harbor as one sits at the park to view the passing boat in the ocean just across it.

The park’s most visited spot is its Pineapple Fountain whereas there is a pier where one can feed the pelicans.

The park is open for visitors from 6 AM till 9 PM each day of the week.

Sullivan’s Island

Among the many natural tourist attractions to visit in Charleston, South Carolina, one is the Sullivan’s Island.  This place is great to visit on the weekends and one must come here with their family to enjoy it fully.

The place offers natural scenery on its 3 square miles area and is known as one of the most visited places in the south.

One of the South’s renowned lighthouses the Sullivan Island’s Lighthouse is present here. If you are interested in some sandy and watery fun then go by the beach to splash in the waves or make sand castles with your kids.

South Carolina Aquarium

Another great place to add on list for best & fun things to do in Charleston, South Carolina is the visit of the South Carolina Aquarium.  This marine life aquarium is located in the center of the city and offers many great attractions that will leave your kids jumping with joy. This can also be a great place to visit in order for your kids to learn about the marine life including fishes and other species.

One can see numerous marine species and the staff of the place is absolutely delightful in handling the visitors at aquarium and to make their journey as comfortable as they can.

The aquarium also has many species of sharks inside its vicinity. The aquarium hosts exhibits such as the ‘The Shallows’ and the “Zucker Family Sea Turtle Recovery” that offer one awareness about the preservation of sea life.

Admission fees for adults are 30 dollars while for children admission fees are 23 dollars.

Charleston Tea Plantation

Charleston tea Plantation located in the Wadmalaw Island is the city’s only tea plantation and is one of the best places for tourists to visit in Charleston, South Carolina.,

Despite your favorite beverage being coffee, you still have to add this place on your list of best & fun things to do in Charleston, South Carolina.

The place is a sight to behold as it located a little farther away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This place was not always a tea plantation; instead, it used to be a potato farm.

Each week, the place hosts Bill Hall Executive Tour for the visitor but they can be pretty expensive.

Charleston Music Hall

One of the places for tourist to experience the cultural engagement in Charleston, South Carolina is to visit the Charleston Music Hall. This is a historic yet beautiful place which offers several concerts throughout the year.

The place has a wide history and has gone through a lot.  It was first built under the name Tower Depot to function as the state railroad and then converted into as office and retail space before closing during the Great Depression era.

After getting reopened as the music hall, it allowed for great artists like Ray Charles, David Byrne, and David Crosby to perform here.

Middleton Place

Middleton place is another widely visited spot in Charleston, South Carolina but this place has a trough history to it. Back in the Civil War days, this entire place was scorched down to earth and then following that destruction caused by Great Earthquake ravaged it more.

But since then, this place has been revived and is now offers inside its ground the Southern Flanker’s House Museum. This museum is to teach the visitors about the people who sued to live here in past including the slaves that worked here.

The place is open for visits every day of the week from 9 AM till 5 PM. Adult admission fees are 29 dollars while for students, fees are 15 dollars.

Magnolia Cemetery

This place might be a little spooky but is worth a visit whenever in Charleston, South Carolina. The place is city Magnolia Cemetery which offers the homage to many like us who used to live a century ago.

This place is designed in an appropriate manner to have sufficient space to illustrate the beauty that lies in death.

The cemetery which lies near the Cooper River was first built back in 1850. Despite being a somber place, the artistic décor of the place makes it come to life.

Calhoun Mansion

Coming to Charleston, South Carolina and seeing places such as the Calhoun Mansion is one of the coolest aspects of the visit in Charleston.

As for Calhoun Mansion, it happens to be one of the biggest and personal residences in the entire city of Charleston, South Carolina.

It houses inside 35 rooms and was first built back in 1876 by an influential man named George Walton Williams.

The place suffered decay due to negligence is care but after a multi-million dollar restoration program, it has been brought back to life.

John’s Island

John’s Island might feel a bit rustic in nature but it is still amongst the best places to visit whenever in Charleston, South Carolina.

It is the biggest island in South Carolina and along the east coast the fifth biggest. Visiting the John’s Island can feel as if you are having a vacation getaway inside the vacation getaway.

The one place to see here especially is the Angel oak which is a centuries-old tree that has withstood the damage of all kinds of natural disasters.

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