Best & Fun Things To Do In Denver, Colorado

Best & Fun Things To Do In Denver, Colorado

Denver is the renowned city of the Colorado state and offers its visitors with many unique attractions.

The city with its wide range of tourist attractions makes it difficult for one to plan for the few particular ones.

This is when we come as we have compiled a list of all the best & fun things to do in Denver, Colorado.

Denver Botanic Gardens


The first thing to add on list for best & fun things to do in Denver, Colorado is something a little relaxing. This is the visit to the Denver Botanic gardens which offers natural scenery and long relaxing trials perfect for peaceful walks.

This stunning oasis of a land covers about 24 acres and is covered with gorgeous sights like sculptures, different gardens and pools.

Among the coolest sculptures here, one can check the one name Colorado which is a spike red yellow colored piece created an artist named Dale Chihuly and then there is the stripped bare Horse sculpture made by Deborah Butterfield.

As for the various gardens inside this place, there are special ones like the xeriscaped drought-resistant one, a Japanese garden and the Mordecai Children’s garden

Do not forget to check the Monet Pool which houses opulent lilies in its clear waters.

Clyfford Still Museum


Located right next to the Denver Art Museum is the Clyfford Still museum which is worth a visit whenever you are in the state of Colorado.

This place houses inside a total of 3200 unique art pieces that have been created by the renowned abstract expressionist named Clyfford Still.

The place was open for visitors in 2011 and offers many art pieces of the artist that range from his early 1920s sketches to his Masterclass pieces made in the 1950s.

This museum unlike the usual ones which are packed with visitors offers a silent and unique experience for one to absorb in the art peacefully.

Mount Evans Scenic Byway


Coming to Denver, Colorado, we recommend adding the tour of the Mount Evans Scenic Byway on your list of all the best & fun things to do in Denver, Colorado. This Byway is located on the Colorado Highway no. 5.

The place is perfect for those who do not want to go through hardship of a hiking trail to absorb in the natural beauty of the Rockies.

To make this trip easier, one can pay the car entrance admission fee and then drive from the Echo Lake Highway 103 all the way to reach the top of Summit lake road.

This road remains open most times of the year and is one of the beautiful places to visit in Denver, Colorado.

This happens to be one of the tallest well paved roads in the entire USA and the peak of the Mount Evans is at about 14246 feet above the sea level.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre


For those looking to enjoy some musical entertainment in Denver, Colorado, we offer the place called Red Rocks Amphitheater. This place is renowned due to being a natural amphitheater in the Colorado State which is covered with red colored sandstone rocks encircling it.

If you visit Denver, Colorado in spring and winter season, your chances of seeing a concert here are really high. The place also hosts film screenings as well.

Coors Field


For the baseball fans, they must add the visit of Coors Field on list for best & fun things to do in Denver, Colorado.

Coors Field has been named after the city’s well-known beer and is the home for the Major league Baseball (MLB) team Colorado Rockies.

The stadium covers a whopping 76 acres and offers seating for about 50000 spectators.

During the off-season, the place holds other activities such as concerts, otherwise it offers one to swing at the batting cages or practice at the speed pitches.

Empower Field at Mile High


Empower Field is the place which is located within the Mile High Stadium of the city. this place has been known for hosting many great events of Super Bowl including many wins as well as the records set by the local team; Denver Broncos.

The staid with its seating capacity for 76000 people is always packed over the weekend or pretty much any other day when a game is held here.

Forney Museum of Transportation


One of the quirkiest, best and fun things to do in Denver, Colorado is to visit the Forney Museum of Transportation. The collection of this museum started with the founder of the Forney Industries named JD Forney.

He was gifted an antique car by his family back in 1961 and from thereon started a journey of collection of one of a kind and weird automobiles. If anything that had wheels, it was considered as a vehicle.

Now this bizarre vehicle collection amounts to 600 and is continuously being increased to this date.

Among the noteworthy pieces at this museum includes Big Boy; the car used by Amelia Earhart and the Love Bug; a banged out Herbie car.

Larimer Square


Larimer Square in Denver, Colorado is considered as not only one of the beautiful places in the city but also in entire USA. This place is full of sounds, sights and obviously amazing stores. The place is located in downtown and is a big part of city’s history which once was tattered in the past but now has been refurbished back to full swing.

This is actually a street which only spans for one city block and contains on it lots of clubs, boutiques, restaurants, bars and many other shops.

Adams Mystery Playhouse


If you are in for some thrilling adventure on your trip, add Adam’s Mystery Playhouse on your list of best & fun things to do in Denver, Colorado.

This place is the mystery dinner theater that offers not only a tasty buffet meal but also offers one delightful comedy fro, the theater’s great actors.

Then as the show goes on, something surprising happens. One has to actually help look for the clues while eating the snacks and watch the performance progress and enjoy as the whole case unravels. The team that solves the case first gets to win souvenirs of the place.

Denver Zoo


Coming to Denver, Colorado with your kids and looking for a wholesome family fun place? Then look no further as there is Denver Zoo here. The zoo was first open for visits back in 1890s and since then it only has improved a lot.

It has been designed after a preserve in Kenya and is amongst Colorado’s widely visited places housing inside 4000 animals. The whole zoo encompasses about 8 acres that spans across the City Park where one can view animal species of reptiles, mammals, birds, invertebrates, aquatic life and many others.

Special events of the zoo are to host Lego replicas of the animals which are littered in a large compound along with photo safaris, and showing animatronics dinosaurs.

Cheesman Park


Located in the central Denver area, Cheesman Park is the place which is known for being a haunted place.  The place happens to have notoriety for being the most haunted place of Colorado as well as of entire USA.

The park featuring its large landscapes spans for about 80 acres looking a serene place but don’t be fooled by this scenery.

This place was once a cemetery of 320 acres of land which was known by the name Mount Prospect. One place of this cemetery was for the burial of rich folks while the other one was for people on the other side of the spectrum including beggars and criminals.

The cemetery was then deteriorated and the city took control of it to finally dispose off nearly 5000 of the unclaimed bodies by hacking them in small pieces.

City Park


Denver, Colorado is the home for many great parks and one of them is City Park which is well-known for its serene beauty.

The park is located on the lower downtown area of Denver city and spans for about 330 acres which houses inside the Denver Museum of nature and Science as well as the Denver Zoo.

One can see the beauty of the city as it is covered by the Rockies and the Spanish-styled pavilions.

Washington Park


Last but not in the least of the best & fun things to do in Denver, Colorado is the visit of the Washington Park.

The place is well known for its lush forests and green landscapes that makes its one of the places blessed with natural beauty.

The place is located well outside the influence of the city’s busy and nosy life to offer the soul soothing experience.

For added fun here, one can rent the paddleboat or a bicycle to explore the inside or outside of the Smith Lake.

The 2nd lake of this park is called Grasmere Lake which has a big playground and is a great place for families to come along with their kids.

For all the nature lovers, the Washington Park has a special treat and it is called Mount Vernon garden that is the green haven that embraces anyone tired of city life.

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