Best & Fun Things To Do In California

Best & Fun Things To Do In California

Among the many great tourist destinations in US, California is amongst the best ones.

The place might be rewound for its resorts as well as the sightings of celebrities; there are still many other great things that this great state offers to tourists.

Like, did you know that this place is home for many of the country’s historic landmarks?

California also offers a wide range of stunning geography which is filled with volcanoes, rivers, forests, deserts and wetlands.

If you are intrigued by this intro and are planning for a trip to California, we recommend going through our list of all the best & fun things to do in California.

Hollywood Sign


The first of the many things on list of best & fun things to do in California is the trip of the famed Hollywood Sign.

The sign is located on Hopwood Hills’ cliffs and is the iconic sign of the cinematic history. People from all over the globe come here to snap memorable photos.

For the outdoorsy tourists, they can take the hiking trail from the forest that can result in a great vantage point of this attraction. As for the ones who do not like such efforts they can take the air conditioned elevator ride in the observation tower located right near these cliffs.

Big Sur


Do add the trip of Big Sur on your list of all the best & fun things to do in California as this is one of the breathtaking tourist attractions. The place is located in a perfect geography with one side overlooking the ocean and the other covered with high mountains. This scenic view of Big Sur will make all the other tourist attractions pale in comparison.

Once at Big Sur, one can view all the among things like crags, canyons, waterfalls, bridges, and lighthouses there.

The entire route is 90 miles long but to make it much longer, one can decide to view places like the parks, campgrounds, forests located nearby it.

For outdoorsy folks, they can enjoy many activities such as taking a swim at the Pfeiffer Beach, searching for the nephrite jade at the Jade Cove or taking a long hike on the Pine Ridge Trail.

Venice Beach Boardwalk


Venice Beach Boardwalk is renowned to be one of the colorful and vibrant attractions in California where there is always a crowd and is filled with energy.

There are all sorts of street performers like jugglers, face painters, street musicians and fortune tellers. If you are not careful in your time spent here, you might spend a lot of money here.

There are also lots of food trucks pls local vendors that offer great food while one looks at tricks of skateboarders and body builders flexing their muscles. Once a person reaches here they will realize why the place is visited by millions of tourists each year.

Death Valley National Park


The name Death Valley Natiaonl Park might sound a little ominous but this place is actually home for many great landmarks.

But still, this place is a little bit dangerous on top of being hot and dry which is why it has this name. Many people that came here lost their lives while travelling through its snake infested sandy dunes and rocky canyons back in the 1800s.

Still, this place offers a unique rugged beauty which is clear in places like the Badwater basin with its salt flats. The place being at 280 feet below the sea level is the continent’s lowest point.

Then there is the Furnace Creek which is known for having the planet’s highest air temperature.



Coming to California, we advise you to add the trip of Disneyland on the list for best & fun things to do in California.

Not only the kids will have fun but parents will enjoy themselves as the park offers not only rides, games, events and activities appropriate for kids but also can help one’s trip be comfortable with great cuisines and luxurious accommodations.

There are uncountable places of interest right inside the Disneyland like haunted houses, jungle cruises and parades.

When you are done with all the rides and activities, explore Disneyland’s various cafes, restaurants, shops, hotels and emporiums.

Malibu Surfrider Beach


Malibu, California was once renowned for its residents but nowadays this place is gaining popularity for being a top surfer spot.

People from all over the country and world come here to enjoy surfing in the ocean’s crystal like waters and its moderate temperatures. As for the surfing shops, they are popping left and right along the coastline.

Even if you are a beginner surfer, you will have fun here. The place is filled with surfers of all ages and levels who can be seen practicing their alley-oops. There are also local instructors here to teach one how to rent a surf board, and master a move.

Nowadays, you don’t need to be a Hollywood celebrity to enjoy a fun time at the Malibu Surfer Beach.

Winchester Mystery House


Winchester mystery house is the place that was built by a really eccentric female about 30 years ago. This place defies explanation due to being the architectural oddity.

This massive Victorian styled mansion has literally hundreds of windows, rooms, corridors, closets and staircases but none of its follows a real design. These staircases do not lead to any place while the doors are placed unevenly and are of odd shapes.

As for the hallways, they feel like pathways of labyrinths that can leave one puzzled. Many believe that the home was built by a rich widow Sarah Winchester who built it after her husband’s death. As for others, they say she build this house to confuse the many ghosts of the folks that were killed by the Winchester rifles, which were invented by her husband.

There are rumors that this house remains haunted even today. So if you plan on having a mystery trip, do add the trip of this place on your list of best & fun things to do in California.

Alcatraz Island


Chances of a person hearing about Alcatraz are high; the penitentiary which was used to hold in gangsters, mobsters and all other evil doers.

Nowadays, one can actually have the trip of the place to tour its closed cell blocks and is becoming one of the widely visited tourist spots in California.

The trip starts with a ferry ride which takes the person from San Francisco mainland to the Alcatraz Island.

Once at the shore, person gets to roam it freely and check all of its great tourist attractions. Still, the biggest draw of the place is its prison but there are places like old military fortresses and lighthouses that one can explore.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

While majority of parks and beaches in California are closed off during the Off-season time, there is still one place that remains open throughout the year and is filled with natural scenery. This place is the Lassen Volcanic National park.

As the name of this place suggests, this is on a volcanic land which is dormant. One can take hikes to its places like hot water geysers, bubbling pits of mud and see black lava rocks.

During the winter, many parts of this park are covered with snow while in spring; there are flowers in full bloom. Come in winter to do alpine skiing or during spring for enjoying backpacking.



To enjoy the fun of two places in one trip is to visit the Solvang in California and must be on the list of best & fun things to do in California.

Solvang offers one to enjoy the European culture in California with the place being like a small European village resting n the small valley of California.

The streets of Solvang are filled with wineries, bakeries, Chocolatier shops and shops of shoe cobblers. Their buildings are of red bricks and have sloped ceiling that offer a look into the Danish Architecture.

The main square of the village adorns an old-styled windmill that runs slowly.

Lake Tahoe


Among many of the great attractions to visit in California, one must add the visit of the Lake Tahoe on their list for best & fun things to do in California.

This place nestled between mountains and having blue colored water feels like a piece of heaven.

The place is a great tourist attraction for those who are visiting California with their families or a group of close friends.

There are also dozen of ski resorts on these mountains during the winter season. Whether you are into snowboarding, skiing, snowmobile riding or snowshoeing, you will find all of them here.

As for the summer season, one can enjoy activities such as biking, camping and hiking. Then there are also the cool waters of lake making it best for summer swimming or do other stuffs like kayaking, scuba diving, sailing and fishing.

Glass Beach


Glass Beach is amongst California’s top tourist attractions and the reason for its fame is that it was built upon something really disgusting we call Pollution.

Glass Beach, many years ago, was known as a garbage dumping ground.

This garbage was then taken in the ocean where it eroded over time resulting in being polished and smooth to now known as Sea Glass.

Sea Glass seems like a natural stone but it offers a shiny rainbow light. Seeing this Glass Beach one does not believe how nature can turn something ugly and destructive into something beautiful.

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