Best & Fun Things To Do In Kauai, Hawaii

Best & Fun Things To Do In Kauai, Hawaii

If you are looking to experience a vacation that feels as if you are in heaven then we recommend the vacation to Hawaii.

There are many islands of Hawaii one can choose from and they say among its many islands, Kauai is certainly amongst the very best.

Activities done on the vacation to Kauai, Hawaii can very well leave a lasting impression on you along with lots of appreciation for natural beauty.

Today we have managed to make a list of all the best & fun things to do in Kauai, Hawaii.

Koke’s State Park


Arriving in Kauai, Hawaii, we recommend adding the visit to Koke’s State Park to your list of best & fun things to do in Kauai, Hawaii. This place is located in the Island’s northwest region and offers lots of natural wonders.

Not only are the sights of this region great they can also make one feels moved for the natural beauty.

One can choose from lots of different hiking trails on this Park with each one giving its own distinctive view of the region.

The visit of Koke’s State park is best for those who are in love with nature and tress. There are Acacia Koa trees as well as the chance to see the aerial view of the Na Pali Coast.

We want to warn you to bring your umbrella or raincoat because the rains here are quite heavy and occur almost any time of the day.

Queen’s Bath


Next up on the list of best & fun things to do in Kauai, Hawaii, we recommend adding the visit to the Queen’s Bath. You might have heard of word Sinkhole but not in relation to something good. However, the Queen’s bath is a place where the word sinkhole is something positive. Reaching to this place can be a little hard for someone but arriving here will make the struggle worth it.

This is a sinkhole/tide pool located in the region Princeville and is named for the Kalapana’s newly defunct region.

While one needs to walk on foot to arrive at Queen’s Bath but the walk is only 10 minutes long. Arriving here one gets to feast their eyes with a view of gorgeous water mass with unique fishes that offer a unique peace of mind.

Again be warned of this region’s rough waves because there have been cases where some visitors have either drowned or died due to these waves.

Kalalau Trail


Among the many best & fun things to do in Kauai, Hawaii, going on hiking trails is definitely the most fun one and the place for this is Kalalau Trail. This hiking trail goes along the line of Na Pali Coast and will be the best hiking trail you have ever been on.

While the trial’s beauty is immense, the danger is also high because of the terrain being difficult for novice navigators.

To send the trial and come back amounts to about 22 miles so do bring your camping supplies with you if you plan for this hiking trail and intend to finish it.

Some of the trails of this region; especially the one which reaches all the way to Hanaokoa Falls is a tough one. If one wishes to reach the Kalalau beach in this trial, they have to also pass through the Kalalau stream. Having to enjoy a massive waterfall while on Kalalau Trial makes the experience all the more worth it.

Allerton Garden


For nature lovers, they must plan for a visit to the Allerton Garden in Kauai, Hawaii.

This is the botanical garden spanning across about 80 acres of land on the southern shore of Kauai, Hawaii.

The garden was founded by the father and son named Robert Gregg Allerton and John Greg Allerton who bought this piece of land from Hawaii’s Queen Emma about 80 years ago.

Since the inception of this garden, it has been filled with all different kinds of amazing plants and trees such as palms, cassia, bamboos, and many others.

Traveling through here you might feel like you have seen this place before because this area has been used for the filming of great movies like Jurassic Park.

The garden is open for visits 7 days a week from 8 AM till 5 PM with different tours carried out throughout the day. One special tour is the Twilight tour.



Among the many great things that one can do for free in Kauai, Hawaii is going spelunking which is to explore the caves of the region.

The Island has around it many caves and they are free for exploration; so do not feel worried about the budget.

Caves on Kauai, Hawaii are divided into two classes; Dry Caves and Wet Caves.

Wet Caves are named because these caves feature the underground springs that contribute to natural pools. But do not try to swim inside these pools because they are to be admired only from afar. Some famous wet caves in Kauai, Hawaii include Waikapalae Wet Cave and the Waikanaloa Wet Caves.

As for the famed Dry Caves, one is named Maniniholo Dry Cave.

Wailua Falls


If you are someone who loves to watch Retro TV, chances are you are already familiar with the Wailua Falls. This is the place which is shown on the opening sequence of the series Fantasy Island. In addition to this pop-cultural fame, this place is also one of the top tourist spots in Kauai, Hawaii.

In order to admire the beauty of this 173 feet tall waterfall, one needs to navigate through the area leading to it with great care.

After arriving here, one can even go on swims under the falls. There are actually 2 tiers of this fall which increases its beauty.

Fern Grotto


For the ones who are planning trip to Kauai, Hawaii for a romantic one we recommend ding visit of Fern grotto to it. Better yet, whether it is a family or couple’s vacation, visiting the Kauai, Hawaii is one of the best & fun things to do in Kauai, Hawaii.

This place as the name sounds is a grotto which is filled with ferns. Although he place suffered some devastation in past, the current preservations and perseverance of the people has led to this part surviving till today.

The ideal mode of transportation to reach Fern grotto is via a boat ride and it is also the only way to reach here. Of course this is due to safety of visitors because the hurricanes in past has led to the area being unsafe for visitors to arrive here personally. One can only enjoy the beauty of the place from the deck of a boat.



Princeville is the area of Kauai, Hawaii which is fit for the royalty and is named after the Prince Albert Kamehameha who died at only age of 4. Nowadays Princeville honors the memory of the deceased prince in a marvelous manner.

If you arrive at Princeville, the recommendation is to stay at the Princeville Resort which offers all the amenities of living in luxury and style.

One can enjoy services like a spa or do activities like Golfing.

Larsen’s Beach


The tourist spots that led to Kauai, Hawaii having the reputation for being one of the US’s most beautiful places is due to places like Larsen’s Beach. For those who have thoughts like they have seen every kind of beach, there is, your perception will change after arriving at Larsen’s Beach.

This is a hidden gem of beaches and reaching here one can see as to why this place is renowned.

The white sands of this beach are a touch of heaven. Beware to arrive here without the family because this place has also been used as a nude beach so one can expect to see many free people here.

Wailua River State Park


A must-add on the list for best & fun things to do in Kauai, Hawaii is to add a visit to Wailua River Sate Park. This park can be explored via boat rides like on motorboats and kayaks.

The place also has on grounds the Wailua Complex of Heiaus which offers unique education. The main parts of this building include exhibits like Bellstone meant to announce births and Holoholoku Heiau meant for the birthing.

Ha’ena State Park

Check out another great park of Kauai, Hawaii which is named Ha’ena State Park which is located on the terminus of Kuhio highway. This is amongst Hawaii’s historically dense regions with many of its interesting places dating back to the ancient times.

Nowadays one can enjoy beach excursions at the Ha’ena State Park. The Ke’e Beach of this region is a superb one for doing snorkeling but beware of the rough waves.

There is also the Haena Beach; another great area for snorkeling. As for hikers, they can choose the 11-mile long Kalalau trail or the 2 miles long Hanakapia Falls trail.

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