Fun Things For Airline Crew To Do In Tallahassee (Florida)

If you are looking for a fun family resort, Tallahassee should be at the top of your list. Tallahassee is an ideal place for quick weekend visits or longer vacations. With so many interesting and affordable attractions, you can find something to do for every member of the family.

From historical museums to parks and everything in between, Tallahassee has so much to do that will make you have wonderful family memories that will last a lifetime. Tallahassee (Tallahassee) is located in the northern part of Florida and is the state capital. It was founded in 1824 and is home to Florida State University and Florida A&M University. It is also Florida’s center of entertainment, home to several art and food festivals each year, with concerts for top artists, major arts communities, and extensive city and state parks.

Many venues in Tallahassee are free to the public and are one of the most interesting events in Tallahassee. When deciding what to do in Tallahassee, remember that there are many options for almost every interest.

Tallahassee is a college town, but it also hosts several weekend events for families, adults, and couples. If you plan on spending a weekend vacation and watching a football game at Florida State University, consider what you want to do in Tallahassee.

For example, Tallahassee played a vital role in the civil rights movement. An idea for a weekend trip is to spend time visiting historic African American sites, where you can learn about big event of this period in American history. Another idea might be to crawl into a fun Tallahassee bar or visit a Florida state park or sidewalk while attending a football or basketball game.

1.   The Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park

Jackson Hill Lake National Archaeological Park, north of Tallahassee, is one of the most important archaeological sites in the state. The Lake Jackson Mound includes a public plaza, several houses, and four different earthmoving mounds.

The site represents the Florida Fort Walton culture, which existed between 1050 and 1500 AD. Two of the mounds are open to the public and there are some trails, including 19th century mills and plantations.

2.   St. Marks Lighthouse

The San Marcos Lighthouse is located in the San Marcos Nature Reserve. It is one of the oldest lighthouses in Florida. It survived the Civil War and the Second Seminole War in 1835.

The St. Marks Lighthouse is listed on the National Register of History and is a great place to explore for children and adults. Spend time collecting shells and surfing on the beach. The lighthouse keeper’s house is open to visitors and the number of visits to the tower is limited.

3.   Tom Brown Park

Tom Brown Park is one of the largest parks in Tallahassee, covering an area of ​​over 250 acres and can be used for various activities.

Enjoy the lighted night sports field, golf meadow, jogging and walking trails, dog breeding area, and fun playground for families with children. In addition, there are pavilions for large groups, picnic tables, and open grass for you to sit and watch the children run and play.

Tom Brown Park (Tom Brown Park) is open year-round and there are no entrance fees or usage fees.

4.   Challenger Learning Center

Trip Advisor provided this photo of the Tallahassee Challenger Learning Center.

The Challenger Learning Center / IMAX Theater and Planetarium is located in downtown Tallahassee and is one of the most educational activities for families with children in Tallahassee. It has a five-story planetarium that shows the night sky and the planetary universe.

There is also a mission control simulator for visitors to explore and a space station laboratory. The Tallahassee IMAX and IMAX3D theaters screen various educational and scientific documentaries, and the space station simulator is open to the public every second Saturday of each month (registration required).

5.   Bradley’s Country Store

Since 1927, Bradley’s Country Store has been run by the same Florida family and is listed on the Register of Historic Places. Bradley’s Country Store is about ten miles from Tallahassee and is a great place to shop for romantic picnics or handmade food gifts.

Enjoy your stone mill waste, homemade hot dogs on site, locally made jams and baked goods. If you’re visiting the weekend before Thanksgiving, search for “Country Happy Day. It is a festive celebration to celebrate the local vendors who sell their handicrafts. In addition, there are entertainment activities such as vans, traffic jams, live music and more.

6.   Lichgate On High Road

One of the most unique things to do in Tallahassee is visiting Lichgate on the High Road, which is like entering a fairytale house and garden. It is near the main campus of Florida State University, which covers 3 acres with a small house in the middle.

Spend a dreamy, romantic afternoon in the lush gardens around the cottage, gazing at the dark clouds or having a picnic for two. Look for the walking meditation maze and Shakespeare’s garden on the south side of the cottage.

7.   Cascades Park

Cascades Park is a large urban park located in the bustling center of downtown Tallahassee. There is a family entertainment area with children. The park’s exciting features include an amphitheater, a Korean War Memorial, and multiple wildlife trails.

The waterfall fountain is one of the most pleasant places in Cascades Park. During the day, play in the water with the kids and dance in 73 randomly shot jets of water. At night, the fountain becomes a synchronized spectacle, with jets of water that play music and lights.

From the Civil War through the 1960s, the Smokey Hollow Memorial is dedicated to commemorating the African-American community in the area. This area is home to a thriving middle-class African-American community, which includes African-American shops, homes, and businesses.

Visit a bullet gun house, spirit house, and community heritage garden, including closely connected communities.

Cascades Park is home to the Southern Shakespeare Company, which performs regularly for visitors during the park’s annual Shakespeare Festival.

You can also find other performances, walking trails, and plenty of picnic spots and family entertainment at the capital amphitheater in the park. Cascades Park is located on 24 acres in downtown Tallahassee.

8.   Goodwood Museum & Gardens

The Goodwood Museum and Garden is a Florida plantation built in the 1830s. You can wander the 16 acres of land and admire the picturesque gardens with impressive oak trees and lush green lawns.Enjoy the fragrant and colorful blooms of azalea, camellia, peonies, and more.

As the seasons change, stroll among the glistening leaves of Japanese maples, oaks, and other beautiful trees.

The home is fully furnished with original furniture, artwork, glassware, and textiles. Come take a look around the room, like when your family holds a big dance, the kids play in the room, and the family gathers for dinner.

9.   Tallahassee-St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail

The Marks Historic Railroad State Route, Tallahassee, runs along the First Railroad from Tallahassee to St. Marks.

The railroad operated from 1836 to 1983, with a total length of 16 miles, paved bike and walking trails, and is also suitable for inline skaters. Children can stop and play in the Felburn Foundation’s endless playground. Casual restaurants and shops are at the end of the Saint-Marc trail.

10.         Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park

Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. This is the main botanical garden in the city, with more than 1,100 acres of landscaped gardens, including camellias, azaleas, dogwoods, cypresses, etc.

The park was built in 1823 and is part of the American Historic District (called the Killearn Plantation Archaeological and Historic District). Killearn Plantation has 18 outbuildings. Other activities include bird watching, canoeing, hiking and biking.

11.         Lake Ella And Fred Drake Park

Ella Lake & Fred Drake Park are located north of downtown Tallahassee. Lake Ella covers an area of ​​12 acres and the adjacent Fred Drake Park covers 6.5 acres, which form a beautiful public park.

With three fountains, walking trails, and picnic areas, visitors can spend a relaxing weekend on Saturday or Sunday, enjoying nature or a casual lunch. The paved walkway that surrounds the lake is great for biking, skating, or walking. Along the way, you can visit the old honeymoon cabins, which have been converted into shops and cafes for a snack or a picnic.

12.         Knott House Museum 

Knott House was built by George Proctor in 1834 and was an important residence during the Civil War.

During the Civil War of 1865, it was the headquarters of the Union Army, where Abraham Lincoln read the Proclamation of Liberation. For many years, the Knott house was home to several families until William Knott and his wife Luela became owners.

They donated the home to the historic Tallahassee Nature Conservation Bureau. After extensive renovations, it was opened to the public, returning the house to its 1928 splendor. Guided tours are offered from Wednesday to Saturday.

13.         Mission San Luis De Apalachee


Mission San Luis de Appalachian was established in 1633 as a Franciscan mission for the settlement of the Appalace province in Anhaica.

Located west of downtown Tallahassee, you can explore restored buildings including churches and monasteries, forts, and block forts.

In 1960, the mission became a national historic landmark. Today, visitors can explore the life of the mission hundreds of years ago.

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