Best & Fun Things To Do In Erie (PA)

Erie, Pennsylvania is one of the most beautiful places in the United States, but when your visit can help you discover why so many people declare it such a beautiful place, don’t believe us. Erie, Pennsylvania is the fourth largest city in the state. Although the name may lead you to believe, there is nothing creepy about this city. In fact, this is one of the best cities in Pennsylvania.

If you are a local, you will know that Erie has gotten amazing. If you visit Erie in the near future, you will reap real benefits. The area is full of incredible landscapes and attractions, great natural landscapes, and many incredible attractions that will save you time.

Located on Lake Erie, Erie is the ideal place to have a good time without the hustle and bustle sometimes found in big cities. Whether it’s a family looking for something interesting, a retired couple, a college student, or someone else, Erie, Pennsylvania can provide a lot of information, work, and experience. But where do you start when looking for things to do in Erie, Pennsylvania?

The best places for sightseeing and fun are listed below. You’ll discover the best attractions and things to do in Erie, Pennsylvania

1.   Presque Isle State Park

Visitors to Presque Isle State Park can choose from activities ranging from swimming on the beach to boating and bird watching. This state park is one of Erie’s most popular attractions and provides a great time for adults, children, and families.

This 3,200-acre park has some picturesque piers, beaches, trails, and scenery that people hope to enjoy during the day or at night. If you insist on your own activities, plan to spend at least half a day in the park or an entire day. Activities at Pennsylvania State Park include hiking, biking, skating, boating, fishing, swimming, volleyball, waterskiing, boating, and boating.

In winter, despite the cold weather, the park is still full of vitality, making visitors ready for adventure. Cross-country skiing along the park’s trails is always fun, and tourists often like to come to the park to skate or ice skate. Birdwatching is another favorite pastime for park visitors, as many birds migrate through Presque Isle. Get sunscreen and a camera for this adventure.

The address for Presque Isle State Park is 301 Peninsula Dr, Erie, PA 16505, USA.

2.   Erie Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Put on your most comfortable shoes and go on an animal adventure at the Erie Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Visitors will get up close to more than 400 animals from around the world, including wild boars, cheetahs and other animals. After getting excited, you can play at the zoo and play Erie for free in the adjacent botanical garden.

Although it is not as exciting for children as it is for adults, it is an incredibly beautiful garden filled with over 400 plants and many beautiful flowers from different regions. The zoo and botanical garden opened in 1982, and since then, the community has been pleased with the animal experience. Children and adults of all ages can enjoy a unique experience at the zoo.

The address for Erie Zoo & Botanical Gardens is 423 W 38th St, Erie, PA 16508-2701, USA.

3.   Port Erie Bicentennial Tower

Go to the Port Erie Centennial Tower and experience the relaxing and picturesque panoramic view of Lake Erie. The tower is located in the center of the city and was built in 1996 to commemorate the centenary year of the city. The tower is 187 feet tall and is one of the largest buildings in the state.

The tower is open to visitors every day and two observation towers provide different perspectives of the city. One deck is 17 feet high and the other is 138 feet high. If you sit on a clear day, you may be able to see 27 miles towards Ontario, Canada. This is one of the fun things to do in Erie, Pennsylvania that you won’t want to miss.

The address for Port Erie Bicentennial Tower is 1 State St, Erie, PA 16507, USA.

4.   Erie Art Museum

The Erie Art Museum was founded in 1898 as the Erie Art Club and is one of the best attractions for art and history lovers in the area. Although many years have passed and the museum has changed location, it still houses one of the most impressive art collections in Erie or Pennsylvania.

The Erie Art Museum is part of the Urban Discovery Plaza Company, which is home to dozens of shops, museums, and art galleries. The museum has more than 8,000 incredible works of art and crafts, including Indian bronzes, Tibetan paintings, contemporary baskets, American ceramics, and more.

There is something in the museum for everyone to enjoy. Approximately 20 traveling exhibits visit the museum each year. Learn and watch local folk artists bring their traditional art to life. If you are in Erie, plan to visit the museum

The address for Erie Art Museum is 20 E 5th St, Erie, PA 16507, USA.

5.   Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier Park

The mission of the Lake Erie Botanical Garden in Border Park is to educate more people about the importance of trees to the environment and our community. As you explore more than 250 different tree species at the Frontier Botanical Garden, a visit here provides the opportunity to learn such important information.

Established in 1998, you can find Russian olive, ginkgo, hawthorn, dogwood, scarlet oak, Al wood, lobster maple, and Douglas fir on the tree. Don’t just provide visitors with tree views and educational materials.

In summer, the Frontier Botanical Garden has many bike trails, sledding hills, and mazes for visitors to explore and enjoy. There is even a virtual pavilion experience in spring, which will definitely impress everyone in the family. If environmental factors are important to you, the Lake Erie Botanical Garden in the border area will be an incredible stop on your itinerary. Although educational, this is still one of the cool things to do in Erie.

The address for Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier Park is 1501 W 6th St, Erie, PA 16505, USA.

6.   ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum

When looking for attractions in Erie, head to the Children’s Museum. The Children’s Experience Museum is located in the historical and cultural area of ​​downtown Erie, dedicated to displaying the artistic creations of children of all ages in and around the Erie area and throughout the country.

The museum offers a wealth of attractions and activities to choose from on three levels. Education is the focus of the museum, so children can enjoy and learn while participating in hands-on activities and exhibits. Topics covered here range from art and culture to math and history.

The Children’s Museum has more than 50 hands-on interactive exhibits, outdoor play areas for lounging, and more activities. This is an exciting museum dedicated to children, parents and children

The address for ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum is 420 French St, Erie, PA 16507, USA.

7.   Waldameer Park & Water World

Hoffman’s Grove (Hoffman’s Grove) was originally a popular picnic spot for the locals and has now become Waldameer Park and Water World. This is a one-of-a-kind water park with over 100 amusement rides, attractions, slides, and more.

Children and adults alike can enjoy the exciting water world in summer and enjoy rides like Drop Tower, Merry-go-Round or XScream Drop Tower! The kids will put them where they most want to go when it’s hot outside, we promise.

As you would expect, in the park you can play many carnival-style games, food carts and stalls, music and many other interesting things. When it’s hot outside, you should go to the water world with your family. There are many activities and places of entertainment, so every family and every interest has it. This is one of the best things to do in Erie, Pennsylvania

The address for Waldameer Park & Water World is 220 Peninsula Dr, Erie, PA 16505, USA.

8.   Presque Isle Downs & Casino

Presque Isle Downs and Casino is one of the most popular gambling venues in the Erie area. It is not just a casino, but also a racetrack, which regularly hosts thoroughbred races. If you’re unlucky, Presque Isle Downs and Casino in Erie is the best option. The casino has more than 1,700 games, including favorites like “Wheel of Fortune” and Bally Quick Hits.

People play slot machines and casino games and win large sums of money. Who knew this was your lucky night until you went to the casino to test the game? In addition to the slot machines, there is also a large poker room, craps table, and blackjack table.

Once you are filled with the excitement of gambling you can enjoy live entertainment, amazing award winning food, shopping and at the hotel next door, if you are not in town, want a romantic evening or you just don’t want to drive home.

The address for Presque Isle Downs & Casino is 8199 Perry Hwy, Erie, PA 16509, USA.

9.   Millcreek Mall

Whether you’re looking for future shopping items or need to shop for something for the kids, Millcreek Mall has stores you want to shop for. Since 1975, the mall has been part of the Erie community.

This is a popular gathering for teens on weekends, who often watch movies at the mall theater. Dozens of shops, restaurants and kiosks offer shoppers a variety of products and services. From clothing to electronics, beauty supplies and toy stores, everything people could want or need under one roof at Millcreek Mall.

Among the more than 175 stores available to buy, JCPenney, DSW shoe warehouse, Old Navy and Michaels are some of them. Try the foods eaten at Smokey Bones Grill and Grill, Arby’s or Outback Steak House, here are some options

The address for Millcreek Mall is 5800 Peach St, Erie, PA 16565, USA.

10.         Erie Insurance Arena

Since 1983, the Erie Insurance Arena has been the venue for sporting events, concerts, performances, and many other events. In fact, this is the beginning of a beach boy concert. Over the years, many of Hollywood’s most popular performances and haunting celebrity events have taken place on stage.

You never know what kind of event will take place in the arena next. The most recent $ 47 million remodel project has expanded the arena area and added luxury suites and club levels for those wanting a unique experience during the event. The arena has 9,000 seats and hosts SIFL Erie explosions, NBA-D Erie Bay Hawks league games and OHL Erie Otters

The address for Erie Insurance Arena is 809 French St, Erie, PA 16501, USA.

11.         Erie Maritime Museum

History buffs and those interested in the history of Lake Erie can return to the Erie Maritime Museum to learn about the area’s most important people and events. The history dates back to 1812 to the present day.

The museum has many cultural relics covering various people and events, but the Battle of Lake Erie on September 10, 1813 is a highlight of the museum. Visitors can view videos, cultural relics, and hands-on exhibits to help them go back in time to gain the full power of the times.

Although the Battle of Lake Erie is the main focus of the museum, there are many other major events, including exhibits, demonstrations, videos, etc. If you are in Erie, plan to stop at this attraction.

The address for Erie Maritime Museum is 150 E Front St #100, Erie, PA 16507, USA.

12.         Asbury Woods

Over 205 acres of forests, streams, fields, and wetlands provide visitors with an incredible opportunity for free outdoor recreation in Erie. There are many activities in Asbury Woods, including hiking, fishing, biking, cross-country skiing, running, craft workshops, local botanical gardens, wild restaurants, animal exhibits, and a small natural play area in the woods for children.

Adults love Otto Behrend’s celebratory garden. The hotel has an open-air theater that can host numerous events, shows and other events. Annual activities give children the opportunity to interact with their peers, enjoy life, and learn more about everything from plants to animals to outdoor safety

The address for Asbury Woods is 4105 Asbury Rd, Erie, PA 16506, USA.

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