Best & Fun Things To Do In Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Best & Fun Things To Do In Milwaukee, Wisconsin

One of the largest and the busiest cities in the state of Wisconsin is ‘Milwaukee’ and there are tons of best & fun things to do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The possibilities are so much that your head might spin.

The good news for all of you is that there is a way to cut short that list from the list of suggestions we are presenting today.

When you have a guide on doing all the best & fun things to do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, your trip will not be a haphazard one.

Historic Third Ward


The first thing for the list of best & fun things to do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is to visit a place that screams Blast from the Past. This is the Historic Third Ward of the city.

This is the warehouse district which is now converted into a historic yet hip neighborhood of the city. One can travel through this district to fin all kinds of shops, art galleries, theaters, and other creative businesses.

This place has another name for it which is Bloody third as the working-class residents of the area were known for having fistfights in the past.

Nowadays, this place is more like a hub for the arts and there are great tourist attractions here like the Milwaukee Public Market and Broadway Theater Center. Entertainments are many in this district all year long.

Potawatomi Hotel and Casino


While the state of Wisconsin has its bizarre laws regarding gambling, there are still exceptions to the casinos owned by the Native American folks.

One of these places is the Potawatomi Casno and Hotel located in the downtown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is among Wisconsin’s best casinos with its luxury hotel that offers salon massages and Jacuzzi tubs.

Foods here are great with 4-star restaurants serving guests with duck, sushi, lamb, and steak. After a long day, get a chance to relax at the bar with their amazing cocktails.

The biggest draw of this place is its casino which is filled with all different kinds of poker games and slot machines which can make adults spend big for big stakes.

The place also offers guests to make off-track betting but one can still attend these races and see those horses live.

Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory


On the list of best & fun things to do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, add the visit to the place known by locals as The Domes. The real name, however, is Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory which is comprised of 3 large domes. These domes functions as a cross of botanical gardens and a greenhouse.

These domes are filled with all different kinds of trees, flowers, succulents, and shrubs. The biodiversity of this place varies from cacti of dry deserts to thick vines of jungles.

Each of these domes has its own theme so one can have an adventure on their visit to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

For a romantic time at The Domes, we advise visiting the Rainforest Domes where walks with the loved one through canopies of these trees feels magical.

For teaching the kids about the earth’s climate, allow them to travel through the dome of Desert.

As for the third one, which is last but the most fun one is the Show Dome.  This dome has a rotating schedule with holiday and seasonal themes. This means that one can see firs here in winter, sunflowers during the summer, and peonies during the spring season.

There is also the Garden Railway which allows one to travel through this scenic beauty in comfort.

Miller Park


For the lovers of baseball, add Miller Park on list for best & fun things to do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This is the only baseball stadium in entire North American with the retractable and fan-shaped roof which can close over its field as the temperatures get low during winter,

This is to make sure that audiences do not miss the chance of seeing a game, movie, rally, or a concert held here during winter.

But the primary goal of this place is to host games in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The place holds not only football and baseball games but also the Bowling Championships.

If you are not into sports then check the calendar of Miller Park to see if they are hosting a rock band or pop band music concert when you arrive in Milwaukee.

Discovery World


The Discovery World might be a museum but it ain’t your run of the mill kind of museum.  This is not a hushed place at all where one has to tip-toe their way around the priceless historical artifices.

Instead, this museum encourages the visitors to poke, smack, juggle, play, and spin the numerous exhibits.

This is the interactive museum where one can let their imagination run wild. Museum’s most famous attraction is themed around Wisconsin’s Great Lakes which includes the 10-tank aquarium that has inside sharks, starfishes, and stingrays that one can actually touch.

The place also hosts rides and tours on their 19th century based sailboat on the city’s Milwaukee River.

If you are not so keen about a river ride, you can take up class for learning how to play the guitar or make cardboard houses from laser cuttings in the museum’s design lab or even learn to build an eclectic circuit board.

Schlitz Audubon Nature Center


For the nature lover, add the visit to the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center located on the Lake Michigan’s outskirts in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The breathtaking scenery of the area will not only have a lasting impression, but one can also perform lots of outdoor and indoor activities here.

Winding trials of the region allows one to roam through beaches, cliffs, forests, and ravines. There is also a 60-foot high observation tower that is great for taking some cool shots.

Bradford Beach


Add the trip to the Bradford Beach on the list for best & fun thing to do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin because what is better than a day at beach.

This beach is located near Milwaukee and offers a splashing good fun for visitors of all ages. For fitness buffs, they can take the yoga classes held here.

For those coming to relax, there are tiki bars and cabanas for families and couples.

Beach has many volleyball nets erected for visitors to have a fun game while kids can take part in sandcastle competitions.

Basilica of St. Josaphat


One does not need to be a Christian or even a religious one to enjoy the beauty of the basilica of St. Josaphat.

This church towers at about 250 feet height with its thick stone walls as well as the copper come ceilings which is the key architectural feature of the 18th century architecture. This place is even registered in the National Register of Historical places in USA.

Visitors can enter the basilica to roam through its massive rooms as well as towers to appreciate the details that went into creating the altars, staircases, murals and pews.

For religious folks, you can join the daily prayers held for the local congregation as this is an active place of worship.

Odd Duck


One of the unique phenomenons of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the restaurant called Odd Duck which serves the food in small plates and tiny bowls. This might be unique for you but will certainly be a new thing to try whilst in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The main point is that one might not even be filling up on a single dish.

Instead of eating only one meal, one will find themselves eating multiple meals from the menu that are all appealing and one can order each one of them.

For a price of astounding low 20 dollars, one can try items like quail, octopus, pork belly, and duck. On a certain occasions, this place even offers food for free.

Helium Trampoline and Indoor Adventure Park


Last but a place to be added on the list for best & fun things to do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the visit to the Helium Trampoline and Indoor Adventure Park.

Not only kids will love it, but adults can also have fun here. As the name of the place suggests, it has quite a lot of trampolines along with rock walls, gladiator beams, and rope courses.

For ones who are scared of heights, try activities like bowling lanes and laser games.

Families can take part in a group to play games like basketball and Dodgeball.

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