Best & Fun Things To Do In Omaha, Nebraska

Best & Fun Things To Do In Omaha, Nebraska

Among the cities of the Midwest, Omaha, Nebraska happens to be the hippest one.

This place has an appeal for all types of demographics such as families that are looking for a fun vacation together to the young group of friends looking to have a great time.

If you are someone of the two groups and are planning a vacation to Omaha, Nebraska, we have helped you by compiling a list of best & fun things to do in Omaha, Nebraska.

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge


One of the first best & fun things to do in Omaha, Nebraska is to visit the city’s bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge which is great for taking strolls. The great part; it is totally free for visitors.

One is not limited to taking walks on the bridge which is built over the Missouri River but you can also take bicycle rides. Here is also a place called Omaha plaza that is located on-site of the bridge.

This bridge happens to be thousands of feet long and each inch of it is a beauty. This is certainly a great place to start exploring the beauty of Omaha, Nebraska.



There is not likely a chance of one running into crocodiles in Omaha, Nebraska, and certainly not in the neighborhood called Dundee. But what you might encounter here are lots of great attractions.

This place is especially great if one arrives here looking to eat great foods as the food in this area is one of a kind that will leave you with licking your fingers.

One can enjoy the southern satisfying meal at the Kith & Kin Southern Kitchen or enjoy something Italian at the Avoli Osteria.

As for shopaholics, they can go on a shopping spree at places such as Hello holiday and the Spruce & interiors & Gifts.

If one is visiting Dundee with their loved one, they can have a romantic time whilst enjoying great food and doing lots of sopping.

Malcolm X Birthsite


This will come as a shock to you but one of the history’s most influential leaders for civil rights in American; Malcolm X was born here in Omaha, Nebraska.

One can pay their respect to the great man by visiting his birthplace which is located in the north of the city. Unfortunately, the house in which Malcolm X was born is not present today but the land where it once was is still kept really well.

The place also has a monument which labels the site and also provides information about the great Malcolm X. another great thing, this place is free to visit to learn about one of the iconic figures of civil rights history.

Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium


If you are traveling with kids to Omaha, Nebraska, add one place on the list of best & fun things to do in Omaha, Nebraska. The name of this place is Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. The place is a safe haven for the animals which are kept here in remarkably great conditions.

Traversing through the aquarium and the zoo, one can see lots of different species like pygmy goats, sea lions, sharks, and cheetahs.

As for the personal Visitor Experiences, one can feed the giraffes or have a personal art piece created by the animal artists on the site.

This place is open for visitors from April 1st to October 31st and then from November 1st to March 31st from 9 AM till 5 PM.

Admission fees are based on the time of the visits throughout the year but for children of age 2 and below, these visits are free.

Lauritzen Gardens


The couples visiting Omaha can put the visit to Lauritzen Gardens to their list of best & fun things to do in Omaha, Nebraska.

The place offers lots of great gardens and you might not have a favorite one here because each one is so great to explore. People of all ages can have a time of their life here.

Some attractions of this place are visiting the Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary, Garden of Memories, and Conservation Discovery garden.

The establishment also offers visitors to explore the land on comfy tram rides so that kids can have fun too.

The place is open for visits 7 days a week from 9 Am till 5 PM. For adults, the admission fee is 10 dollars while fees for children of age 12 to 6 are 5 dollars.

Roberts Skate Park


For the young people vacationing in Omaha, Nebraska, you can get to have a chance to show off your skills to the local young ones. The place for this is the Roberts Skate Park which is free of cost to have fun at. This is a concrete park which is a dream place for every skater to show off their skating skills. Even if one is a beginner level skater, they can still have lots of fun here. The park is open for people from 7 AM till 10 PM all year long.

Wildlife Safari Park


This is to be added on the list for best & fun things to do in Omaha, Nebraska if you want wholesome family fun. The visit to the Wildlife Safari park is going to make your kids feel in love with this place while you can enjoy it too.

This is one of the great sightseeing places in all of Omaha, Nebraska. One gets to enjoy seeing great animals like prairie dogs, elk, pelicans, and bald eagles. The park is open for visits from 9 AM till 5 PM 7 days a week. Admission fees for adults are 7.5 dollars whereas children of age 3 to 11 have 5.5 dollars admission fees.

Molecule Man


Omaha, Nebraska is filled with lots of great art pieces but the one that tops them all out is the trio of the Molecule Man statues. These figures are made of aluminum to look like humans with the holes in these sculptures made to reflect the human molecular structure.

This sculpture art piece is located near the Council Bluffs, Iowa, and is Omaha Metropolitan Area’s greatest places of interest.

The art piece is designed by the artist named Jonathan Borofsky with the theme focused on togetherness. This heartwarming impressive art piece is about 50-foot tall and is built upon a stunning garden. This art piece is one of the Midwest’s exceptional multi-dimensional art pieces.

The OPPD Arboretum


A visit to an arboretum can feel as if one is doing an exploration of another planet right in their backyard and one of these amazing places is present in Omaha, Nebraska. Among the many great attractions that allowed for Omaha to become one of the most beautiful US states are things like the OPPD Arboretum which has a strong educational factor to it.

The OPPD Arboretum is created to offer its visitors with understanding about electrical safety as well as how it is in relation to the plant life.

This arboretum also has great horticulture which has led to many animals to make a home out of it, thus making it one of the great tourist spots in Omaha, Nebraska.

For any nature lover, this is a must-visit place in Omaha, Nebraska and one will leave with a whole new appreciation for plant life as well as education about garden safety.

The place remains open all year long from 8 Am till 9 PM.

Joslyn Castle


The last place to add on best & fun things to do in Omaha, Nebraska is the visit of the Joslyn Castel which is also known by the name Lyndhurst.

This is a majestic mansion with a history dating back almost 110 years into the past. Nowadays this is amongst the great tourist spots of Omaha, Nebraska.

The residents of this castle earned their fame and wealth by working in the early days of the media industry. The design of this castle shows how much this couple was rich in both terms of money and taste.

The place offers tours on the following days and timings.

  • On Monday from 10 Am till 12 PM
  • On Thursday from 2 PM till 4 PM
  • On 3rd Sunday of each month at 1 PM, 2 Pm and 3 PM

Admission fees are as follows.

  • Adults tour fees are 10 dollars per person
  • Senior, military personnel and student tour fees are 8 dollars per person

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