Best & Fun Things To Do In Portland, Maine

Best & Fun Things To Do In Portland, Maine

Even if you have never been to Portland, chances are that you might have seen the place on the internet.

Portland, Maine is a place with its picturesque beauty filled with crashing waves on the jagged cliffs with towering white lighthouses is often seen on the postcards.

Now if you want to truly experience this beauty in real life instead of the postcards, we do recommend taking a vacation to Portland, Maine. Whether you like to visit this place as a honeymoon destination or a family vacation there are tons of best & fun things to do in Portland, Maine.

For our readers, who are planning a trip there, we took it upon ourselves to compile a list of all the best & fun things to do in Portland, Maine.

Portland Head Light


Among the many things to add on your list for best & fun things to do in Portland, Maine, we recommend going to Portland Head Light first.

This place was built back in 1791 and still today is functional as a lighthouse which overlooks the area of Gulf of Maine. It has been helping the sea sailors, navy soldiers, and settlers to reach the land of New England.

This place is located on the coastline and it makes use of both the foghorn and a beacon to help guide the sea traveler during night. The only difference on this lighthouse from old times is that the whale oil lamps have been replaced with the electric lights.

Visitors are allowed to climb the stairs of this lighthouse and see the amazing sights overlooking the ocean. There is also an on-site museum here for visitors or they can simply lounge up on the grassy around the building.

Peaks Island


Among the many great attractions in Portland, Maine, one of the best is Peaks Island.

This place is located on the west of Portland and one can only reach here via ferry ride. Coming to the place, there are a lot of activities to do here for people who are tired of city crowds.

There are shops that offer bicycles on renal as well as kayaks to help outdoor enthusiasts explore the natural beauty of this island.

As for history buffs, they can travel the island to check its military bunkers from old times as well as many lighthouses along the shores.

For shopaholics, they can have fun relaxing at the cafés and bistros or do some shopping at local boutiques.

The place is truly a great one for relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of the cities with its peace and quiet.

Rockin’ Horse Stables


For romantic couples, they must add the Rockin’ Horse Stables on their list of best & fun things to do in Portland, Maine.

This establishment offers one with plenty of horse-driven rides such as sleigh rides, carriage rides which can be a romantic gesture for the loved one.

The best time to visit Rockin’ Horse Stables is during winter time. As the fresh winter snow blankets the area, one can cuddle in a cozy blanket to enjoy the rides.

After returning to these stables, the establishment also treats its customers with cup of hot coco.

As for spring and summer season, they are also great times to visit. Taking a horse-drive carriage ride makes it seems as if you are living the storybook in a green countryside.

One can also talk to the carriage drivers and they will be happy to escort you to the bed & breakfast located at the end of these rides.

International Cryptozoology Museum


Among the Portland, Maine’s many tourist destination highlights, one is the International Cryptozoology Museum.

This museum is built solely for the exhibition of the mythical and rare creatures such as Sasquatch and Bigfoot. Are you interested in other mythical creatures like mammoths or yetis or perhaps more the edges of magical creatures like mermaids and dragons? Well, whatever is you interest, the International Cryptozoology Museum provides all of the relevant information.

From roadside gawkers to scholars, anyone can have fun at this place and learn a thing or two about these creatures that might or might not be a reality.

Lucky Catch Cruises


Have you ever considered how that delicious lobster on your plate came? Well visiting the Portland, Maine you need to check out Lucky Catch Cruise where you can watch each step of this process as well as eat the caught lobster.

With a day of Lucky Catch Cruise, you will be taken on a boat ride with the real fishermen to catch these sea critters from deep within the ocean.

Follow their instructions and you will experience the life of being a real fisherman. After catching a lobster, you can but that lobster for the wholesale cost and reaching the docks, a seafood restaurant will be cooking this prize lobster at that very moment.

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens


For natural lovers, we do recommend adding the trip to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens on the list of best & fun thing to do in Portland, Maine. This place is located about an hour drive to the north of city. Making this long drive and seeing the beauty of the place will make it all worth it.

The place with its miles long natural landscape is a sight to behold which is filled with things like noisy ponds and quiet forests. Fishes in these ponds are noisy as they literally leap into the air from water.

There are other attractions at this place such as the butterfly house, cafes and souvenir shop. One can also book a boat ride here to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the place.

Eastern Promenade


For those who have the list for best & fun things to do in Portland, Maine but are still on a tight budget, then Eastern Promenade is the place for you. The place literally does not cost a single cent for admission.

There are lots of basketball, baseball and tennis courts on the site. If you are looking to do some sightseeing then this place also has old landmarks such as the old railway line or the mass graves of the American soldiers that lost their lives back in war of 1812.

As the place is located near a water front, this makes it a great picnic spot. Arriving here, you will many families lying down or sitting on their blankets and kids playing around.

Palace Play land


Old orchard Beach is a place located about a few miles to the South of Portland, Maine. The great attraction of this place is the only amusement park of Maine named “Palace Play land”.

The rides of this place take place overlooking the water front whether it is a screaming ride on a roller coaster or a relaxing one on a Ferris wheel.

Other than this, this place is a heaven for kids with its slides, games, bumper cars, fun houses, kiddie’s pools and carousels.

As for adults, they can have fun eating at the snack stalls selling all the great concessions of an amusement park.

Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum


Visiting the place called Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum will feel as if the long since forgotten dreams of the childhood have surfaced once more.

The place is located near the narrow-gauge railway line which is still functioning. The Museum offers the visitors with an experience which is both educationally engraining as well as fun.

One can learn about history of the railways while having fun doing so as you will get to ride the railway cars and press the controls on the caboose and lastly take a 3-mile train ride to the waterfront.

This is a must-see place in Portland, Maine and bringing kids will let them have an unforgettable experience.

Crescent Beach State Park


Last but not even the least on list for best & fun things to do in Portland, Maine is a tropical location called Crescent Beach State Park. Although the rocky area and a cold weather of the place causes a little bikini crowd, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the sunbathing and sandy fun.

The Crescent beach State park covers about 250 acres of the beach front area in the Southern Maine region which has things like groves, nature trials, playgrounds for kids and beaches.

Travelling in the winter can be fun too as there are slopes which are great for doing some light skiing. This place can be your little tropical getaway in Portland, Maine.

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