Best & Fun Things To Do In Ohio

Best & Fun Things To Do In Ohio

One of the best and well-known parts of the Midwest is none other than the Buckeye state named Ohio.

The state of Ohio is actually a place that summarizes as to what America really is all about with its entire rich heritage that spans in both urban and rural sense.

Whenever you visit the cities of Ohio like Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati, you will experience what an amazing vacation destination Ohio can be. To help make this journey smoother in Ohio, we have made a list of all the best & fun things to do in Ohio.

Cleveland Museum of Art


The first thing out of all the bet & fun things to do in Ohio is to visit the city of Cleveland and it’s Cleveland Museum of Art.

Cleveland is a city that has a rich cultural history and to experience this history, there is nothing better than a visit to this museum.

Visiting this museum, one will be able to see as to how much of creative expression has been put on the display of this museum.

The museum was first opened for the public back in 1916 and now is a place that houses the great art pieces from all kinds of artists.

Among these various artworks, one can see a wide range of art ranging from vintage Asian art to a more contemporary American art.

In many of the great art pieces of the exhibit include some renowned like “In Her Image: Photographs by Rania Matar” and “Medieval Monsters: Terrors, Aliens, Wonders”.

The museum remains open on 4 days of the week; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday with timing being 10 Am till 5 PM.  As for Wednesday and Friday, the timings are 10 AM till 9 PM. There is no admission free.

Cedar Point


For those who are visiting Ohio for some adrenalin pumpin’ action, we recommend to them a visit to the amusement park called Cedar Point.

This amusement park is famed for its roller coaster ride and is one of the best-renowned parks in the USA.

For those looking to do the best & fun things in Ohio, we recommend visiting this place as it will give you unforgettable memories.

The park is located in Sandusky, Ohio, which was opened for the public back in 1870 and has some of the coolest rides in the state.

Some of the thrilling rides included in the park are Power Tower and Raptor while some mild ones are Lake Erie Eagles and Midway Carousel.

Still, the greatest fun one can have is on the roller coaster rides like Blue Streak and Corkster.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


For those who have even the least bit of interest in music, we recommend the visit to Ohio’s “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame” located in Cleveland.

This place amongst Ohio’s biggest tourist attractions that always seems to be packed with visitors.

This museum of a place holds all kinds of music-related memorabilia as well as stunning exhibitions featuring the biggest stars in Rock music’s history.

The Rock & Roll Hall of fame was founded in Cleveland back in 1986 and their biggest events are the induction of the new members every year.

Among many of the inductees are names like Simon & Garfunkel, Patti Smith, and BB King.

As for the memorabilia and display pieces, these include the famed glove of Michael Jackson and Cars of Elvis Presley.

Admission fees are 26 dollars for adults while seniors have to pay 24 dollars. As for ages, 6 to 12 their admission fee is 16 dollars while children of age 5 and below are allowed for free.

Fountain Square


For those who plan to visit Cincinnati, Ohio, we recommend the visit to the renowned Fountain Square. Fountain Square is located in Downtown Cincinnati and is amongst Ohio’s renowned tourist spots.

All year round, this place has its own seasonal outdoor activities.

The name of the place is Fountain Square after another fountain named Tyler Davidson Fountain, which has a statue in the middle of it standing above the ground at 43 feet height.

The fountain was completed back in 1871 and now when one sees it in person they cannot help but admire its beauty.

Visiting the fountain, you will see quite a lot of people mingling, enjoying eating their lunch in the nearby restaurants, or simply taking pictures.

Also, many local artists perform free music concerts here which anyone can enjoy. A for winter there is ice skating activity.

Hocking Hills State Park


For all the nature lovers, we have also added something in the list of best & fun things to do in Ohio.

Among Ohio’s many nature destinations is the Hocking Hills State Park. This park is located outside of the city of Columbus about an hour’s drive away. Making the journey to this park makes it all worth it after one sees the acres of natural scenery and a chance to do all sorts of activities.

The place is a heaven for all the outdoor men as it is riddled with waterfalls, hiking trails, and caves. If you are with a family, this is a great spot to do some family camping as there are hundreds of campsites here with lots of amenities to make the experience an unforgettable one.

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens


A visit to the Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens will make you seem like you are walking through heaven as the place is filled with lots of flowery gardens.

This is a great place for those visiting Ohio in search of tranquility and peace. The Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens is comprised of a large yet historic estate which is renowned for its lush flowery gardens.

A portion of this estate was built by the founding member of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company; F.A. Silberling. The estate is comprised of 4 stories as well as a basement on a covered surface of 64500 square feet. As for the complex’s total area, it is about 70 acres. The property is filled with countless flowers such as red roses, perennials, and daffodils.

The place can also be rented to host a fairytale-like wedding or for other occasions.

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens


Another place of interest for all the plant lovers in Ohio is the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens located in Columbus.

This place is filled with all different types of amazing plants as well as things that make the visit here worth it. The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens was first opened for the public back in 1895 and spans over 90 acres of land. This conservatory has a greenhouse with different species of exotic plants like bonsai and cacti while other larger attractions include redbud and bulbs tree.

All in all, the botanical preservation in Ohio can be seen at its best at the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park


Another place to include on the list for the best & fun things to do in Ohio is to visit the Cuyahoga Valley National Park located just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. The place is a great tourist attraction for non-residents of Ohio as well as residents of Ohio with its unspoiled beauty.

The place is especially a great one for the out of town families as there are things to do like hiking and camping. The place also has many golf courses, so one can take a little bit of me-time to relax playing a game of golf.

If you are an outdoorsman at heart, do something a little more action like such as kayaking.

National Museum of the US Air Force


For the military and especially aviation enthusiasts there is a place in Ohio they must visit. This place is named the National Museum of the US Air Force located in Dayton, Ohio. At this amazing military museum, one can see all kinds of military-related historical stuff.

The place has displays like the John F. Kennedy’s original Boeing 727 as well as the Boeing B-29 Superfortress.

The National Museum of the US Air Force was opened for the public back in 1929 and is visited by hundreds of thousands of people each year. The great thing is that the admissions to the museum are free for everybody.

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