Best & Fun Things To Do In Springfield (Missouri)

Best & Fun Things To Do In Springfield (Missouri)

If you have been wondering about what to do while traveling through the southwest of Missouri, then we recommend visiting the city of Springfield.

Springfield, Missouri is located in the place called Ozark Hills; offering a place of entertainment for tourists. This is the place filled with many great sightseeing places as well as the backwoods entertainment and outdoor sports.

Amongst these include Springfield, Missouri’s Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World; a retail complex for outdoor enthusiasts.

Other than this, Springfield, Missouri offers the tourists with bluegrass music, comforting foods, and its handcrafted works to help complete this vacation experience.

Throughout the year, Springfield, Missouri holds many great festivals at its Commercial and Walnut Street as well as in the Downtown area.

The city has a rich history as back in t1865, a hero of the folklore of the Wild West named Wild Bill Hickok also won the dual against the gambler named Davis Tutt. That duel of theirs was held at the town square of Springfield, Missouri.

Nowadays, the city of Springfield, Missouri is a modernized one and quite a peaceful one too which offers fine dining experiences as well as comedy clubs for some nightly entertainment.

All in all, Springfield, Missouri is the place that offers the visitors with a wide range of things to do here. If you are planning to visit this city, then we have listed down all the best & fun things to do in Springfield, Missouri.

Route 66 Springfield Visitor Center


For anyone starting off their list of best & fun things to do in Springfield, Missouri, we recommend hitting the Route 66 Springfield Visitor Center. This is the place that offers the out of town tourists with all sorts of maps, driving direction, and guides to help make their time in the city a breeze.

At this establishment, one can read about many of the city’s attractions and of its surrounding areas. The place also offers information about the soon to be happening activities and events in the city which no one should miss out on.

Fantastic Caverns


Close to Springfield, Missouri, there is a place formed of natural rock formation named Fantastic Caverns which is a popular tourist spot of the city.

This tourist site has a tram that is pulled by a Jeep and allows the visitors to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the caverns.

Do not worry about the temperature inside the caves to be too cold as the temperature inside remains at about 60 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. Back in the early 1950s, this place also used to host live music events.

Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium


When visiting with family, your list of best & fun things to do in Springfield, Missouri must have the place called Wonders of Wildlife and National Museum and Aquarium listed on it.

This place is a non-profit organization that was first opened for the public back in 2017. Wonders of Wildlife is built upon an area of 350000 square feet and is amongst the world’s largest fish and wildlife attractions.

The wildlife section of the place offers animal taxidermies that have been positioned in each of their own natural habitats.

This wildlife part of the building also has films, artworks, historic artifacts as well as the occasional special exhibits.

As for the aquarium part of the building that has a 1.5 million gallon large sized aquarium that houses about 35000 fishes, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and reptiles.

Other than this the place also has themes of an Amazon Rain Forest, Ozark Forest, Ocean Shipwreck, and the Louisiana Swamp which showcases animals of each habitat.

Dickerson Park Zoo


Another great activity for family in Springfield, Missouri is to hit the Dickerson Park Zoo which offers care for 500+ animals of the 160 different species.

This park was created in Springfield, Missouri to help educate the public of the city as well as encourage the masses to help in the conservation of nature and wildlife. The zoo suffered some setback during its initial building year and was almost closed back in 1975.

However, later sufficed funds from the city allowed for the zoo to open once more. Nowadays, it is one of the proud attractions of Springfield, Missouri.

Pythian Castle


Pythian Castle was built in Springfield, Missouri by the Pythias Fraternity of the Knights of Pythias back in 1913. Prior to being the current place, it was some orphanage and after that used as the retirement home for the fraternity members’ family. As for the current status of this Gothic masterpiece, it occurred after it was handed to the military quite recently.

The place is still one of the much-visited tourist destinations in Springfield, Missouri, and is listed on the USA National Register of Historic Places.

There are also tales of the place being haunted by ghosts and the caretakers offer the Night Ghost Tour of this castle for 1.5 hours. They even offer the tourists with Ghost Tools; obviously as rentals.

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield


The first great battle of the Civil War was fought near the Mississippi River back on 10th August 1861 named. As for the exact name of the place, it is called the Battle of Wilson’s Creek.

This battlefield has been preserved by the city in the optimum condition since the day of battle. Nowadays, this place is a park which gets about 200000 visitors each year.

Springfield Conservation Nature Center


Another great thing to add on the best & fun things to do in Springfield, Missouri is to visit the city’s Springfield Conservation Nature Center which is a treat for all nature lovers.

This center has helped preserve the 79 acres of land filled with forests, woodlands, glades, and prairies for the animals that live here. This place also includes the local attraction called Lake Springfield.

People can enjoy swimming and boating in the lake or go for a hike on the area’s 3-mile log hike trail.

Along the hike-trail are the exhibits and displays to help educate the hikers for giving them relevant information.

During the winter season, this place also holds an event called Eagle Days while in the spring season; they hold the event called Native Plant Sales and Seminars.

Missouri Sports Hall of Fame


If you are into sports, do visit the Springfield, Missouri’s Missouri Sports Hall of Fame which honors the achievements of the state’s rewound athletes.

Entering eh building, visitors can see 4000+ memorabilia’s which have been displayed neatly on 2 floors of the building. There are 2 separate places here in the building also worth visiting named “legends Walk of Fame” and ‘Hall of Fame”.

The Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World


Amongst the Springfield, Missouri’s most popular attractions is the establishment called Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. This building is a 500000 square feet long complex and is the US’s first Bass Pro Shop.

While there are many bass Pro Shop stores in the USA and in Canada, the store in Springfield, Missouri is still the largest operating one there is.

This place is a Mecca for all kinds of outdoor sportsman retail where one can buy equipment for outdoor activities such as boating, hunting, fishing, and camping. They also offer outdoor cooking equipment as well as shoes, clothing, and those gorgeous nature-themed souvenirs.

The Air and Military Museum of the Ozarks


For those who are keen on Ozark’s vintage military memorabilia and equipment then the Air and Military Museum of the Ozarks is the best place to hit.

This museum of Springfield, Missouri has some really large items on their display like Army trucks, jeeps, one T-33 aircraft, and even a Cobra helicopter. Other than this, they also have 5000 smaller displays.

There is a hands-on area of the museum where visitors are allowed typing on a vintage Teletype machine.

The museum also has a flight simulation room where one can experience the art of flying Cobra helicopter.

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