Best & Fun Things To Do In Sedona, Arizona

Best & Fun Things To Do In Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona might not be that much famous as other cities like Tempe or Phoenix, this is still an excellent destination for those who are looking to have some fun in the southwest of the USA.

Sedona, Arizona offers its visitors with an unforgettable experience along with all the amazing things that they can do for hours and hours.

For anyone who is planning a trip to the Sedona, Arizona; you are in for a treat. To help smoothen your journey to Sedona, Arizona, we have gathered the list for all the best & fun things to do in Sedona, Arizona.

Devil’s Bridge Trail


Amongst the many best & fun things to do in Sedona, Arizona, one must be sure to visit the city’s Devil’s Bridge Trail.

This is going to be an amazing nature frolicking experience for Sedona visitors because they will not only enjoy the hike of the region but also its gorgeous natural beauty.

The Devil’s Bridge trail happens to be an arch that is formed of sandstone and traveling ere is amongst many great things to do in Sedona.

There are many paths for hikers to choose from here based on their experience levels.

Oak Creek Canyon


Another one of the best & fun things to do in Sedona, Arizona is to visit the Oak Creek Canyon that makes one understand that Grand Canyon is not the only great canyon site in the USA to visit.

This gorge of a canyon has captivated many visitors’ memories as they look the beauty of the southwest in its entire splendor.

Beauty is not the only thing to admire at this canyon as there are plenty of activities to do here. You can camp here or go fish in the river nearby for fresh trout or simply go for the hike of a lifetime.

Visiting the canyon you will be able to appreciate the work of the people who helped preserve this canyon to its current glory.

Chapel of the Holy Cross


While there might be many churches across the USA but there is none like the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

This chapel is located in the middle of the red rocks of Sedona and captivates the viewer with its distinct design which features a prominent looking crucifix on its front windows.

For those who feel fascinated with things like religion and history or both, they must give this place a visit for sure.

The chapel’s construction was completed back in 1956. The earlier intention of the creators was to build this chapel in Budapest and much sooner at that but due to the raging World War II, the place and timing were rescheduled for building it.

The man behind the project of this temple was Marguerite Brunswig Staude who decided to build this amazing looking chapel in Arizona, her home state.

Sedona Heritage Museum


For those of you who are wondering how Sedona, Arizona is thriving as a city today you should really give the placed named Sedona Heritage Museum a visit.

This is a fascinating museum that allows the visitors to get a comprehensive view of Sedona’s culture and history which is thanks to fields like the film industry and agriculture.

The place for the Sedona Heritage Museum was initially the house for the Jordan Family. Inside the museum, tourists can see things like a telegraph office; a remnant from the Sedona’s West movies set that was once used during the filming of the cowboy TV series sand movies.

This museum remains open 7 days a week with timing being 11 AM till 3 PM.

Evening Sky Tours


For those who are visiting Sedona, Arizona as a lover’s getaway and are in the mood for something romantic, then give Evening Sky Tours a shot.

Hit the place for the Evening Sky Tours after a day of bustling activities and you will get to see the beauty of not only Sedona but also of the world on the night sky.

Due to the population in Sedona, Arizona being relatively low, the skies here are much clearer than any other city in the USA. Stargazing at the night time is like an immortal gazing on the vast skies.

There are special telescopes mounted at Evening Sky Tours as well as astronomies that help one to sight planets and constellations.

Palatki Heritage Site


Heritages across the entire Sedona seem to recur but with a city with a vast history, this is something really common.

Among the many heritage sites to visit, one is known by the name Palatki Heritage Site which is the commemoration of the region’s Sinagua People. This site remains to be the only heritage site that gives an outlook for the cultures that lived in Sedona in the past.

This heritage site is also part of the city’s Coconino Natural Forest. Other than this, there are lots of rock art here to see that also give the depiction into the lives of past cultures.

Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village


When you think about arts & crafts, you might think of things like something made of paper and ordinary Popsicle sticks. However, when in Sedona, Arizona, arts and crafts have another meaning.

A visit to the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village in Sedona will make you truly gasp in admiration of the inspiration and creativity of the display items.

The Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village offers the tourists dozens of its galleries filled with displays that make one appreciate the art imbued in them.

Admiring the art is not the only thing to do here, as you can also get to form relationships with the local businesses and the art proprietors.

Sedona Arts Center


For those who are interested in visiting places with art culture, Sedona, Arizona is truly a heaven for them. In the Southwest, Sedona happens to be amongst the top 10 places to appreciate the Southwest art and the best place for this to visit is the Sedona Arts Center.

Coming to this site, you will have the chance to enjoy various things such as a live theater and a visual art theatre. All of these are in the venue which about 60 years old and rich in history.

The Fine Art gallery of the Sedona Arts Center will give you a peek at the city’s top noted local artworks.

City’s School of Arts also hosts workshops in the art center to help the visitors get a live experience for being creative.

Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante Italiano


Among our list of all the best & fun things to do in Sedona, Arizona, we recommend strongly visiting the place called Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante Italiano. This restaurant will make you feel like you are having a vacation in Italy as it is amongst Arizona’s top Italian restaurants.

The culture and the hospitality that is the specialty for any top-class Italian restaurant seems to be merged right at the Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante Italiano and it is for service in Sedona, Arizona.

What anyone would expect from the best Italian restaurant, the Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante Italiano offers an exquisite pasta and reading about their other food times such as Tortellini, fettuccine, and lasagna will make your mouth drool uncontrollably.

The restaurant also offers non-pasta foods such as polenta, veal’s scaloppini, and filet mignon.

We do not recommend visiting this place at the start of your trip because then you will have the longing to go back, again and again, to eat there and not try anything else.

Montezuma Castle National Monument


Last but not even the least on the list for best & fun things to do in Sedona, Arizona is the visit to the Montezuma Castle National Monument. This place is another one of Sedona’s cultural landmark site which shows how the past civilization of Sedona lived.

From the 12th to 15th century, the site was the living ground for the Sinagua people which is also located near another Arizona state city; Camp Verde.

Despite the age of these landmarks, these are still presented in remarkable condition. Once walking up close to them will you be able to tell the fine craftwork of these landmarks. This is a must to visit the place on a family vacation to Sedona, Arizona.

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