Best & Fun Things To Do In Sacramento, California

Best & Fun Things To Do In Sacramento, California

Despite being the capital of the California; Sacramento has limited fame as compared to other cities of California like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

But for one who is looking for a great place to experience entertainment, great weather, and recreation in California, the best place to be is Sacramento.

Today we have compiled the list for the best & fun things to do in Sacramento, California.

California State Railroad Museum


Among the marvels of the transportations, the biggest revolution was caused by railroad and the best place to see such a thing is to visit the Sacramento, California’s California State Railroad Museum. This place is actually quite expansive with millions of square feet which span over 6 different kinds of buildings.

In order for one to understand the essence of rail transportation, they must add the trip to this place on the list of best & fun things to do in Sacramento, California.

One can see all kinds of great vessels that allowed for the state of California to become one of the world’s bustling economies.

Coming to this place, one becomes a part of the history which should never be forgotten.

The place is open 7 days a week with timings being 10 AM till 5 PM. As for the admission fees they are 12 dollars for adults while 6 dollars for young people. As for kids, there entry is free.

Run To Feed the Hungry


Participating in a run for the cause of helping others makes one feel good about themselves and one of these runs is the Sacramento, California’s “Run to Feed The Hungry”.

This tradition of the city of Sacramento is held annually on Thanksgiving which shows that how much people of the community care for each other.

This must be added on your list for the best & fun things to do in Sacramento, California. Being the part of this run makes you run alongside thousands of other runners to let you show the support for those who are less fortunate.

The run is for 6.2 miles but one can run half of it or join the run by simply walking.

The main goal is to show that how much one cares about others. The run starts on the thanksgiving morning starting from the J Street.

The Handle District


For those who wish to see as to how much sophisticated of a city Sacramento, California truly is then you should make a visit to the city’s The Handle District.

This place is consistent of a single city block located in Midtown with all kinds of great restaurants and shops.

There are at least a dozen places which offer fine dining experience and one can treat themselves here like a celebrity.

If you are a coffee lover or a wine consort, this place will perfect for you as the place has many fine breweries around it.

Shopping experience in this area is also among the very best especially for the sake of buying clothes. The area offers some of the best clothing shops in the city.

This is truly a place filled with all kinds of life experience packed in a compact place.

Crocker Art Museum


For the art aficionados, we recommend adding the visit to the Crocker Art Museum on the list for best & fun things to do in Sacramento, California.

This place has been opened for almost 130 years and offers numerous spectacular art pieces for its visitors to see.

One can see truly different kinds of mediums and arts at the Crocker Art Museum. As for the pieces they range from ceramics to paintings and some of them have been collected from Asia, Africa, and Europe.

This museum is open for visitors on Friday, Wednesday and Tuesday from 10 Am till 5 PM. Admission fees for adults are 12 dollars while seniors, military personnel and college students must pay 8 dollars whereas children are allowed for free.

Old Sacramento State Historic Park


The California’s Gold Rush caused people to come here in masses and the place to commemorate that history in Sacramento, California is the Old Sacramento State Historic Park.

This bustling business district is filled with all the amazing establishments to make one’s time here a memorable one.

For the ones who love uncovering the history, this place is a must-visit attraction.

One can visit the B.F. Hastings Buildings that was once used as the supreme court of state as well as the Eagle Theater and the 2-ton weighing statue in honor of the riders of Pony Express.

The place spans across 30 acres of grassy land and is best to visit with family.

Making a visit to this place will feel as if one is reliving those old days of the Sacramento and the best time to visit this place is during the California Weekend.

California State Capitol Museum


It would be a shame to not add the visit to the California State Capitol Museum on list for best & fun things to do in Sacramento, California. This amongst the best sites in downtown Sacramento where one not only learns about history but also enjoys the stunning beauty of this area.

This museum also lets a visitor see the place where it meets with the state’s legislature.

This marvelous building was established about 150 years in the past and also offers great foliage in its surroundings.

The place is free of charge to visit and it remains open from Monday to Friday from 8 AM till 5 PM.

Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park


Another great place to learn the shortly of California’s Gold Rush is the Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park. This place originally was a fort until one worker named James Marshall made a spectacular discovery.

The place is restored as a part of the history and is quite a boatful one to see today and is now the part of the country’s National historic Landmarks.

Among the many great events hosted here include ones like “hands on History”, “Movies at the Fort” and “Pioneer Dinners”.

Powerhouse Science Center


If you have kids on your trip then the place to add for the list of best & things to do in Sacramento, California is Powerhouse Science Center.

This place is a museum with the main attraction being its planetarium. Bring your kids to the Powerhouse Science Center to let them learn all about disciplines of science like archaeology, zoology, and astronomy.

As for the one aspiring to be engineers, they will truly learn a lot at the Design Lab. The place is open for visitors all year long from 10 AM till 5 PM.

Admission fee for adults is 8 dollars while for seniors and kids, it is 7 dollars.

Leland Stanford Mansion


You might know about California University but you might not have heard about the name Leland Stanford. He is the person who founded this very university and to commemorate him, city built him Leland Stanford Mansion.

This mansion was once used by Leland as his house but nowadays this is used as the part of the Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park’s museum building.

Walk through this building and learn as what living the high life is truly about.

Decades long renovations have given this building its vintage charm all thanks to its magnificent paintings on walls and high ceilings.

This place is open for visits all year long from 10 AM till 5 PM.

River Excursions


Sacramento is not only a place which has access with the Pacific Ocean but also many rivers nearby it.

Add the trip to the Sacramento River and American River on the list for best & fun things to do in Sacramento, California.

Both these rivers are a must-visit tourist spots that emphasizes the city’s outdoor environment.

The origin of the American River is at the mountains of Sierra Nevada and its runs for about 120 miles. As for the Sacramento River, it runs for a length of about 400 miles thus making it one of the biggest rivers in California.

A great activity to do at any of these rivers is kayaking whereas the natural attractions are great to do picnicking with family.

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