Best & Fun Things To Do In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Best & Fun Things To Do In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

While Oklahoma City might have initials OKC but it is much more than these few initials.

This city is the capital of Oklahoma State and happens to be filled with great attractions for tourists.

For those of you who are waiting to experience living in the Midwest then there is no better place than visiting Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Today, we have decided to create a list of all the best & fun things to do in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Myriad Botanical Gardens


The first thing to add on list for the best & fun things to do in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, you must plan a visit to the Myriad Botanical Gardens., not only this is a great tourist spot but people of the city also often visit this place in droves.

The place has lots of great and beautiful gardens along with all sorts of activities to do here.

Coming to the Myriad Botanical Gardens is undoubtedly amongst the best & fun things to do in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Even if you are not visiting with the family you can bring a dog here as the place recently opened a Dog park which has no leash requirement.

One can also learn things about gardening as there are many classes dedicated to it or simply enjoy the musical performances held by local artists.

The place is open for visits from Monday to Saturday from 9 Am till 5 PM. While most of the area is free to explore, there are admission fees for going inside the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory.

Oklahoma City National Memorial



For the last 20 years, Oklahoma City has suffered devastations caused by the cases of domestic terrorism, thus either taking or changing many lives in unimaginable ways.

In order to give tribute to those lives, the city built the Oklahoma City National Memorial. This place is erected in the honor of these lives that showed courage in the face of human evil.

The place is situated near the place of incident where once stood the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

If you are curious then there is a lot of information available inside the material about the incident. This is a great way for one to pay their respect to those lives that were either lost forever and those who are currently affected. While it is not going to be a fun visit but will certainly be the meaningful one.

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum


Get your cowboy hats and boots ready because you will be visiting the National Cowboys & Western Heritage Museum; the coolest one on the state.

The vision of the West in your minds will get a whole new side when you get to see the displays of the place.

While some museums might seem great because of their antique pieces, others are known for their art pieces. As for this cowboy museum, it has a little bit of both aspects gathered in one place.

There will be art pieces of the Old West as well as the antiquities.

The place also offers the visitors some education on the lives of the Native Americans. The museum is open for visits from Monday till Saturday with timings being 10 AM till 5 PM.

Oklahoma City Dodgers Game


One of the best & fun things to do in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is to plan for a visit to the Oklahoma City Dodgers game. This is a minor league baseball team but they have the fans base of a major league.

Residents of OKC love their team and you can join them in cheering while catching one of their spectacular games if you have planned the trip correctly.

The team plays at the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark and has a history dating back to almost 50 years in the past. Oklahoma City Dodgers have graced the city by winning 19 titles in their career.

For any baseball lover, this is a must-visit place in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Chesapeake Energy Arena


Do you enjoy watching NBA games? But the fun will be multiplied if you get to see one live and in person. This is why you must add the visit to the Chesapeake Energy Arena on your list of best & fun things to do in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

This venue located in downtown of the city hosts not only basketball games but also WWE events and music concerts. No event is more fun than experiencing it in a stadium packed with other people.

The place also offers a wide range of dining to make the experience tastier.

Frontier City Theme Park


For the thrill-seekers, there is a perfect place in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and that is the Frontier City Theme Park.

This park is unique because of its Western Motif and also due to having numerous rides including 4 different kinds of roller coaster rides.

Thrilling rides here at the park include ones like Geronimo Skycoaster and Tumbleweed but after that, you have got to try the Diamondback and Brian drain roller coasters too.

For those traveling here with kids, there are simply rides for children and also a gunfighter show to make you feel like you are living in the era of Old West.

Boathouse District


Afraid of getting too wet but still want to have fun in activities involving water? Add the trip to Bathhouse District on the list for best & fun things to do in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

To rouse your excitement let us tell you that even the Olympic level athletes also come here for training in events like rowing. Others might not know who you are but once you start rowing, kayaking or canoeing, spectators will be cheering for you loud.

The place also has a section called RIVERSPORT Rapids and Adventures where visitors can try kayaking and whitewater rafting.

Other than these water-filled activities there are dry ones like zip-lining and climbing up the walls.

Civic Center Music Hall


Oklahoma City has its own proud story which involves the exhibition for live entertainment and one of the best venues in that regard is the city’s Civic Center Music hall. The place has been standing for about 80 years while having different names in the past but with one aspect remaining constant; to be the great venue.

No matter what time of the year one visits Oklahoma City, there will be something going on at the center and it will be great. One should not miss the chance of coming to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and not visiting this historic venue.

White Water Bay


Despite Oklahoma City being a landlocked city, there are still going to be a lot of ways to experience aquatic activities here. One such place is the White Water Bay which has a water park with long waterslides. There is nothing better to visit this place for cooling down.

While you might say that you have seen some mighty waterslides but they will be nothing in comparison to the Cannonball Falls and Acapulco Cliff Dive.  There is also a slide where one can slide down in a group named “Big Kahuna”.

There are also places like Monsoon Bay Wave pool for swimming or the Castaway Creek Lazy River for the milder swimming experience.

In addition to this, there are rides for little children as well as food stalls for adults that sell burgers and hot dogs.

Bricktown Water Taxi


Do not get fooled by the name Bricktown Water Taxi as this is not a regular taxi or the one from a rideshare app. But let us tell you that you must include the visit to this place on the list for best & fun things to do in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The recommended time for visiting this place is in summer but one can still ride any vessel of this establishment at any time of the year.

Riding on these water taxis, one will get to see several parts of the Bricktown District while sliding on the Bricktown Canal.

The availability of these rides is based on the season with tickets being as follows.

  • Regular tickets are 11 dollars for adults
  • For youths of ages 6 to 12 years; tickets are 8.50 dollars
  • For children of age 5 and below; tickets are 3.50 dollars

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