Best & Fun Things To Do In Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Best & Fun Things To Do In Lancaster, Pennsylvania

One of the most fascinating cities of Pennsylvania is Lancaster.

This is a city with a rich history with cultural roots that can be traced back to English, German and Dutch influences and is also renowned for its Mennonite and Amish communities.

There is a lot of country charm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with its farmlands and old-styled villages.

But this is not all about Lancaster, Pennsylvania because there is also a bustling city side to this city.

There are all kinds of places like shopping malls to amusement parks along with places where one can hike, swim, fish, bike, and kayak.

There won’t be the lack of adding things on a list of best & fun things to do in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Are you planning to experience one of the oldest cities in America? If you are then you are in luck because we have the list of best & fun things to do in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Dutch Wonderland


Dutch Wonderland should be on any list made about best & fun things to do in Lancaster, Pennsylvania as this is a kingdom, especially for kids. This place is amongst the city’s best amusement parks and offers amenities like waterslides to roller coasters so that kids of any age group can have fun till their heart’s content.

Toddlers can also have fun riding the teacup and carousel rides while teenagers can have fun on the bumper cars.

The park has not forgotten about its adult visitors as parents can get to spend a time of relaxation in the park’s many cafes, exhibits, and game booths.

The place only gets better for tourists with their amazing concessions that if a person is there whilst it’s raining for about an hour, they can get the park’s return ticket. And if the child is feeling cranky because of all the noise in the park, the tickets are fully refundable.

Turkey Hill Experience


For those with a Sweet tooth problem, there is a place for you in Lancaster, Pennsylvania named Turkey Hill Experience where you can eat ice creams and drink teas.

This place is great to visit whilst in the summer season and you will be thanking yourself after the experience.

This place is basically a dairy company that offers self-guided tours through this headquarters of theirs.

One can enjoy taking ice cream samples, bag their own leaves of exotic teas as well as milk the mechanical cow. Kids can have fun too as there is the company’s dairy truck right inside the building.

The best place in Turkey Hill is their Taste lab where for a little fee one gets to create their own flavor of ice cream. If you find yourself in Lancaster during hot summer days, then be sure to add this place on the list of best & fun things to do in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Choo Choo Barn


Everyone has a little kid inside and what do kids love most in toys? Well, train what else. Now you get to relive your childhood dream as there is such a place in Lancaster, Pennsylvania called Choo Choo Barn which has all kinds of train-related toys.

This is a 1700 square feet of an area with displays of items like toy trains, locomotives, and trams as well as other Lancaster hallmarks.

This place was started by a vet of WWII back in 1945 and the first thing was a modest train built for his own son. Afterward, the father-son duo decided to make it a life-long hobby of theirs that eventually took over their entire basement.

By the time it was college and the family needed funds, their train room was large enough, they decided to offer people to see it for a little fee. This was the birth of Choo Choo barn.

Long’s Park


If you want to visit one of the Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s liveliest places then the place to be is Long’s Park. This might seem like any regular park but venturing inside it you will be opened to a whole lot of possibilities.

If you are a lover of nature, you can fish, hike, bike, or even picnic with the family on the park’s lush grounds that have the natural beauty of spring-fed lake and wildflower fields.

Got kids with you? Don’t worry there is a petting zoo where your kids will have time of your life.

Or are you traveling with a bunch of close friends and want to experience some entertainment, the place also holds local events there like barbecue competition, a fair for fine arts and even musical festivals.

Be sure to add this place on the list of best & fun things to do in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Dutch Apple Dinner Theater


Nothing beats the experience of having a live show and eating a fine dinner. There is such a place that offers this experience in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and it is the Dutch Apple Dinner Theater.

This fine-dining restaurant is a great place to be with its padded seats and white tablecloth tables.

The classy atmosphere with waiters bringing the dishes in covered platters is a fine experience that will remain alive in one’s memories.

And to top it all off, these tables are facing towards a grand stage and after the curtains are raised, one gets to enjoy their dinner with a live theater show.

The theater performances can be of Annie or the Saturday Night Fever but you need to check the show schedule beforehand. This place can be added on the list of best & things to do in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for the couples.

Wolf Sanctuary of PA


For the last 100 years, the state of Pennsylvania has not seen any wild wolves but there is still a sanctuary that has them. This place is a must to add on the list of best & fun things to do in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for the thrill-seekers and animal lovers. The name of this place is Wolf Sanctuary of PA.

This non-profit organization houses hybrid and ordinary wolves to rehabilitate them for releasing them into the wild.

A guided tour is arranged by the sanctuary for visitors who get to enjoy seeing these majestic creatures in person.

Tours are held on Weekend and weekdays along with a special tour named Full moon Tour where one gets to enjoy the sanctuary during the night.

There are also other activities to be done here like holding bonfires to have a camp night or enjoying live entertainment held mostly on the special occasions.

Lancaster Science Factory


Another great place for kids to enjoy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is the Lancaster Science Factory where kids of Kindergarten to 8th grade can have fun.

The activities here might be a little messy but they are all in the STEM education.

Kids can play, dream, and build things that have real value in life by using the simple scientific and engineering tools.

Adults can also learn activities like learning how to code or how to mix different chemical products.

The place also holds lots of classes, workshops, and clubs that both children and parents can enjoy.

Field of Screams


Want to have some real thrill in Lancaster, Pennsylvania then add the Field of Screams on your list of best & fun things to do in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

This is the number one scariest tourist spot in the entire Pennsylvania with its dark corn maze that will make one question their every step.

The haunting house here will keep the heartbeats racing as one stumbles through zombies, monsters, demons, and other such terrors of horror films.

Be warned before going to the dark forest as the jump scares can leave you in need of a new pair of pants.

You do not need to wait for Halloween to have scary spooky fun in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Refreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center


Last but a must to be added on the list of best & fun things to do in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is the visit of the Refreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center. This place, build up on a beautiful and remote stretch of land in the woodlands, lives up to its name for being relaxing.

But this place also has thrilling activities within its ground like climbing towers, zip lines, and the daunting obstacle courses.

If you are up for a little bit sedated experience, take up the archery lessons, or have a tour of the establishment’s wildlife center.

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