Best & Fun Things To Do In Madison, Wisconsin

Best & Fun Things To Do In Madison, Wisconsin

The capital city of Wisconsin state is Madison and it is amongst the city’s one of the coolest cities.

The activities here are galore which is more likely if you are planning a visit to Madison, Wisconsin with your family or a group of friends.

Today we have made a list of all the possible best & fun things to do in Madison, Wisconsin.

Madison Museum of Contemporary Art


The first thing you need to add on the list for best & fun things to do in Madison, Wisconsin is the visit to the Madison Museum of Contemporary Arts. This place is dedicated to showing the visitors the importance of the creation of art and discussing the said art.

Coming inside this museum, you will be blown back by all the different kinds of artworks that are here for observation. A part of the museum called Overture Center for the Arts is the section build by a great architect named Cesar Pelli.

Other than that, there are also many other historical art pieces from artists like Diego Rivera. If you are more into the sculpture arts, there is a whole section dedicated to them called Sculpture Garden.

The place is open for visit all week long from 12 PM till 5 PM while the admissions are free for everyone.

Monona Terrace


Another great place to add on list for best & fun things to do in Madison, Wisconsin is the Monona Terrace which might sound like a relaxing point.

But you cannot be farther from the truth; especially if you arrive here during the night. This place is dedicated to many business-related events as well as conventions held in the city of Madison, Wisconsin.

Even if you don’t have any business in coming to Madison, Wisconsin, this place is still worth a visit.

While this place was opened for public only 22 years ago, the work of it started science many decades ago with the main creator of the building being Frank Lloyd Wright.

Nowadays, this place is the prime spot for holding wedding ceremonies and business conventions.

If you are a couple visiting Madison, Wisconsin, we do recommend visiting this place as its Lake Monona has a certain charm for the lovers on its lakefront deck.

The place is open for visitors 7 days a week from 8 Am till 5 PM whereas the rooftop area is opened only 4 days a week from 8 AM till 12 AM.

Olbrich Botanical Gardens


Another great place for the visit to be added on the list of best & fun things to do in Madison, Wisconsin is the Olbrich Botanical gardens where the gardens are gorgeous and rich in nature.

Anyone who is able to see the majesty of the botanical sciences will be truly awed and observant of why this is one of the most visited attractions in Madison, Wisconsin.

The place spanning over 16 acres of land offers visitors with some of the greatest gardens in Wisconsin.

Among the many gardens ones that are worth visiting are the Perennial Gardens and Rose garden. The place also holds the Olbrich’s Blooming Butterflies at their Bolz Conservatory in months of August and July.

The place is also open for visitors all week long from 10 AM till 4 PM. Admissions for the gardens are free whereas the visit of Bolz Conservatory ahs a 2-dollar admission fee.

Lathrop Hall


Nowadays the city of Madison is considered as one of the progressive cities in the state of Wisconsin and one of their best institutions is the University of Madison, Wisconsin, which once was a segregated institution.

Female students were allowed to interact with one another only at the university’s Lathrop hall. Nowadays this university is renowned for its arts emphasis such as its Dance Department.

Leering about Lathrop Hall to be a dance venue might seem a little bizarre but this place is simply more than that. There are actual 5 different studios which are all equipped with state of the art equipment.

The Lathrop Hall has an amazing theater named Margaret H’Doubler Performance Space along with one theater studio named Studio 59.

If you truly wish to be astounded by the dance, we recommend checking the calendar of the for UW-Madison’s Dance Department.

Camp Randall Stadium


One other great place to visit in Madison is the city’s Camp Randall Stadium which is nearly 100 years old. This is the very same stadium where the popular school football team named “The Badgers” play.

If you have heard about Green bay Packers then your chances of knowing that how much enthusiastic this state is about football.

And to keep this tradition of football sport alive, the place here in Madison is the Camp Randall Stadium.

While football games are the main attractions of this place one can also get a chance to see live concerts too. Among the renowned concerts held in this stadium, popular ones include the U2 and The Rolling Stones.

If you are truly lucky in planning your visit to Madison, Wisconsin, you might get to see an exhibition game of Green Bay Packers here. There are also places worth visiting inside the stadium like their luxury suites. We do recommend planning the visit to this stadium two weeks prior to coming here.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum


The day spent at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum will be the one that will have a lasting impression on you. This place offers one to experience a wide range of plant life that is great for learning about.

Even if your trip is not purely educational, this place is here to make your trip a memorable one. The main attractions inside the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum include places like the Wisconsin Native Plant Garden, the Viburnum Garden, and the Longenecker Horticultural Gardens.

If you are only interested in long walks, there are miles-long trials to ponder on biodiversity of this place which has different ecosystems like prairies and wetlands. These trials are opened all week long from 7 AM till 10 PM.

Allen Centennial Garden


Madison can truly be a dream place to visit for a florist as they have many places dedicated to plant lives. Among those many pales is the Allen Centennial Garden which is the part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum’s Horticultural Department. This place can help one to learn about the value of plants and their effect on our entire planet’s environment.

There are 2 kinds of tours to be taken at the Allen Centennial Garden; a self-guided free one and a paid guided one. For the guided one, one needs to have a group of 10 people otherwise a single person has to cough up 50 dollars for this tour.

There is also a special tour hosted by either the place’s Director of Horticulture or the Executive Director of Horticulture. The tour will be held only if 25 people are gathered for it.

The place is open for visits 7 days a week from 8 Am in the morning till 8 PM in the evening.

Admissions are free to the place but the normal tours cost 5 dollars per person and 10 dollars for tours hosted by the director or executive director.

The Duck Pond


Add the Duck Pond on your list of best & fun things to do in Madison, Wisconsin as this place will be a blast. Do not get fooled by its name as this is not a place to feed the birds. In fact, this is the home to the collegiate level baseball team named Madison Mallards which won not one but 2 league championships.

If you have planned the trip to Madison, Wisconsin in summer chances are that you might catch a game here. Before the Madison Mallards played here, many other baseball teams also played. This stadium has a rich history of about 35 years and nowadays it is one of the great places to visit in Madison.

Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier


Do you have a sweet tooth? Then all that craving, especially for chocolate, can be fulfilled here at the Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier. The products offered at the Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier are mainly caramels and truffles. The products have even led to great culinary experts such as Alton Brown to say praises about Gail.

The biggest success that Gail got was from the single origin chocolate of hers that is created from one type of cacao instead of a blend.

Pheasant Branch Conservancy


The last thing to add on list for best & fun things to do in Madison, Wisconsin is planning a trip to the city’s Pheasant Branch Conservancy.

This forested area is great for an end of a long trip to clear’s one mind form all the hustle and bustle of the city. The place is located near Madison’s Lake Mendota and is an ideal spot for hikers. Anyone can visit this place for free any day of the week from 7 AM till 10 PM.

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