Eighty-Nine Year Old Chuck Yeager; F-15 Eagle Honor Flight

Chuck Yeager; real name Charles Elwood “Chuck” Yeager is the former member of the US air force who is known to be the flying ace and record setting test pilot of the air force.

In 1947, Chuck became officially the first pilot in the world to have surpassed the speed of sound barrier in his level flight. His career at the start of World War 2 was of a Private form where he then enlisted for pilot training and was promoted to the rank of Flight Officer. He was the pilot for the P-51 Fighter aircraft.

On October 14th, 19947; Chuck Yeager was the test pilot for the experimental Bell X-1 for breaking Mach 1 at altitude of 45000 feet. After breaking in this first barrier he went on to break many other altitude and speed record.

In March 1st of 1975, after serving his assignments in Germany and Pakistan; Chuck Yeager retired from US Air force after serving nearly for 33 years of active duty. However he still occasionally makes fly for the USAF and NASA as their consulting pilot for Edwards air force base.

Following is the video of the Chuck Yeager having the amazing opportunity of boarding and flying an F-15 Eagle at the Nellis Air Force Base in USA. His flight was an honor flight and was conducted in recognition for Chuck manning the first ever sonic speed flight.

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