Top Best Kayaking Spots For Airline Crew in California

When in California you need to experience kayaking as the state is famous for it. The state is a paradise with many island waterways, massive harbors, a large coastline as well as various river habits that wait for exploring. The scenery of the place is also a sight to behold with forests and sandy beaches. If you are still not convinced then know that it also has its own ecosystem with migrating whales, schools of leopard sharks, and seals that all share this coastal state.

Kayaking trips are being held every time of the year despite the seasonal changes. As for land-based adventures, one can come with their loved ones to enjoy activities like mountain biking, hiking, as well as rock climbing.

So without any further wait, we bring to you a list of top best kayaking spots for airline crew in California.

LA River Kayak Safari

LARKS is a kayaking service that can be the top best kayaking spot for airline crew in California. This spot operates its services in the Elysian Valley located at the Los Angeles River. In the past, this river’s path was riddled with industrial pollution as well as runoff from streets that impacted on natural ecosystem negatively. However, following the new Water Act, the place has now even reverted back to its former beauty.

LARKS is a kayaking service that offers activities like bike tours and paddling for visitors in the area. A guide is also made available who will tell the link of the urban culture with the river’s lore. The rapids here are quite small that are well-suited for amateurs. Tours only last in-between 2 to 3 hours.

Adventures By The Sea

Adventures By The Sea is a company that is working from the Monterey Peninsula. The company offers tours for both land & sea exploration with a history ranging back to almost 30 years in the past. They have been operating for this long from 6 different locations with each having its own set of services.

The Cannery Row’s kayaking tour offers a tour through the raft of otters and kelp forests. Then there is Breakwater here visitors can enjoy the sight of harbor seals and sea lions in the blue waters. Lovers Point is a starting place from where one can take up either biking or kayaking tours. This company also lets its customers hire bikes, paddleboards, electric bikes, four-wheelers, and kayaks.

Bike and Kayak Tours, Inc.

Based in the region of San Diego; Bike And Kayak Tours, Inc offers services like snorkeling tours, biking and kayaking along the shore of La Jolla. If you are a free soul and o not need a guided tour, you can also hire the appropriate equipment for a self-guided trip. But we still recommend taking the tours under the expert tour guide who is knowledgeable of the local wildlife in the terrain and is focused on providing safety ad fun tours.

One of the kayaking tours can allow the tourists to explore 7 different coastal caves as well s the area that surrounds them. The special kayaking tour named Leopard Shark Encounter lets one experience kayaking as well as snorkeling with the magnificent and gentle Sealife. Other than Leopard Sharks, one can also enjoy seeing Sealife like garibaldi, dolphin and sea lions in this area. If you want to keep a memory of this trip, the company also offers the services of a talented photographer for recording the entire experience. If not, you can record these tours with Go Pro and digital cameras that can be hired out from the company.

Wild Blue Adventures

On the northwest of Los Angeles in Oxnard; Wild Blue Adventures operates its kayaking tours for excursions of Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary. If you are into seeing the whales then be sure to plan the trip in between December and April s the company guarantees the whales and their claves migrating through the region.

In the kayaking tour, one is transported to the Frenchies Cove located on the Anacapa Island by a boat. Once there, you are then transported about 4.5 miles further in via pick-up truck. Finally, at the end of the pick-up truck ride s a 53-foot Sunfish boat that carries its passengers to the Islands. There is Sunset Cruise that can easily accommodate tour for 49 passengers. While catering is arranged by the company, passengers still need to bring their own refreshments.

Cal Coast Adventures

Cal Coast Kayaking company offers a wide range of services like biking tours, kayaking tours, lessons about surfing, paddleboarding, as well as rending of the beach equipment. Operating from the area of Santa Barbara, the company has a motto of offering a new view of this city. They have a rich stock of hybrid, electric, and mountain bikes along with beach cruisers.

Customers get to choose the starting point for their biking tours the most famous of the biking tours is the Bike & Beverage Tour with an expert guide about the wine and beer market of the region this tour also includes customers getting to taste the beers and wines as well as tours of the two of the local wineries and breweries. The company also offers Group Tour booking. Another one of the company’s impressive activity is Bubble Soccer.

Central Coast Kayaks 

Operating from the mid-way between San Francisco and Los Angeles; Central Coastal Kayaks has been operating since 1993. In the services offered by this company include kayaking and biking tours, fishing expeditions, lessons on kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding as well as renting beach related stuff.

Their Avila Kayaking Tour is about a visit of the bay along with a tour of the historic 19th Century lighthouse on the beach. As for their naturalist tour, it spans for around 3 hours of kayaking where one gets to see the otters, dolphins and seals playing in the waters. Then there are those renowned cave excursions that allow visitors to explore arches, kelp forests, rock gardens and grottos in the area. As for the Kayaking fishing tours, they are only available in-between April and December. The best catches during these months include sea bass, halibut, and salmon.

Channel Islands Kayak Center

This is a kayaking company that is located in the northwest region of Los Angeles. They are there to offer guided tours of the islands with a focus on a family-friendly approach. These tours include the orientation sessions as well as information about the harbor market and its history.

Visiting through the inland caves will allow the tourist to enjoy the sights of sea lions, marine birds, and seals in the crystal clear sea water. The company has the service of renting out kayaks as well as other beach related equipment. They also tend to sell out their older inventory from time to time.

La Jolla Sea Cave Kayaks

Jen Kleck is the founder and owner of La Jolla Sea Cave Kayaks. He is a person who has the Level 5 certification for kayak guiding ad instruction; the highest possible certification in California. The company’s kayaking tours are operated within a distinctive marine ecological reserve that has its 5 different ecosystems; spanning the area of around 2 square miles.

This marine ecological reserve has many rocky shallows, steep cliffs, deepwater canyons, and kelp forests with each having their own species of flora and fauna. While the sea cave tours only take half an hour, they are still not a safer way to enjoy kayaking.

La Vida Laguna

La Vida Laguna company operates its kayaking tours from the south of Los Angeles at Laguna Beach. The company’s main objective is to offer its services to the corporate market for offering experiences like team building retreats as well as various other fun activities. Their programs include a one-day excursion to multiple day vacation along with leadership & personal development courses.

Public tours are also offered with both lessons about the area and the safety during the tours and how to use the equipments properly. Their paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing, and electric bike riding tours all range for around 2 hours. On their biking tours, visitors get to roam through the parks, gardens, and streets of Los Angeles. As for their Sea Faring Tours, they are headed for cliffs, fisheries, kelp forests, and LA’s hidden beaches. Guides on these tours are knowledgeable about the biodiversity and local history of the region.

Santa Barbara Adventure Company

Santa Barbara Adventure Company offers a wide range of sea-related activities like kayaking tours, guided bike tours, lessons about team building. The kayaking and paddleboarding lessons and tours along with other beach-related activities are offered on the mainland coast. The long kayaking tours that takes one to Channel islands National park and Scorpion Anchorage; one needs to come back on the company’s ferry. As for land tours, they include bike tours, rock climbing excursions as well as wine country tours.

Other than these, the company also offers multi-sport packages for not only youth groups and families but also for cooperates. As for school groups, their tours are customized as per their curriculum.

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