Best & Fun Things To Do In Salt Lake City, Utah

Best & Fun Things To Do In Salt Lake City, Utah

Out of all the coolest places in the USA, the Salt Lake City, Utah is amongst the very top.

The place is teeming with religious history as well as unique culture in a densely populous city with lots of places to visit, entertainments to enjoy and unique sightseeing places to explore without considering the time of the day.

While it can get pretty troublesome to narrow down just a few of the best & fun things to do in Salt Lake City, Utah, but you can still have lots of fun even on a limited time vacation.

Today we have compiled a list of all the best & fun things to do in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir


Out of the many best & fun things to do in Salt Lake City, Utah, you have got to visit the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. One does not need to be a religious fellow to enjoy the beautiful melodies coming from this place all thanks to the talented group of singers there.

At 9:30 Am of every Sunday morning, the performance of the choir is broadcasted live. But if one is in between Utah during the months of November and September, they can get to experience the singing live for free.

During these months, the tabernacle choir offers the public to have free attendance of the choir rehearsals for about an hour on Every Thursday night.

In months of December, September, and June, the choir also holds performances of the choir for catering to a larger crowd at the city’s LDS Conference Center located near the Temple Square of the city.

Temple Square


Among the top 10 places to visit in Salt Lake City, Utah, Temple Square is one of them and is also one of the very best.

It is located in the Downtown area of Salt Lake City, Utah, and with the main attraction of SLC; this place is a combination of imposing structures and architecture.

Spanning across 10 acres of land, this place offers one to view gorgeous greenery while the square is used for the headquarters of the Church of Latter-Day Saints.

While one is at the Temple Square, they can get to learn all the amazing history about Mormons and the regional intricacies. Volunteers on site also offer free of cost tours that can allow one to learn different historical facts about the background of the place.

Great Salt Lake


Add the visit of the Great Salt Lake on your list of best & fun things to do in Salt Lake City, Utah. This lake runs for about 1700 square miles, which makes it Utah’s biggest lake as well as the biggest one between Mississippi River and Utah.

The salty nature of this lake is because of its mineral deposits which it leaves after the water evaporates. This is the same lake that gave the city the name Salt Lake City.

Out of many activities, one can enjoy swimming, boating, and fishing. If you are on a family vacation, this is the best place to hold a picnic near this gorgeous body of water.

There are also hiking trails where one can see a wide range of animals and all of this is for free.

Utah’s Hogle Zoo


For the family vacation with lots of kids, one ahs to add the visit of the Hogle Zoo on list of best & fun things to do in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This zoo covers about 42 acres of land and is known among the top tourist attractions of the city.

Located near the Wasatch Mountain range, this place has a wide range of animal collection that is not only local of the city but some are rare and exotic.

Among the many exhibits of the zoo, the most famous one is where one can see different ecosystems individually.

The African Savannah exhibit offers an audience to see lions, giraffes, ostriches, and zebras.

Then there is Elephant Encounter which you can judge by its name and the Rocky Shores exhibit which shows marine animals including polar bears.

Ensign Peak


If you are visiting Salt Lake City, Utah for only the weekend, we recommend adding the visit of Ensign Peak on a list of best & fun things to do in Salt Lake City, Utah. This place offers one to enjoy the best view of SLC.

The place is located only a half-mile hike upwards which is even great for novice hikers. The best time to be at Ensign Peak is when the sun is setting but this is the time when the place is also most crowded.

Standing here at sunset, one gets to enjoy the view of the Salt lake as it bathes in the orange setting light of the sun as well as see the SLC Valley and the whole city being enveloped slowly into the darkness of night.

Liberty Park


Among the many iconic places to visit in Salt Lake City, Utah, Liberty Park is a special one.

This place was purchased first from Birmingham Young’s estate in 1991 and is now currently in the National Registry of Historic Places in the USA.

This oasis-like land covers about 80 acres of area and is the city’s largest park.

Arriving at Liberty Park, one can choose to bike or go on a hike to view the lush green landscape or play a game of basketball. There is also an option to do swimming in the many pools in the park.

The park also has on-site the oldest commercial purpose building of Utah the Isaac Chase Mill.

Then there is the Tracey Aviary which houses about 135 different species of birds with most being endangered ones.

This Is The Place Monument


Do you know how Salt Lake City came to be the home for the Mormon faith? Well, this long history started right at the place called “This Is The Place Monument”.

Mormon followers were hiking and traveling across the 1300 miles with Young Birmingham before they came out of emigration Canyon and they saw the Salt Lake City/

Young took notice of this place to be the one he envisioned them to be at. 100 years after those early Mormon followers have settled in Salt Lake City, they erected this monument making it to be here since 1947.

Salt Lake City Public Library


If you come to Salt Lake City, Utah, we recommend a visit to the city’s Salt Lake City Public Library opened back in 2003. This place is not only for both lovers but also for the architecture lovers as well.

The place contains in it around 500000 books along with lots of different areas where one can sit back and relax while enjoying reading their favorite book.

This library’s building is perhaps on the list of the buildings that boast modern architecture in the entire city of SLC.

On top of the library is the rooftop garden which lets one view the amazing view of Wasatch Mountain.

Summum Pyramid


One must definitely add the visit of Summum Pyramid on the list of best & fun things to do in Salt Lake City, Utah. This word Summum is the wordplay on the Latin word Summus which translates to Highest.

This pyramid’s construction was completed back in 1979 and serves the role of being a modern-day mummification service provider along with being a church center for offering meditation.

The founder of the Summum religion Claude Corky Nowell founded it back in 1975 after his claim of having the bizarre encounter with beings having super-high intelligence which he called Summa Individuals.

According to him, these beings revealed to him the true nature of the universe and compelled him to change his name and make it Summum Bonum Amon Ra as well as form this religion. The beliefs of the Summum religion are based on Polytheism which seems like a mix of science fiction and spirituality.

Big Cottonwood Canyon


Even if you are in Salt Lake City, Utah for only a day, make the trip to the Big Cottonwood Canyon which spans across 15 miles at the bottom of Wasatch Mountain Range.

This place is only a little drive away from SLC’s urban parts and offers lots of outdoor activities.

The place also boasts to have many lakes such as Lake Blanche and Lake Mary or one can simply choose from activities like walking, hiking, biking, or viewing of the natural scenery. The place is best for one to visit with the family to hold a picnic and play outdoor games. In winter, the place holds winter sports too.

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