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Indianapolis is amongst the United State’s top tourist spots and it also holds a spot in worlds top tourist destinations. There are lots of best & fun things to do in Indianapolis, Indiana.

If one is planning to take a visit of this city, then they need to have a clear list of all the best & fun things to do in Indianapolis, Indiana to make the time there a memorable one.

Monument Circle


The first on the list of best & fun things to do in Indianapolis, Indiana is the visit of the city’s Monument Circle. This place has its other name which is Soldiers and Sailors Monument and a visit of this place is highly recommended.

This is one of the city’s hottest tourist attractions as it is located in the middle of Indianapolis, Indiana.

This large monument towers at a height of 284.5 feet which was build for honoring the memory of the soldiers and sailors that served the United States of America.

The monument is of neoclassical style and is surrounded by many other amazing statues that are carved to exhibit the courage of these people’s battle with a woman standing at the front of it all.

The memorial grounds also offer visitors to take a trip inside the Civil War Museum.

Indianapolis Museum of Art


Coming to Indianapolis, Indiana, on must visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art which has inside about 54000 art pieces that were collected from all over the world mainly from America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

There is the huge series of Encyclopedia inside this building which covers different types of genres.

Other than arts, there are other masterpieces of renowned artists in fields of ceramics, textiles and designs.

Depending on the time of the visit, there is a chance that the museum might host an informative event otherwise lectures are held on various subjects here all year long.

White River State Park


Today in Indianan, there are many river parks but the White River State Park is inarguably amongst the very best there are.

It is located in the downtown area of the city and covers about 250 acres of land which is filled with gorgeous trials for walking and sitting areas, picnicking areas and other spots to feel relaxed and refreshed.

One such place inside the park is the Canal Walk which loops about 3 miles along the waterfront where one can enjoy the tranquility of the scenery.

Lilly House and Gardens


Put the visit of Lilly House and Gardens on your list of best & fun things to do in Indianapolis, Indiana. This place is also one of the National Historic Landmarks in the state.

In actuality, this place is the part of the Indianapolis Museum of Art and is worth a visit if one is even in the city for a day.

This place filled with greenery covers around 26 acres which is one big well cared garden. The garden is actually maintained by a firm which also designed the Central park.

As for the Lily House, this is was once the residence of a renowned philanthropist and collector named J.K. Lilly Jr. this place has been restored to the time it was back in the 1930s impeccably.

Bad Axe Throwing


The city of Indianapolis, Indiana is known for having an unusual but thrilling pass time sport; Axe Throwing.

The best place to do this activity in Indianapolis, Indiana is the Bad Axe throwing. The game is simple, you need to throw a large and a very heavy ax on a target located straight ahead of you. Throwing axes at these targets will give you a rush of adrenaline and can be an awesome tension reliever.

Duckpin Bowling


Among many of the unusual sports that people of Indianapolis, Indiana play, another is the Duckpin Bowling which is quite like the traditional bowling but has a unique twist to it making it a special sport.

This bowling actually involves small pins, lanes and balls which give this sport a vintage feeling like when it was used to play back in Indiana of 1930s.

The scoring pattern of this game is also not similar to that of regular bowling but these rules are easy to pick up on.

One of the best places that offer Duckpin Bowling in Indianapolis, Indiana is the Action & Atomic Duckpin Bowling.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum


Indian is famed for racing and this is why one must add the trip of Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum on the list for best & fun things to do in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This speedway hosts the famed Indy 500 races whereas the museum gives one to look into the history of Indy racing.

This place has actually been classified as the National Historic Landmark that attracts tourists from all over the US.

With its many amazing vehicles in displays and countless memorabilia, this place can be an adventure land for Indy racing fans.

There are also tours held here which lets one go through places like the victory platform, garages where racing cars are kept and the Gasoline Alley Hospitality Suite.

Eiteljorg Museum


Named after its founder named Harrison Eiteljorg, the Eiteljorg Museum for American Indians and Western Arts is located in downtown Indianapolis. This museum offers its visitors to see many great exhibits of the Western and Native American cultures.

If one is interested, they can take part in the museum’s various programs and workshops even if it’s just for a day.

Lucas Oil Stadium


Coming to Indianapolis, Indiana, one must not miss a chance of visiting the Lucas Oil Stadium where a wide range of events are hosted. If you have planned your trip to Indianapolis, Indiana just right, you can get a chance to catch a game of the Indianapolis Colts or the Indy Eleven Soccer.

Stadium also offers visitors to torus its grounds on certain days of a week. There are lots of eateries within the stadium that offers local delicacies or simple see the grand The House That Manning Built.

Holliday Park


Coming to Indianapolis, Indiana with your kids? Then do add the trip of Holliday Park on list of all the best & fun things to do in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This amazing park is built upon 94 acres that offers on its grounds a playground where kids can go wild. Then there are other attractions like the nature center and an arboretum which offers fun for people of all ages.

There are family picnic spots in Holliday Park where one can enjoy a day with their family while barbecuing.

There is an unusual attraction inside Holliday park; the ruins of a New York Skyscraper. This skyscraper was demolished in New York and remains were brought here to turn into stunning artwork.

K1 Speed


Another great place for visit in Indianapolis, Indiana is the K1 Speed. As we know that racing is big in Indianapolis, Indiana, the K1 Speed offers some really cool racing opportunities to its visitors.

Regardless of the age group, rent a go-kart and enjoy driving on the race track which spans for 900 feet. The racetrack is leveled to offer better performance and superior control.

Done with go-carting? Then have some rest in the lounge or play some of the games or simply grab something to eat from the snack bar.

There are also few memorabilia here for visitors to see which are all authentic and are of tracing history.

Market Street Catacombs


Underneath the bustling streets of Indianapolis, Indiana, there are the ominous sounding Market Street Catacombs. These tunnels were built about a century ago from the limestone and bricks and are interconnected with each other.

These catacombs span for about 20000 feet but they are not really the standard catacombs. Instead, this place is used as a transport route for transportation of the meat and other produce to and from Indianapolis, Indiana to keep it cool before the invention of refrigeration.

This place is called catacombs today to add on a layer of mystery to it. Tours of these places are offered but not all year long and one has to make the reservation beforehand.

There is a chance that this place will soon be opened full time as one of the new and hot tourist spots in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Eagle Creek Park


Last but not in the very least on list of all the best & fun things to do in Indianapolis, Indiana, is the Eagle Creek Park. This Park is mostly in use as a nature reserve which takes up about 3900 acres of land with the water body covering almost 1400 acres.

This place is not only a well-known tourist spot but also a widely visited local attraction.

The park offers tons of amazing trails, waterways and landscapes and all of them are natural. Inside the park is another park called Bark Park where people can come only with canines. In other activities around the Creek Park is to play golf, spend time at a shooting range or do hiking, swimming or fishing or all of these things.

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