Best & Fun Things To Do In Reno, Nevada

Best & Fun Things To Do In Reno, Nevada

Nevada’s city named Reno is known for being home to lots of amazing vacation spots and there seems to no limit on entertainment one can have here. The place is an ideal vacation point for the tourists coming to Reno, Nevada out of city.

If you are planning to visit the Biggest Little City of the World, then you must have a list for all the best & fun things to do in Reno, Nevada.

Well, you guys are in luck if you plan to visit Reno anytime soon.

We have made a list for all the best & fun things to do in Reno, Nevada which is suitable for the people of all age group.

Fleischmann Planetarium & Science Center


The first place to add on list for best & fun things to do in Reno, Nevada is to visit the Fleischmann planetarium & Science Center. This place was opened back in 1963 for public visit and is a part of the University of Reno, Nevada

The planetarium is located on the campus grounds but it is open for public tours for a little admission fee where one can visit places like the observatory, field trips, and take torus as well.

This center has also been listed in the National Register of Historic Buildings due to its architectural design. This design is in form of a hyperbolic paraboloid which was designed by the architecture named Ray Hellman.

The inside of this place offers one to learn about space as it has a grand dome theater which makes use of a Spitz SciDome Digital Projector for exhibitions. The show helps one to be educated about planets and solar systems.

Rancho San Rafael Park


Among the many parks in Reno, Nevada, the biggest one of them all is the Rancho San Rafael Park which is of hundreds of acres. It is filled with many natural areas that include places like desert landscapes, mountain landscapes, wetland habitats as well as huge lakes among many others.

This park was initially a cattle ranch but was then purchased by the County of Washoe and was transformed into a local park.

The park still has 2 ranch houses on its grounds depicting how this place once used to be.

Inside the park one can enjoy many great outdoor activities such as playing volleyball, fishing, walking on the trails, having a family picnic or simply explore one’s surroundings.

Circus Circus Casino


Add the trip to the Circus Circus Casino on your list of best & fun things to do in Reno, Nevada. The reason is that it is not only a well-established casino but also a resort that caters to needs of a family.

If you are not short on budget stay, your family will have lots of fun here as there are many kid-friendly sources of entertainment like concerts, acrobats, animal shows.

The place as the name suggests conducts circus acts daily as well as carnival games for children to take part in and win fun prizes like those big stuffed animals.

Mount Rose Ski Resort


Another place to be added on list for best & fun things to do in Reno, Nevada is panning visit for the Mount Rose Ski Resort. This place offers a wholesome family fun which is located in the middle of the Toiyabe national Forest that overs about 1200 acres. As for the ski resort, it has over 8 lifts and 60 runs which have been increasing steadily since the ski resort was opened back in 1963.

In fact, in Reno, Nevada, the Mount Rose happens to be the highest place standing atop 8000 feet while offering 1800 feet of vertical terrain for skiing.

The ski resort offers many different parks for skiing like the Badlands, the Pondo Park and the Double Down.

The longest run at the resort measure for about 2.5 miles for pro skiers along with many smaller ones for beginners.

Pyramid Lake


Among the many great sightseeing places in Reno, Nevada, one can hope to see the best one which is the Pyramid Lake. This place has also been deemed amongst the most beautiful places in all of USA. The picturesque like beauty of this lake makes one to take a photo of it and use it as wallpaper for their phone.

The name of the lake is due to the conical rock formations of it which are poking out of its clear waters.

These rocky formations are of limestone tufa rocks which tend to rise on the still waters. After the water of an ancient lake tends to recede, these rocky formations protrude out giving the lake a mystic feeling.

National Bowling Stadium


If you have watched the Farrelly Brothers’ 1969 film titled Kingpin then you be able to remember the name National bowling Stadium which starred great actors like Bill Murray and Woody Harleson.

As for this stadium, it was constructed back in 1995 featuring 5 stories that have 78 lanes with space for about 10000 people. The place also has inside a movie theater along with many clubs that have been themed on bowling.

The place is called stadium for a reason as this place is used for the professional bowling tournaments for a full 78 lanes. But one can still play the games at closed lanes.

The computer-aided tracking system allows for one to have their game improved based on AI critique.

This stadium also has the Hall of Fame which features the bowling information of the past players as well as many memorabilia are on display. Best of all; you don’t have to pay a dime to come inside.

The Riverwalk


If you are looking for something free in Reno, Nevada, then we give to The Riverwalk which is one of the many free locations to visit in the city.

This place follows along the Truckee River and offers a place where urban renaissance seems to come alive.

At the Riverwalk, there is always bound to be some kind of event happening such as music concerts on streets, wine walks, competitions for face painting and much more.

You can also rent a bike here or simply take a long walk to explore this entire whimsical area.

Animal Ark


Animal Ark is the wildlife sanctuary based in Reno, Nevada which was opened back in 1981 and has been working as an education center and a caring home for the wild animals.

The place is spanned across 38 acres and features animals that are indigenous to this city. Every animal here is treated with care inside an expansive enclosure that is surrounded well with boulders and vegetation for matching with the original habitat of the said animal.

The place feels like a zoo but one can easily tell the difference apart after moving around the place a little bit. They have all sorts of animals like foxes, bears, coyotes, cheetahs, raptors, wolves, reptiles and bobcats.

The sanctuary’s desert terrain host an event called Cheetah Runs where they let the Cheetahs run freely.

Great Reno Balloon Race


One of the best & fun things to do in Reno, Nevada is to attend the annual Great Reno balloon Race which is seen by 120000 people

The event is held for drawing tourist to the city and making the city presentable as a family-friendly place. The event asks for no charges for attendance. This balloon race happens to be one of the biggest of its kind all over the globe

This event was first started back in 1982 and only 20 balloons but since then 100 balloons are featured here each year.

One can come with family, grab a lawn chair, relax back and watch the balloons tear through the skies and also the winning balloons first touching the land at sun set.

Idlewild Park


Visiting the Natural scenic places and parks are among the best and fun thing to do in Reno, Nevada because they are not only free but are also quite beautiful.

Among Reno’s many parks, Idlewild Park is a special one as it is located right next to the renowned Truckee River and covers about 49 acres.

This park was developed back in 1927 and has only garnered more fame and attention in the past years.

The park offers many rounds inside like the Lions Club Park where kids can play games as well as take a ride of the little train there.

For adults, they can have a fun game of tennis at the many tennis courts or do some bicycling on the park’s many trails.

Greater Nevada Field


Another great attraction in Reno, Nevada is the city’s Greater Nevada Field which is home stadium for a minor league baseball team which is amongst the very vest.,

The place was opened in 2009 for the Triple-A Reno Aces; the league team of Pacific Coast. This gorgeous stadium overlooks the mountains in the back and offers a natural grass surface. This ball park offers 6500 fixe seats while the total seating capacity is for 9100 people

The stadium also has 2 dugout suites right behind the home plate that offers space for 30 people as well as 22 skyboxes for fitting inside 150 people.

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