Best Things To Do & Places To Visit In Arizona

Arizona is one of those places in the USA which are known for their tons of tourist attractions and vacation spots that one musty certainly visit once. All the places in Arizona have their own features and points of interest.

It can become really troubling to figure out all of the best things to do & the best places to visit in Arizona in just under a week. But we have that under control as we give to you a list of all the best things to do & the best places to visit in Arizona.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument

The first of the best things to do & best places to visit in Arizona must be the visit of the Canyon de Chelly National monument located inside the Navajo Nation. This is a place which has been through an uninterrupted human culture of the Navajo and Anasazi people for more than 5000 years.

However, today, this place is a complete ruin but it is still a worth visiting site. If one takes a guided tour or a solo hike of the region, they will come to appreciate the natural beauty of this region. There are cliff dwellings located high up and carved inside the canyon walls.

Walnut Canyon

Looking for the best things to do & best places to visit in Arizona? Let us recommend a visit of the Walnut Canyon, as this place will be a dive for you deep into the pre-Colombian history.

This place happens to be amongst the best tourist attractions of the state with its cliff dwellings of the past that are built on canyon walls’ side.

This Walnut Canyon was once used be the home for Sinagua folks before the abandoned it. The thing that makes the disappearance of the Sinagua folks strange is that they were used to living in this region’s harsh climates and had also built a trading empire.

The puzzle of their disappearance from here remains to be solved by archeologists and historians.

Grand Canyon

One of the best things to do & best places to visit in Arizona is none other than the visit of the Grand Canyon; an internationally renowned jewel of a tourist attraction in the Colorado Province. This is not only one of the most beautiful places in Arizona but also in the entire USA.

The canyon is large enough to be easily viewed from Space and has a spot on any list for Arizona’s best travel distractions.

The rich biodiversity, breaking views, and all those challenging activities offered by the terrain, fails to make any moment here dull.

One can take a white-water rafting experience on the Colorado River or take hiking trails to marvel at the natural beauty of the canyon’s walls.

If you feel tired by walking, there are also mules one can rent.

Antelope Canyon

For those who love to add a little bit of danger to their sense on a vacation, we recommend the visit of the Antelope Canyon.

This place has a notoriety for experiencing flash floods quite often and the canyon requires tourists for taking only the guided torus to ensure safety.

But despite this danger, this is still one of the best things to do & best places to visit in Arizona. The sandstone canyon walls are the reminiscent of the time when the water used to rush down there and the view can be a memorable one from either the top or at the bottom.

The canyon is named as such because of the pronghorn antelopes that used to be in abundance here once.

Wupatki National Monument

There are many great sightseeing places in Arizona and one of them is the Wupatki National Monument. The place is located in the desert vistas of the state right in the middle and is known for being the pueblo ruins of the country.

The place is well preserved and despite these excavations started back in 1800s, the work here is still ongoing as there are no other pueblo ruins that are in such well preserved state as this one.

Coming here at around sunset and viewing the region feels as if the buildings and houses here are still in wait for their inhabitants that never came home.

Petrified Forest National Park

Scenic places are not much of a people pleaser but when in Arizona they are one of the best things to do & best places to visit in the Arizona.

One of these places is the Petrified Forest National park which stretches to the northeastern region of the state as it covers the Apache and Navajo counties of the areas. The whole region is about 146 square miles in length.

The place was turned into a national Monument back in 1906 and the park here offers a stunning terrain that is hard to be found in the world.

Simply walking through the petrified trees of this park is an adventure in its own self.

Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain is the place named after the distinctive shape and is high up on list of the best things to do & best places to visit in Arizona.

The place has a history for being the early colonies of the Native Americans which makes it’s a great destination for budding archaeologists and historians.

However, the fun is best for the geologists. The head of the camel of the Camelback Mountain is of the red sandstone which is eroding quickly as compared to the hard granite that sits on top.

Lake Powell

When in Arizona, you cannot miss the chance of visiting the Lake Powell. This is the man-made water reservoir which was made in 1972 located by the Colorado River. It was created after the Glen Canyon Dam’s construction led to the flooding of the Glen Canyon.

Nowadays the pale not only supplies water for multiple states but offers countless water-based activities in its arid landscapes.

To beat the heat of the Arizona summer, we recommend doing things like water skiing, swimming, boating and fishing.

Then there is the Rainbow Bridge Tour which is a rock arch only accessible by the boat.


Back in the early Victorian era days, when all the pioneers of the USA were only coming here in search of fertile lands and heaps of gold, the town called Tombstone was renowned.

Unlike all of the previously explained attractions, Tombstone is designed for taking care of the tourists explicitly.

Stepping inside the Tombstone will feel as if one has been sent back to the Old West with the buildings matching that era and the staged recreation of the gunfights.

There are also places here where one can leans the mining history of the town. One of these places is the Museum located inside the Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park.

Havasupai Falls

Deep into the heart of the Grand Canyon on the reservation of Havasupai is located the Havasu Cavern which has many of the aquamarine waterfalls. These are the waterfalls that have the Havasupai people this name.

Despite these waterfalls of the region being a natural wonder, the place still remains one of the lesser known tourist attractions in Arizona.

Among the many waterfalls, on most popular is the Havasu Waterfall with its turquoise cascades that feels as if the water passing through is transparent.

The place is hard to reach as one needs to have a special permit for reaching the reservation and the journey to there is also a tough one.

Meteor Crater

One of the best things to do & best places to visit in Arizona is to visit the deserts of the region and view the places like Barringer Crater or also known as Meteor Crater. This is the biggest scar on the face of planet Earth which was resulted by a meteor falling on earth about 50000 years ago.

The place might be a beautiful one but is also dangerous as well. Back in 1964, a Cessna 150 plane flew too low over this place and fell down. As for the pilots they were fortunate enough to live.

The wreckage of that plane is still there to prevent other daredevil pilots to perform the same stunt.


Horseshoe Bend

The Glen Canyon Recreational Area in Arizona has some of the state’s best places to visit.

One of these places that are hard to come by anywhere else in the world is the Horseshoe Bend.,

Colorado River flows about 1000 feet above the sea level as it carves its way from the middle of the rocky plateau and makes its way to southwest.

The geological makeup of the deserts here causes this river to flow in all the different types of shapes. One of these turns by the river makes a U-shaped bend which looks exactly like a horseshoe.

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