Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

For those of you who have plans on having a Caribbean vacation, we recommend considering Aruba as your next destination.

The island nation of Aruba is amongst world’s very best tourist destinations as it brings out the greatest aspects for a luxury vacation with its amazing climate and stunning scenery as well as the distinct culture which focuses mainly on hospitality.

There are lots of best & fun things to do in Aruba and the following list is going to be helpful in making your trip there great.

Aruba’s Natural Pool

Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

The first thing on the list for the best & fun things to do in Aruba is to plan to visit the Natural Pool in Aruba. One cannot simply make a trip to the place without thinking about cooling off with a light swim.

The Aruba Natural pool is one of the best and amazing places to visit in the country which is the part of the Arikok National park. This pool is actually surrounded entirely by the volcanic rocks.

The terrain for reaching this place is quite rough so one need to travel on a 4-wheel vehicle the hike there is about 3 miles long. Water of the pool is downstairs and is about 17 feet in depth but is often filled with tourists.

Aruba Aloe Factory

Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

Among the many great medical plants one of them is Aloe which is an herbal wonder. This plant can help one treat minor cuts and burns.

As for Aruba, they appreciate this plant too much and the country has even a factory called Aruba Aloe Factory.

Visit of this factory will open your mind as how amazing this plant really is and how has it helped the world.

The museum inside the factory dedicated to Aloe will help one understand the practice on how to cultivate Aloe. Apart from that, one can also check out the professional of the plant making that renowned Aruba Aloe.

Tours are held at factory after every 15 minutes and can easily be a fun and informative tour of a factory for you.

Palm Beach

Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

Even if one has not heard of Aruba, they might have heard about Palm Beach. This place happens to be Aruba’s one of the many visited tropical points as well as on entire earth. One must certainly add this on their list of best & fun things to do in Aruba.

This place seems to be made with intention of melting one’s worries away and the pleasure on the beach seems to be an endless stretch.

The water of this beach has a positive glow to it and is of brilliant blue shade that makes one gasp at nature’s beauty.

Fun activities one can do at the Palm Beach include swimming surfing, and scuba diving or simply to explore along the coast.

Arikok National Park

Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

For the hike lovers, they must add Arikok National park on list for best & fun things to do in Aruba.

The hiking experience at this park’s trails can be one that can be heavy on your all other hiking experiences. Actually a little under a quarter of the entire Aruba is made of this national park so it is basically inescapable of visiting.

But who in their right mind would miss the chance of exploring this place’s beautiful caverns, cliffs, and other amazing sights.

One needs to get here at either sun set or at sunrise to experience the magical beauty of this place.


Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

One of the best & fun things to do in Aruba is most definitely is sailing that can be a fun memory of your trip. On a breezy day, one can enjoy navigating through the vast sea on their vessel. Feeling the wind of sea against the neck and smelling that salty air of sea is a worthwhile doing moment.

There is a service Aruba Sailing Torus that can offer one to traverse the seawaters in a beautiful sailboat.

Charlie’s Bar

Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

Coming to Aruba, you must visit the Charlie’s bar as the name of the place gives it a nice friendly feel. As one step inside this bar, they feels like they are in a place of trust and find themselves adapting to their surrounding well.

Like any great bar, the place has some really refreshing cold drinks and it is just what one needs after a day of fun in Aruba.

One of the great things about Charlie’s Bar is all the cool items that are on display there like the mine’s lanterns or the old car registration plates.

Aruba Bob Snorkeling

Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

Aruba Bob Snorkeling might sound like the bobsledding done underwater but it is a small business that is operated by a really cool man named Aruba Bob.

If you have never been through snorkeling then be sure to be amazed as this will most likely be the best experience of your entire life.

The depth of the Caribbean Sea has many wonders and to make this activity fun and smooth, Aruba Bob also offers scooters that are used for snorkeling along with all the gear needed for snorkeling such as snorkels, masks as well as lifejackets.

A single tour lasts about 90 minutes but Aruba Bob makes sure that the guests are well-accommodated as they get to see many tropical fish species and colorful corals.

Donkey Sanctuary

Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

One of the unique yet best & fun things to do in Aruba is to visit the Donkey Sanctuary which is actually a conservation program of the nation.

Nowadays, the donkey population in Aruba is really high but it was not until the sanctuary was opened back in 1997. Before that the species were suffering serious decline since the last century.

California Dunes

Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

Do not let the name California Dunes fool you into thinking that you are in western state of United States. This place is still and most definitely is part of Aruba.

For the nature lovers, this place is a must to add on their list of best & fun things to do in Aruba. The thing that makes this place special is its color scheme which is a combination of the brown and yellow that only gets better if one continues to look at them for quite some time.

Natural Bridges

Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

Among the many great sightseeing places in Aruba, one is the island’s natural bridges. These bridges were created after millenniums of water and wind tore through the rocky formations to create them.

The well-known bridge of Aruba was the Natural Bridge which unfortunately got collapsed during 2005 but its ruins can still be viewed.

These natural bridges of Aruba give this place a natural feeling and make the place a great tourist destination.

Baby Beach

Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

Baby Beach with its great scenery matches its cute name and is inarguably one of the top visited tourist spots in Aruba. The name of this beach is because it hosts the tranquil of the waves and if one is traveling to Aruba with their kids then this is the place to be.

If you want to do snorkeling or swimming with your family, the calm waves of this place will be a perfect fit for your children.

The place also has many food stalls that offer everything from seafood to hot dogs and hamburgers.

Boca Catalina

Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

Coming to Aruba, one must already be aware of the fact that this island nation is home to many great beaches and one of them is called Boca Catalina.

This beach is located on Island’s western region and is most visited due to it being surrounded by other beaches like Noord and Malmok beach.

The beach offers various in and outside of water activities. One can choose to walk along the white sandy beach or on its surrounding various cliffs while catching the gorgeous sunset moment.

Or you can simply dive right in the cool waters for a great swim.


Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

Windsurfing feels little like sailing but it requires quite a bit of skill form a person doing it.

For windsurfing one needs to be aware of the tactics on how to navigate the vessels and maintaining your own body’s stance.

Knees must be bent at all times while the head is to be pointed in the direction where one needs to go.

Knowing these fundamentals, windsurfing can become one of the best & fun things to do in Aruba.

Aruba is the Mecca for windsurfers with the nice winds blowing all year long to guide one through the waters.


Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

One can enjoy experiences like sail boating and speed boating but the kayaking is the more tender approach to the same fun.

Kayaking actually helps one to savor the beauty of the surrounding Caribbean Sea waters in a gentle peaceful manner. Visit the Aruba kayak Adventure place for getting best kayaking torus.


Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

Last but not the least on list for the best & fun things to do in Aruba is Skydiving. The activity is perfect for those looking to have some thrilling experience on their trip to Aruba.

The Skydive Aruba offers one to experience one of the best skydiving experiences there are and it will surely be an unforgettable memory for you.

Even if you are going about on a whim and are scared witless, place your trust in the professionals who have made many dreams of thrill seekers come true.

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