Best & Fun Things To Do In Baltimore, Maryland

Best & Fun Things To Do In Baltimore, Maryland

The largest city of the U.S. state of Maryland is Baltimore and this is one of the best tourist destinations to visit in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Baltimore, Maryland, with its stunning harbors, eccentric neighborhoods, and great foods, this city is one that will make every second of your trip a savory one.

In order to help make this trip of Baltimore, Maryland smoother, we have compiled a list of all the best & fun things to do in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Maryland Zoo


The first thing on list of best & fun things to do in Baltimore, Maryland is for the wholesome family fun. It is the tour of the Maryland Zoo which is one of the most visited places in the city.

There one can have lots of fun with their family as they get to see many amazing animals as they live the recreation of their natural habitats.

The Maryland Zoo hosts over thousand of different animal species here like the long-necked giraffes, lovely birds and the big jungle cats.

A day spent here will be a day spent well in Baltimore, Maryland.

Maryland Science Center


For those who love a little bit of science, they can put the visit of Maryland Science Center on the list of best & fun things to do in Baltimore, Maryland.

The place can be fun one for kids as well as it can rouse their inner scientific curiosity and who knows that might be a budding scientist.

For adults, the place also has special events that are held quite often. A visit of the Science Center can not only be fun but and educated one in Baltimore, Maryland.

Admission fees vary on the ages of the people coming here.

Oriole Park


For the baseball fans, they do not need to be introduced about the Oriole Park in Baltimore, Maryland. This is the home stadium for the Major League baseball team Baltimore Orioles for 60+ years and is one of the best attractions.

Whether you are in Baltimore, Maryland during spring or summer season, there is no place better to visit than the Oriole Park.

Even if one is not a fan of baseball, if they happen to catch a game of Baltimore Orioles at their home stadium, they will likely be engrossed in all the fun and excitement that run rampant here.

The place also happens to be in the middle of the city’s skyscrapers giving them a pristine view.

National Aquarium


The National Aquarium is another great attraction of Baltimore, Maryland which is built with a waterfront setting. This aquarium will be among the very best you have seen so far.

Inside the aquarium, there is home for all kinds of marine life that one might only see on a deep-diving excursion.

Coming o the National Aquarium with your family is a must-do thing and you will thank yourself for the rest of your life.

They have creatures like dolphins and jellyfishes among many others and seeing them thrive here is fun.

There are exhibits held here like the Australia: Wild Extremes” and “Shark Alley” which offer one deep insight on marine life.

The entry pass fees of the aquarium vary on the age with adult fees being 40 dollars, children being 30 dollars.

Fort McHenry


Fort McHenry is a piece of the American history as this place has gone through not one but 3 historical conflicts and nowadays is one of the city’s best attractions.

This place serves to be a reminder on how much effort over predecessors have spent on making and preserving this country for their future generations.

Fort McHenry, which is now a National Monument is becoming Baltimore’s defining part.

It was used first in 1812 to fend off the British in a war as well as to later provide protection against the threat of 2 world wars. Or those who love history and military, they must add this place’s visit on list of best & fun things to do in Baltimore, Maryland.

Admission fee for anyone above the age of 16 is 15 dollars; otherwise it’s free.

Fell’s Point


Another great destination of how important history is for Baltimore, Maryland, the place here is Fell’s Point.

The place was once known for building ships and now has become accommodation of that centuries-rich history.

The place has been blessed with presence of legends like Frederick Douglas and Edgar Allen Poe and their presence can still be felt here.

The block now is home to many great restaurants and smelling their tasty foods will rev up your hunger.

Urban Pirates


Heading into the waters surrounding Baltimore, Maryland, one must definitely go on the Urban Pirates excursion.

The family will have tons of wholesome fun as they go on a journey of being make-believe pirates travelling the seas.

The only thing one needs to be on lookout for is to great fun time.

The best ship to board on Urban Pirates is Aboard the Fearless and you will learn how to be a great pirate.

The costumes and the pirate accessories will only help make the excursion all the more real. You can also get to have non-permanent tattoos.

We are going to bet money that for any kid coming to Urban Pirates will not be forgetting their trip here anytime soon.

Cruises are held for families daily with tickets being 22 dollars per person above the age of 3 years.

Baltimore Basilica


For the Catholic faith tourists, there is a place of historical and religious significance for you in Baltimore, Maryland. The name of this place is Baltimore Basilica and is the USA’s inaugural cathedral.

Build back in the early 19th century and then rehabilitated back in 2006, this cathedral is one of the wondrous buildings in not only Baltimore but all of Maryland.

The full name of this place is going to give you shivers as it is Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Even if you are coming here for a wedding, christening or a mass; your time here will be a great one.



Baltimore, Maryland, a place with many of its great sightseeing attractions is going to stir up one’s hunger. But don’t worry if you are a picky eater as your pallet will be satisfied at the Clavel.

This is a Mexican high-end eatery with some of the best dishes on their menu to keep you satisfied.

The interior designing as well as the menu of this place is designed with fun in mind and to compel people to come here again and again.

There are great traditional foods to eat here like quesadillas and tacos that are made with the panache that one won’t get at any other restaurant.

Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall


Add visit of the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Music Hall on your list of best & fun things to do in Baltimore, Maryland.

This place hosts for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and is known for adding grace to the city for more than 40 years.

This is amongst the few majestic places to visit in the city.

At least plan to spend one night of your trip at this Music Hall and you will thank yourself for it.

The sounds of the orchestra which is led by Marin Alsop along with venues’ beauty and convex formations will rouse multitude of feelings inside you. We recommend coming here with your special someone for a romantic night.

Sherwood Gardens


There are not only buildings in Baltimore, Maryland as the place also packs its fair share of natural beauty and the best place is Sherwood gardens.

After a tiring weekend in Baltimore, Maryland, one can come here to relax their mind and body as they are surrounded by lush green grass, trees and colorful flowers.

The 6 acres of land filled with unspoiled natural scenery will be a great place to unwind your body. The place has been opened for over 80 years and has seen a huge number of visitors all because of its stunning Tulip flower collection.

During months of May and April, events are held like the Tulip Display.

Washington Monument


The Washington monument in Baltimore, Maryland might not be as great as the obelisk found in Washington DC but it is still the next best thing.

This structure is located in the downtown area of the city and was the city’s first monument in honor of the country’s first President.

The observation area of the monument is at the top and one needs to climb a set of 228 stairs to arrive there.

Admission fees are 6 dollars per person.

Phoenix Shot Tower


Lastly on list for best & fun things to do in Baltimore, Maryland, is the tour of the Phoenix Shot Tower.

There had been a time when there was no other building in the USA that was taller than this one.

The place has a historical significance to it as it was once used for making combat shot balls. Hot lead used to pump out of its top and would then turn into a sphere and later cooled down in the water held inside the tower.

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