Tourists Spark Fury of Indonesians After They Desecrated A Sacred Bali Temple’s Holy Water To Their Butt

After a pair of the Instagrammers uploaded their video where they were seen desecrating one of the sacred sights of Bali, it sparked the outrage of the Indonesian netizens.

The names of these Instagrammers were Zdenek Slouka and Sabina Dolezalova, who went on to post the video which shows this couple playing in the water of a place which was considered as a sacred place in eyes of the locals.

These Instagrammers are famed for their modeling in fitness niche and as one can see in the video, Dolezalova bent over as she lifted her skirt up, and then Slouka uses the natural water of the sacred spring fountain to splash at her bottom.

This tasteless and frolicking video of the Instagrammers were shot at the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary located in the region of Ubud.

Dr. Arya Wedakarna, the senator of Bali took it to Instagram personally to assure the locals that he has issued the summons for this couple to be sent back and that also their actions will be addressed firmly.

Some of the Bali netizens by reports were so upset over this video that they appealed to the Immigration agency in Bali personally to refuse these Instagrammers to leave Indonesia until they would formally accept and apologize for their indiscretions as per the local news agency; Mata Indonesia News.

Before the couple’s Instagram accounts titled @sabina_dolezalova_ifbb and @znedekslouka were suspended or private, this couple took the initiative of addressing their formal apologies related to their viral video clip on one of their story videos.

In the video by Slouka, he states, “We are really apologetic about the video we posted yesterday. We not only dishonored the holy temple but also its holy water located in Ubud. We did not know about it and this is why we are really sorry about all this.”

As for Dolezalova, she states that both of them did not know about the sacredness of this temple and also stated that if they did they would not have intended to do anything like this to desecrate it.

She asked for forgiveness by the locals and she also hopes that she could do something to remedy this whole situation.

This situation seems to have now been resolved when the Instagrammer couple appeared in front of the police to offer their apology.

As per reports of the Detik News, the couple’s apology was accepted and that they have been forgiven.

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