Tips on How to Speed Through the Airport Smoothly And Quickly

A 3-1-1 rule (3 oz per container inside a transparent plastic bag), which is a rule that tells you as to how much liquid one should pack to get through airport security without sending any more time than usual. In addition to this, there is also any other way which ensures that you experience at an airport is smooth.


Today we bring to our readers a few tips that will help you pass through the airport security smoothly.

So scroll down to have a read of these tips on how to speed through the airport smoothly and quickly.

Become a member of a frequent flyer program

frequent flyer program

When a person joins the Frequent Flyer program, it gives them many benefits like having their own separate Check-in line. Many airlines in the world have their own family Check-in counters that help the passenger families to pass through the check-in procedure smoothly.

Join TSA Pre✓® or a similar security service

security service

For those who are flying in and out of the US, it would be a good idea to check if they can apply for any TSA Pre✓® program. For those who become a member of this security program, they are able to pass through security and document control much easier and faster as compared to other passengers.

Arrive up to 3 hours early

Arrive Airlines

Airlines often recommend to their passengers to arrive at least 3 hours prior to their flight. By arriving early, a passenger can manage things that might slow them like the following.

  • Paying for extra luggage
  • Checking for a stroller; for those flying with kids

Know the airport layout

airport layout

Nowadays, airports are quite spacious and big. So if a person knows about the layout of the side of the airport beforehand, it will save them a considerable amount of time. There is also an individual app for each airport that can help a passenger know about their respective airport.

Download a special app

special app

Like we said earlier, downloading an airport/airline/travel app is very beneficial for a passenger. This type of app will show them a few of the following main things on their time at the airport.

  • Security lines
  • Waiting times
  • Spaces in parking lots
  • Flight statuses

Do online, booth, or mobile check-in. Drop off your luggage there

mobile check-in

Majority of airlines worldwide, now offer their passengers with online/mobile or booth check-ins. By using this facility, one can simply drop their luggage at the designated counter from the app at the airport. From thereon they can simply proceed to the security and ID checkpoints.

How to get through the check-in and security points quickly

security points

For those who have gone through all the above security measures, it won’t take much time for them to make it through the security and ID checks. If the security line seems too slow then look for a counter with a TSA agent that works faster than other.

If you want to avoid long security and ID check lines, make sure to plan 1 or 2 days before national holidays. This is the time when most people are flying in and out of the country.

Wear appropriate clothing


As you can see in the above picture, even some famed celebrities have to adhere to the security measures like taking off their boots.

To avoid situations like this, a person should beforehand know what to wear at an airport. According to airport guides, flying with high heel shoes and boots that are difficult to take off, are not advisable. Also, make sure that clothing for both airport security checks and for the plane are appropriate. The best choice is to wear easily removable pieces of clothing.

Have your ID and boarding pass ready


There are always going to be 1 or 2 or even more passengers who are going to delay the check-in for the rest of passengers by not having their documents ready. In order to be not one of these types of passengers, prepare your ID card and boarding pass in hand.

What to do when your flight is delayed or canceled

Many reasons like weather, airport worker strike and natural disasters can lead to a flight be delayed. If you find yourself in any of these or other such situations, then be sure to look up and talk to your respective airline for the possible benefits you can receive from them. Airlines often offer these following benefits.


meal voucher

  • Free stay in an airport hotel
  • A meal voucher
  • Sometimes a full refund

If you want to avoid big delays on your trip, then be sure to fly from an airport that has low delay status history.

When making a transfer


Sometimes, reaching a destination requires a passenger to use not one but more than one flights. If your transfer happens at an international airport, then it is advised to know the procedure beforehand. Some airports on transfer flights ask passengers to go through the security and passport control once again while others ask the passengers to sue the train between terminals.

Wrap gifts after arriving at your destination


If you travel during the holidays and have gifts that you want to bring with you on an airplane; then make sure to bring them as it is, meaning unwrapped. This is to be done because security agents often ask passengers to unwrap the gift box to show them the content inside.

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