Weird Things That Happen to Your Body in an Airplane

Summer is the hottest time of the year and most of us tend to fly to some cold places to enjoy these summer times. For that, we mostly choose to travel to other countries. However, some people have reservations about air travel due to some inconveniences they suffer during their time on an airplane.


Today we have compiled a list of weird things that happen to your body in an airplane.

Your legs swell


While onboard an airplane, a person cannot freely walk or stretch their legs. This lack of motion causes the blood flow stagnation in the legs that can lead to swelling or clotting.

You can simply avoid this condition by stretching your legs little by little from time to time.

Your tastes in food change


According to scientists, the brain area that perceives a human’s sense of taste tends to work quite different when they are onboard a flying airplane. Even those who usually prefer sweet beverages usually have a strange urge to ask for tomato juice on an airplane.

An unpleasant smell appears from your mouth


Onboard an airplane, a person usually drinks less that leads to lesser saliva production. This lesser saliva production leads to active growth of bacteria in the mouth that result in bad breath.

To avoid this scenario, you can help by having an airplane exclusive healthy meal before taking your flight. One other option is to chew on a peppermint gum.

You suffer from skin problems

skin problems

Dehydration on an airplane is a common occurrence that not only results in bad breath but also some nasty skin problems like skin flaking and acne. The dry air of the airplane’s air conditioning system also plays a role in weakening the skin’s protective properties.

To avoid this problem, simply take with you a moisturizing cream to prevent that skin dryness.

Your head spins

head spins

When a person is onboard a flying plane, their mind is seeing a static picture of the airplane cabin but their body is experiencing the feeling of movement. These two completely opposite situations do not add up to each other thus causing both body and mind to feel immense stress. This is particularly true for first-time fliers. This can often lead to symptoms like the following.

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

This body condition on a flight can be cleared by simply sitting next to the window seat.

You find it difficult to relieve yourself


As we said earlier, there is little to none mobility onboard an airplane. This can lead to constipation or flatulence. Sitting in one place can cause the metabolism to slow down. This is only worsened by the change of pressure thus making the gases in the body to alter their circulation patterns.

In order to avoid this condition onboard an airline, eat a meal with lesser yet healthy calories. In addition to that, stretch your muscles from time to time to have some mobility in the body.

Your hearing weakens

hearing weakens

Change in pressure on a flying airplane can often lead to ears to pop. If the condition is left as it is, then the air can start to press from inside the ear. This leads to not only pain but also a partial hearing impairment.

In order to relive these symptoms associated with ears; chew on gum to keep the muscles in your jaw and near your ear moving. In addition to this, there is salvia production and swallowing that lets some of the air out.

You feel a sudden toothache

sudden toothache

Many air travelers report having sudden toothaches on their flights. The reason for this is the same as well; the Change in Pressure. The air tends to seep into small orifices and presses the teeth from inside.

It is advised to visit your dentist before taking a flight.

You consume dangerous bacteria


Although airlines make considerable efforts to make the drinking water safe onboard, most liquids still get contaminated with harmful bowel bacteria.

To avoid infection, drink the water from sealed bottles, and also do not let your foot touch the ground.

You become more nervous


Even for those people who are not afraid of flying in an airplane, unusually become anxious, stressed or even angry.  The reason is simple; we think we are not in control of our own safety. This leads to a person feeling stressed.

To prevent this case, try any of the three or all three.

  • Read an interesting book
  • Watch a movie
  • Have a nap

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