Most Insane Things Ever Confiscated By The TSA

Most Insane Things Ever Confiscated By The TSA

Since the 9/11 attacks, both TSA and FAA have made huge changes in their guidelines to make them strict. This is done in order to keep the passengers safe by not letting other passengers allowing bringing things of malicious nature on a plane. Despite these rules being placed, there are still some crazy times when TSA confiscated some really bizarre times.


One of the craziest things that anyone has ever tried to smuggle on a plane is a bottle full of Dead Sea horses. This not only stops here as some people have tried to smuggle a huge wooden mallet while others have tried to smuggle a stun gun disguised a cell phone.

These and many other most insane things ever confiscated by the TSA are as follows.

A Bag Of Eels

Bag Of Eels

Back in 2012, at the Miami Airport, TSA agents confiscated a checked bag which actually had a sack of eels inside it. The passenger alters also surrendered a huge haul of more than 160 marine tropical fishes as well as 22 invertebrates which were taken in custody by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Live Snakes And Tortoises

Tortoises tortoises

Back in 2011, a man at the Miami Airport was detained as he was found trying to smuggle some unusual luggage. The Brazilian passenger in question was trying to go through the security with a bag full of seven exotic snakes as well as 3 tortoises. These creatures were all hidden inside women hosiery which he was wearing under his pants.

A Homemade Avalanche Charge

Avalanche Charge

In 2014 a man at the Anchorage’s Tom Stevens International Airport was detained after he was found of carrying a homemade explosive. This explosive was designed to trigger an avalanche and was present in his carryon. The item was confirmed by TSA and was handed over to FBI who then arrested the suspect. The suspect was a mountaineer and an oil worker.

A Giant Wooden Mallet

Giant Wooden Mallet

In 2014 at the Burlington International Airport in Vermont, a suspect was apprehended after he was found carrying a giant wooden mallet. Due to sledgehammers and mallets being used as bludgeons, they were prohibited as carry-ons. While TSA confiscated that mallet, a mallet is still allowed over a plane if they are in check-luggage.

A Bullet-Adorned Gas Mask

Gas Mask

A bizarre mask which was adorned with bullets was confiscated by TSA at the Miami Airport. Although the bullets were replicas it is still hard to make a difference between fake and real bullets.

Live Exotic Birds

Live Exotic Birds

Back in 2011, an incredibly brave woman was caught trying to smuggle two exotic birds in a very strange way. She wrapped both birds in socks and tapped them to her body. The TSA agents at the Los Angeles Airport gave her tap after they got suspicious of her due to her bulging clothes.

The woman was then arrested by the US Fish and Wildlife Service for suspicion of smuggling endangered animals out of the country.

Dead Seahorses

Dead Seahorses

At the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, a suspect was apprehended carrying five dead endangered sea horses. These sea horses were spotted in a large bottle of alcohol after it was shown in the X-ray of the suspect’s carryon. These Sea Horses were then given to Michigan Fish and Game.

A Knife Hidden Inside An Enchilada


A passenger was trying to get out of the Sonoma Country while keeping her knife in her Enchilada. She was found out after she tried to board the flight but TSA confiscated the knife.

However, the passenger was then allowed to board the plane after she made clear that she was only taking the knife for eating her meal on the plane.

A Firearm Hidden In A Computer


When a CPU was opened, TSA agents found that a blob of molding clay was actually hiding a 9mm firearm. This incident happened at the George Bush International Airport. As the gun was found to be loaded, the passenger got a huge fine for it.

Fake Explosives

Fake Explosives

We are certain when TSA agents found them in the X-Ray machine, their blood might have turned cold. At the Colombian Metropolitan Airport in South Carolina, inert explosives which are used as training aids for US soldiers were discovered and then confiscated by the TSA. Although these training devices are harmless they are still not allowed on a plane.

A Belt Knife

Belt Knife

Belt, an innocent looking accessory was found to have a hidden chamber with a knife inside. This belt with a hidden knife was discovered by TSA agents at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

A Cell Phone Stun Gun

Cell Phone

Back in 2015, at the Baltimore–Washington International Airport, TSA agents found a stun gun which was cleverly hidden inside an old school cell phone. Stun Guns are not allowed in carrying on but they are still allowed in checked luggage.

A Powder Horn

Powder Horn

At the Boise International Airport, TSA found a man carrying a Powder Horn. The explosive back powder is not allowed on both carry-on and checked luggage.

Marijuana In Candy Wrappers

Candy Wrappers

While weed has been deemed as the most smuggled thing on a plane, one Woman was actually trying to smuggle it by wrapping it in a candy wrapper. The contraband was confiscated by the TSA at the Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. The case was later handed to respective law enforcement.

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