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Military Aircraft That Can Be Purchased By Civilians (Part 5)

What? You guys thought we were done with our amazing list of the military aircraft that can be purchased by civilians? Well if you were on this train of thought then you could not be more wrong. We are back another list of the military aircraft that can be purchased by civilians (part 5).

This list contains some aircraft that although served for the military were not that popular but some of them are pretty renowned throughout the globe for their decades of service.

So sit back and take a read of this list of military aircraft that civilians can buy (part 5).

While on the subject, we must tell you that we do have another list that we will shortly present in a few days for our readers to enjoy.

Hispano M4L Buchon

This time on our list’s top place is the Hispano M4L Buchon. Many of you might not have heard about this military aircraft and you are not wrong because it was somewhat inspired by another military aircraft and resembled it quite a lot. The aircraft form which this aircraft’s design was inspired was the G-variant of the legendary Messerschmitt Bf-109. Many of the historic aviation enthusiasts old times and the current times consider the Hispano M4L Buchon to be the most complete post-war variant for the famed Bf-109 aircraft family.

The aircraft’s primary service period was for the Spanish Air Force as their primary fighter aircraft. After serving its time at the military, the aircraft was then used as a prop aircraft for filming shooting scenes of Hollywood movies with the notable appearance in the movie titled “The Battle Of Britain”.

The Hispano M4L Buchon took its maiden flight back in 1952. Spain was left with many unserviceable Bf-109 fighters after a deal with Germany got botched. Spain at that time only had the Buchon Company as their last hope to create something out of these useless Bf-109 fighters. The result was a marvelous variant now known as the Hispano M4L Buchon.

The aircraft served for the Spanish Air Force until 1965. Although the aircraft is currently available for sale, the historic price and rarity of it make the price undeterminable.

F-4 Phantom II


The legendary F-4 Phantom II is the rare fighter jet that is currently available for the public to purchase for a huge sum of 3.95 million dollars. The aircraft at one time was the primary fighter jet of the USAF and started its service at USAF back in 1960. The aircraft is so competent in its abilities that it is still being used by USAF but in limited numbers.

The aircraft is listed for sale as a two-seat, 2-engine, long-range supersonic jet, fighter bomber, and an interceptor. The aircraft exhibits a top speed of nearly Mach 2.2 and has the ability to carry a payload of maximum 18000 pounds of ammunition and deliver it with precision targeting.

Messerschmidt ME-262

The Messerschmidt ME-262 has other names like Me-262 Schwable or Sturmvogel which translates Fighter Bomber in English. The aircraft entered for service of Luftwaffe back in 1941 in between the World War II and by the time war ended it also retired back in 1945.

The amazing thing about this aircraft is that it was the first ever official jet fighter that paved the way for today’s technologically advanced jet fighters. The US captured many of the Me-262 post-war for studies and to recreate their own jet fighters. One of the examples for this research study is the North American F-86 Sabre which had plenty of engineering tactics taken from the Me-262.

While there are not many of these Messerschmidt ME-262s are left in the world and the ones that are left are also a pile of original and refurbished parts. The aircraft nonetheless is available for a civilian to purchase. In its most recent auction, a single Messerschmidt ME-262 was sold to a civilian for a sum of nearly 600000 dollars.

P-38H Lightning

While all the aviation enthusiasts in the world right now are aware of nearly all the aspects of the F-35 Lightning II, they might not be aware of its predecessor, the Lightning I.

Well don’t worry, let us educate you on this aircraft to some extent. The P-38H Lightning was a piston engine fighter aircraft that was used during World War II. While its primary duty was of a fighter it served roles like the following.

  • photo reconnaissance
  • interception
  • level bombing
  • ground attack
  • night fighting
  • dive bombing
  • radar and visual pathfinding
  • long-range escort

The aircraft was used by the countries all across the world due to its versatility in the war times.  Most notable users of this aircraft were countries like USA, UK, France, Portugal, and Italy.

While the aircraft was one of the most acquired and sought out aircraft by world militaries, it is currently up for sale and purchase by the civilians. For those who want to acquire this piece of World War II, you must have a sum of 650,000 dollars in spare.

Curtiss C-46 Commando

The Curtiss C-46 Commando, which is still active in some remote regions of Arctic, served the militaries as the transport and cargo aircraft. The main action that it saw was during the mid of World War II. The specialty of the Curtiss C-46 Commando was its pressurized cabin which was considered as a luxury during that era. Other aircraft that were on the same level as the Curtiss C-46 Commando included names like DC-4 and Stratoliner. The aircraft was primarily used by the military for paratroop dropping but by the time war ended, many of these Curtiss C-46 Commandos were lost during the drop missions. To minimize the loss from losing so many Curtiss C-46 Commandos, the military pulled it out of service. The military record marred by many losses meant that the army could not afford to keep it around.

Still, the aircraft had served the USAF extensively so if any of you aviation enthusiasts have a sum of 250,000 dollars lying somewhere in spare, you can own this piece of history.

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