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Stratolaunch; The world’s largest plane finally took its first flight with big plans for the future

Stratolaunch is the world’s largest aircraft that was designed to be able to have an airline-style travel to the space. As it happens to be, the aircraft took its first flight on April 13th in the Mojave Desert.

The aircraft which has a wingspan of nearly 385 feet is the product of the company owned by Paul G. Allen named “Stratolaunch Systems Corporation”.

The wingspan is not the only thing that makes Stratolaunch impressive.

What makes it most impressive as per company’s statement is the fact that the aircraft has a takeoff limit of carrying the weight of approximately 589670 kilograms.

This will allow the aircraft to be able to carry rockets as well as satellites to be launched easily into the space.

The Stratolaunch managed to fly for nearly 2.5 hours on its first flight over the Mojave Desert while it reached a maximum speed of 189 mph.

The trustee of the Paul G. Allen Trust named Jody Allen said to media in a statement, “we are all aware of the fact that Paul would have been very proud to witness this historic achievement of great magnitude. The aircraft in its own self is a massive achievement of engineering and we also congratulate everyone involved in it.”

Paul Allen was the o founder of the Microsoft along with Bill gates back in 1975.

Unfortunately, Paul Allen died as a result of complications he suffered from the non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma back in the late 2018.

As for this first flight, it was merely a test and no rockets were launched from this giant of an aircraft that flew on a height of 17000 feet.

According to media, the pilots on this test flight were actually testing out the variety of the flight controlling maneuvers in order to calibrate the speed and test flight control systems such as yawning maneuvers, roll doublets, pulls ups, pushovers and side slips.”

If, in fact, in the future, Stratolaunch performs the function for what it was built for, it would be a great step in the space voyage. It will help the world to reduce the cost of launching satellites in orbit of the earth in space.

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