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Military Aircraft That Can Be Purchased By Civilians (Part 2)

Amazing facts about Saab 35 Draken

Today we present to our readers another list of military aircraft that can be purchased by civilians (part 2). This list has been gathered by taking the military aircraft that were used from the early 40s to 2000s era by many of the world military forces.

Curtiss P-40 Warhawk


The Curtiss P-40 Warhawk or also known by its many other names such as Kittyhawk, Tommyhawk, Gypsy Rose Lee and Model 81 was one of the most active US fighter aircraft in the World War II era. The Curtiss P-40 Warhawk was actually one of the top 3 fighter aircraft by US.

The aircraft during its service underwent many changes in its design due to many of its operational issues, but still, the aircraft had been known as one of the best fighters of its era. The main reason for the aircraft to be a civilian special is its cool looks and its status of a Warbird.

At the moment the price of a single restored Curtiss P-40K Warhawk is at about 1.775 million dollars.

Boeing B-29 Superfortress


The best of an aircraft is given to the Boeing B-29 Superfortress which in the standards of today still maintains its title as one of the largest and most powerful aircraft. This bomber aircraft was developed by the Boeing Company back in the late 40s and since then has a league of its own. During its era, it introduced many features such as remote-controlled machine guns as well as a pressurized cabin for the crew members, which were not a thing back then. At that time it was regarded as the heaviest aircraft in the world and the highest budget aircraft to be built.


The Boeing B-29 Superfortress served its role of the bomber aircraft back in the World War II and after the war served many long-range reconnaissance missions as well as roles of being a refueling aircraft.


Back in 2016, there was only one Boeing B-29 Superfortress named Fifi which could fly until a second B-29 by the name Doc came out.  Both of these aircraft are currently being owned by private collectors.

Northrop F-5


The Northrop F-5 which was introduced back in the 196 was a lightweight and a supersonic fighter jet whose various moles have been manufactured. The aircraft was popular among air forces across the world due to its simplicity in functioning, low maintenance costs as well as its effective air-to-ground and air-to-air capabilities. The aircraft was heavily exported and was one of the integral aircraft of the Allied nation’s militaries. Still, to this day, many of these Northrop F-5s are in use as training aircraft in the US.


The Northrop F-5 with its top seed of 1000 mph is one of the fastest military aircraft available for purchase by civilians.

Bell UH-1 Huey


The Bell UH-1 Huey is the military helicopter that has been most widely used by world air forces and militaries. Even to this day, nearly 40 countries use the Bell UH-1 Huey in their military. These helicopters first made their debut back in the start of Vietnam War and assisted the US armed forces in their variety of missions in the thick jungles and densely packed mountain ranges.


Some versions of this aircraft were used for MedEvac while others were used or transportation of both supplies as well as personnel.


The aircraft had a cruising top speed of 125 mph and could easily accommodate 4 to 5 crew members. The aircraft which has been in aic0nic one in the movies and TV shows is now up for sale for a sum of 500000 dollars by any civilian. If you think that is high then hear this. The latest variant of the Bell UH-1 Huey is on sale for about 25 million dollars.

Folland Gnat


Folland Gnat is the fighter jet that was developed by the British Air Force as a small but still a capable aircraft. The Folland Gnat was also nicknamed as the Pocket Fighter. The Folland Gnat with its many amazing capabilities managed to solidify its place amongst many of the world air forces. The Folland Gnat had an altitude climb rate of 1000 feet per minutes with a roll of 360 degrees per second. The aircraft with its agility and high maneuverability are still in service of many world militaries.


Great Britain ordered 6 of these aircraft as training aircraft but the Folland Gnat went on to serve the air forces of Yugoslavia, India, and Finland. For Finland, this was the forts ever aircraft to break the speed of sound barrier.


The aircraft has most recently been retired from its active military service and since then is on sale for civilians to purchase.  The price of a single Folland Gnat is about 200000 dollars.

Saab 35 Draken

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Swedish Air force needed a fighter jet that could easily fly at high altitudes and fight equally with the enemy jet fighter when need be. To fulfill this role Sweden based aircraft manufacturer named Saab came up with the Saab 35 Draken which was double delta shaped fighter jet that could operate fully on both low as well as high altitudes with optimum necessary speeds.


The aircraft also fulfilled the criterion of making short landings and takeoffs. It was the first supersonic fighter jet of Western Europe and is still in use of Australian Air Force. From Swedish Air Force, it has been retired after serving for nearly 40 years. The craft is still in use by NASA and USA as a training aircraft and is also available for civilian sale and purchase.

Panavia Tornado


Panavia Tornado is the aircraft that came into being as a joint cooperation between countries such as UK, Italy and West Germany back in the 70s. The aircraft was developed to be a fighter jet for air superiority to serve many European militaries and is still serving many European militaries.  The aircraft had 3 following variants.

  • the IDS (interdictor/strike)
  • the ADV (air defense)
  • the ECR(electronic warfare/reconnaissance)


The Panavia Tornado can have a top speed of Mach 2.2 on high altitudes and while on sea level it maxes out at about 900 mph. thanks to its variable sweep wings as well as its spacious cockpit, the aircraft is a favorite among pilots. The aircraft is on sale for civilians to purchase but it is rare that any of them often appear on the aviation market.

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