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Top 10 Anti-Submarine Warfare Helicopters

Top 10 Anti-Submarine Warfare Helicopters

The primary role of an Anti-Supermarine Warfare Helicopter is to provide protection to the fleet in an unlikely event of an enemy submarine and ship attack. These war helicopters are equipped with some of the most sophisticated sensors as well as are equipped with the torpedoes and missiles. The sensors help the helicopter tack the submarines underwater and track them in order to strike hard. In addition to this attack role, Anti-Subarmine helicopters are also used for the following secondary roles.

  • Anti-shipping attacks
  • Search and rescue

For our readers, we have today made a list of the Top 10 Anti-Submarine Warfare Helicopters in the world. It is to be mentioned here that this list is comprised of only those helicopters that are in active duty of the navy.

MH-60R Seahawk


The first and foremost on our list is the MH-60R Seahawk which is a multi-mission helicopter which is currently serving for US Navy. The helicopter is also nicknamed as Romeo and is a project based on the design similarities of the previous generation SH-60B and SH-60F anti-submarine warfare helicopters.


The helicopter entered in service back in 2009 and there are a total of 100 helicopters in the duty of US Navy.

The helicopter’s sensors allow it to not only track submarines but also the surface ships in order to successfully attack them. the helicopter is equipped with following sensors.

  • airborne active sonar
  • multi-mode search radar
  • FLIR (nose-mounted forward-looking infrared) turret


The helicopter is able to carry following weapons.

  • 2 of the either Mk.46, Mk.50 or Mk.54 light air-launched torpedoes
  • 2 AGM-119B Penguin anti-ship missiles
  • 2 AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-surface missiles

AugustaWestland AW101


The AugustaWestland AW101 is a joint product of collaboration between UK as well as Italian companies. He helicopter’s proviso name was Eurocopter EH101. After the Augusta and Westland companies merged together, they formed the one company AugustaWestland.


The purpose behind the helicopter’s manufacturing was to replace the aging Sea King and is currently in service of many countries. Many countries use this helicopter under the name Merlin.

The helicopter is fitted with the following sensors to detect and track enemy submarines and ships.

  • Dipping Sonar
  • Sonobuoys



The NH90 is not the effort of one country but is, in fact, an international project. The helicopter was manufactured by the collaboration of the following countries.

  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Netherlands

The helicopter was designed to serve these countries especially during the 90s era and thus gave it the name NH90.

The primary roles of this helicopter’s manufacturing were as follows.

  • An autonomous anti-ship warfare
  • Anti-submarine warfare


The helicopter to fulfill its roles is equipped with following sensors.

  • 360 degree search radar
  • Dipping sonar
  • Forward looking infra red
  • Magnetic anomaly detector
  • Electronic surveillance

The helicopter is an all-weather one which can operate in high sea sates during both night and day time.

Changhe Z-18F


The Z-18F is the specially modified version of the Chinese Z-18 helicopter. The primary role of the Z-18F is to be an anti-submarine warfare helicopter. In China, the helicopter is nicknamed as “Sea Eagle”. The helicopter was designed and manufactured by the CAIG (Changhe Aircraft Industry Group). It is currently in active duty of the Chinese military and navy and is currently being mass produced.


To fulfill its anti-submarine warfare roles, the helicopter is able to detect and track the enemy targets with its following sensors.

  • Surface search radar
  • Dipping sonar
  • Sonobuoys
  • FLIR Turret

The helicopter has the ability to carry 4 light-in-weight missiles or torpedoes.

The helicopter is also reported to be equipped with datalinks which makes it able to target and fire the missiles at the enemies from the destroyer escorts as well as the frigates.

AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat


When talking about modern naval helicopters, AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat is certainly one of them and is actually on near top. The helicopter was designed to replace the Westland Lynx which it successfully did. The design of the AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat is quite similar to the Lynx but the difference is actually 95 percent large.  Only 5 percent of the helicopter’s parts can be interchanged with the Westland Lynx while the remaining 95 percent are all new.


The Royal Navy adopted the AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat and South Koran Navy also selected for service. The helicopter in fact won against the American made MH-60R Seahawk.

The helicopter is equipped with dipping sonar and is also able to carry 2 depth charges or Sting Ray torpedoes.

Kamov Ka-27PL


The Kamov Ka-27 was designed and manufactured back in 1982 for the Soviet Navy and the first variant of this helicopter was the Kamov Ka-27PL which is currently serving many of the world navies.


The helicopter has the magnificent configuration of contra-rotating co-axial rotor which means that it has no tail rotor. This configuration allows the helicopter to have lesser footprints on the ships. The helicopter is equipped with the following sensors.

  • Dipping sonar
  • Sonobuoys
  • Search radar

The helicopter is very stable in flight and can perform the following flights in all kinds of weather conditions.

  • automatic height hold
  • automatic transition to and from the hover to autohover

Westland Sea King


The licensed produced variant of the Sikorsky S-61 is the Westland Sea King which is named as SH-3 Sea King by the US Navy. While many of the super naval powers have retired their Westland Sea Kings, some are still in active duty across the world.


With its pontoons having floating bag, the helicopter has the ability to make water landing. The helicopter is equipped to carry any of the following weapons.

  • four Mk.44, Mk.46
  • 4 Stingray torpedoes
  • 4 depth charges

Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King


The Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King was developed with intention to be a carrier based antisubmarine warfare one for the US Navy back in the 1959. Although US Navy has retired this helicopter, it is still serving for many other navies.


The helicopter is famed to be the first ever amphibious helicopter in the world. The helicopter had a watertight hull with pontoons having floating bags which allowed it to safely land on water. The helicopter is equipped to carry a nuclear depth charge. Some other versions of this helicopter are also equipped to carry 2 Mk 46/44 anti-submarine torpedoes.

Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite


The Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite is an upgraded as well as the modernized version of the SH-2 Seasprite helicopter but t is no longer in use of the US Navy but still in active duty of Egyptian, New Zealand, and Polish Navies.

The helicopter is equipped with the following sensors.

  • low-frequency dipping sonar
  • onboard radar
  • front-mounted FLIR system
  • aquatic data processor


The helicopter can be fitted with a wide array of weapons like the following.

  • AGM-119B Penguin anti-ship missiles
  • AGM-65 Maverick air-to-surface missiles
  • 50 torpedoes

The helicopter also is equipped with 2 machine guns.



The Z-9EC is the advanced and modernized version of the previous Harbin Z-9 helicopter and was solely produced to serve the Pakistan Naval Air Arm. The helicopter is equipped with the following sensors.

  • pulse-compression radar
  • low frequency dipping sonar


The helicopter has the ability to carry torpedoes of light weight. The helicopter at the moment is used from aboard the F-22P Zulfiquar class frigates of the Pakistani navy.

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