Best Things To Do In Montreal, Canada & Places To Visit

For travelers going to Montreal, Canada, they can enjoy themselves with lots of things to do there.

Some of these things are obvious like swimming during the summer or skiing during the winter season. One can always hope to find lots of resorts, shopping malls, and restaurants in Montreal, Canada that re reserved for the travelers from all over the world.

For those of you who are looking for some extra best things to do in Montreal, Canada & places to visit, there are lots of such places as well.

For those of you who are planning to visit Montreal, Canada anytime soon, we offer you a complete list of the best things to do in Montreal, Canada & places to visit.

Schwartz’s Deli

The first of the best things to do in Montreal, Canada & places to visit is the visit of the Schwartz Deli. This place is a little extra than a restaurant as it is one of the city’s most renowned and oldest restaurants. The place has certain zealous to it which allows it to become the city’s cultural icon and the best thing on their menu is their sandwiches.

The Deli specializes in the smoked meat of Montreal style which is cured for almost 10 whole days before it is cooked in the brick smokehouse as well as seasoned with the secret spices.

People from miles away from Montreal, Canada travel to this deli to eat their meat sandwiches. These sandwiches become tastier when added with sour pickles, coleslaw and fires.

Old Montreal

The place called Old Montreal has a distinct sound to it as well as a distinct appearance because in this part of the city, one can ear clatter of the horseshoes on the cobblestone streets.

This historic area of city has the commerce culture and architecture importance in the city and till this day maintains their authenticity of a generation past with their horse-drawn carriages.

Unlike those large skyscrapers of a big city, Old Montreal has the cheerful crowd with a quaint look to all of it.

Streets of Old Montreal have museums, shops, bistros, street vendors, and galleries. Pone can walk through the streets and expect a baker popping his head out of a window and announcing of the fresh bread of the day.

Quartier Des Spectacles

For the lovers of arts and those looking for entertainment in Montreal, Canada, they must visit the Quartier des Spectacles located in downtown of the city.

The place has everything such as film conservatories and sculpture galleries with the main centerpiece being Place des Arts. This is the center of performing arts which hosts the opera house with a full orchestra and a world renowned ballet troupe.

The place also houses inside Montreal’s oldest theater, Salles Du Gesu and the most visited Canadian library, Grande Bibliotheque.

Quartier Des Spectacles host hundreds of festivals throughout the year such as Montreal International Jazz Festival, Nuits d’Afrique Festival and Montreal Circus Festival.

Underground City

In order to escape the brutal winters of Montreal, Canada, pone needs to spend time underground and right underneath streets of the city is the Underground City. This is one of the best things to do in Montreal, Canada & places to visit. This is a giant corridor network comprised of banks, restaurants, offices, metro stations, bus terminals, and offices.

The whole place is 20 miles long and contains inside thousands of different businesses making it the world’s biggest pedestrian complex.

The Underground City is not really underground instead; the layout of the place is designed to make a climate-controlled mesh of buildings in the Downtown Montreal region.

Mount Royal Park

The visit of the Mount Royal Park with its colorful landscapes matching for each distinct season allows it to be one of the best things to do in Montreal, Canada & places to visit.

The park is a gigantic one as it is perched on a rock cluster formed of volcanic lava. Inside the park are lots of picnic sites, ski, slopes, skating rinks, hiking trails, tennis courts, playgrounds, row boating lakes, tobogganing hills and other sorts of outdoor entertainments.

The park also hosts a series of activities by a schedule which is planned by the city such as the Art & nature Family Walk during which families explore this park.

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Coming to Montreal, Canada, one cannot miss the visit of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve which hosts events like FIA WORLD Sportscar Championship and NASCAR Xfintiy Series. The circuit with its hairpin turns and sharp curves has a reputation among the drivers.

The most rewound feature of the circuit is known as The Wall which is the tricky chicane right before the track’s finish line.

At this point, many drivers have crashed and the track official decided to paint on it Welcome to Quebec.

The area is also named as The Wall of Champions as four championship racers have crashed at this point and none escaped with serious injuries.

When not used for car racing, the circuit is opened for the public to be used for activities like cycling, jogging and dog walking.

Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park

Another great place to visit in Montreal, Canada is known as Cap-Saint Jacques national Park. The park is surrounded from 3 sides with water while the place has a rugged natural beauty due to its sandy beaches and giant trees that lead one deep into silenced forests.

This is Montreal’s largest park and one can easily find themselves get lost in the miles-long pine tree forests or one can simply dive in to the cold lake water to check how deep the lake really is.

For the nature lovers, visiting the park is one of the best things to do in Montreal, Canada & places to visit.

Olympic Stadium

Visit of the Olympic Stadium is definitely among the best things to do in Montreal, Canada & places to visit. This stadium was built back in 1976 for Olympic Games and since then is used for all the major events in the city.

The place as it was intended is still primarily used for sports events like football championships, soccer matches, and even events for wrestling, speed skating and gymnastics.

The place has its tickets on sale throughout the year as there is always something exciting happening. Other than sporting events, the place has also been sued for concerts, religious gatherings, music competitions, and rallies.

Ecomuseum Zoo

For the animal lovers, visit of the Ecomuseum Zoo is one of the best things to do in Montreal, Canada & places to visit. The place will be one of a kind experience for animal lovers as this zoo is built upon the tip of the Montreal Island.

The zoo’s most beloved attractions are its arctic fox named Gandalf and twin black bears named Genie and Juno.

Other enclosures also holds animals like wolves, eels, toads, porcupines, lynxes and one cranky Vulture.

For support of zoo, the zoo officials also hosts kids summer camp programs and campaigns like Adopt An Animal.

La Ronde Amusement Park

For the wholesome family fun, one must include visit of the La Ronde Amusement Park is their list of best things to do in Montreal, Canada & places to visit.

The amusement park offers old-fashioned rides mixed with some new games of a carnival allowing for both adults and children to have fun.

The park was built back in 1967 for a world fair and due to the La Ronde’s special charm and a storybook like setting; the place has withstood the challenge of time. It has also been featured in many TV shows and movies.

Few years back, company named Six Flags both the park and modernized the place while adding is safety measures. They still decided to maintain its old-fashioned aesthetics.

Montreal Botanical Garden

If you are looking or a place filled with greenery and lie down to relax then do visit the Montreal Botanical Garden. The garden land encompasses 190 acres and is amongst city’s largest sightseeing places. It offers lots of biodiversity and has been listed as a National Historic Site of Canada.

Among the many great gardens the most renowned ones are Japanese Gardens with their bamboo and bonsai for eastern Zen appeal. Next up is the First Nations garden which presents medicinal plants that are favorite of the Canadian indigenous people. Then there is Chinese garden which seems as if a Ming Dynasty’s royal garden complete with a curved temple wit lanterns hanging to it.

Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium

Last but not least of the best things to do in Montreal, Canada & places to visit is the tour of the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium which is built upon the previous Montreal Planetarium.

If you like movies then buy yourself a ticket and lie in the darkness as your mind is immersed in the space shows played by planetarium.

The show cover the entire dome ceiling of the planetarium and each star in move looks as big as if a galaxy as they rush past the viewers in this spectacular show of motion, sound and light.

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