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Shocking Helicopter Crashes

Dubai princess flies Emirates plane to Italy

They say that flying is one of the safest modes of transportation in the world right now. The chances of dying in aircraft crash are much lower when compared to even with the land vehicles. The reason for such low chances of any aerial incident is the ultimate care that is put into maintaining these aircrafts and the top level training to train these aircraft’s pilots.

The aircraft pilots are just in the different category of humans when it comes to keeping clam in unexpected situations. Situations where normal people might lose their calm, pilots keep their heads sane.

However it is also the truth that the uncertainty and accidents can happen anytime and anywhere be it land, air or waters. Due to the air travel being the most lucrative one in our world we pay close attention to even the little aerial accidents that happen in the world while there are literally thousands of other transportation accidents happening continuously throughout the globe.

In our today’s video we present to you a compilation of Helicopter crashes. While these helicopter pilots are trained to deal with virtually any known problem, uncertainty can be a real pin sometimes. Some of these accidents are a result of either faulty machinery or simply due to bad weather conditions like cross winds.


No matter what the reasons these are some Socking Helicopter crashes that we present to you.

Watch the video down below.

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Dubai princess flies Emirates plane to Italy

Dubai princess flies Emirates plane to Italy

Dubai princess flies Emirates plane to Italy

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